Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Christmas Wish List for Santa Hermo!

Jingle bell! Jingel bell! Christmas day is arriving in not more than a month! Are you excited for that??! Although I don't celebrate Christmas with my family like exchanging presents or go to church, but young people these days just love to follow the trend and enjoy their life during this awesome festive season, like me! Don't chu think that Christmas is always a beautiful moment to gather around with your friends and enjoy the beautiful decoration everywhere in the city here? =)

Well, for the past few years, some of the Christmas which I did received presents are either from Christians BFF, or went to events of society to play with their present exchanging game. This year! I'm not sure if I still get to celebrate like my past few years back, but I'm so happy that I'm able to stance a chance to receive Christmas present from Santa Hermo!

In case you are living in a jungle (just kidding!) and don't know what on earth is Hermo, click here to read on my previous post about them!!

So, BIG thanks to Butterfly Project and Hermo, they are collaborating together and here to grant butterflies and caterpillars' wishes! What we have to do is just make a wishlist worth up to RM80 on any products from Hermo and Santa Hermo will help us to grant out wishes!

Buuuuutttt only RM80??! Seriously? That's too little for me!! Everything in Hermo is just heavenly wanted by me so badly! You won't wanna see the total price of the products I had in my current wishlist in my Hermo account since I started to surf their website few years back!

You know why? Once I'd see anything which is useful for me or it's too pretty, the first thing I did is not add them to my cart but into my wishlist first! I really love those online shops that provide wishlist service as I can view back which stuffs I might consider to buy it in the future!

Well, what I chose here is what I need instead of what I love (like those very pretty nail polish or cute perfumes nyehhh) because I wanna let Santa Hermo know that most of their products are what I really need! But of course, what I need is what I love too ^.^" Like I won't buy gingers just because my body needs it, but I hate it so much loll!!

So wanna know what I wish to get from Hermo? :1

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! The awesome Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel, RM83.90

Imma black head remover freaker, seriously! My roommate should know about that because they often see me sitting in front of my laptop with a black or white nose patch or gel on for a random 15 minutes of time!

Arrgh forgive me because I really love to see the little enemies (black and white heads) of my skin get peeled off! Sometimes I even look at them for the whole night to see which part of the enemies had died the most WTF! 

I have various type of blackhead removers before, like strips type and molten or gel type! I once bought the SHILLS peeling gel from Hermo and I'm really addicted to it!

And I did search for the review of this product before I decide! So you know why I chose it la cause most of the reviewers loved it!

Maybe you'll think that I purposely chose Laneige products. Of course that's one of the reason lah I admit, but honestly, I have another list of products which consists of concealer and eyebrow mascaras from beauty maker (which both of them are what I will use everyday), but I think my current one still can be used for months! So I decided to get what I really wanted to try!

I don't really use Laneige products because they are currently not the affordable kind of skincare product for me at this moment, as a student. But I promise myself that they will be my skincare product in the future after I'd started to earn my own salary! :D And I bet it will be mostly from Hermo ;P

Doesn't it looks interesting? The brush head is what really touches my heart!

But honestly, I'd actually finished buying almost everything that I wanted and needed currently from Hermo before know about this *damn* because I surf Hermo everyday! Firstly, to earn the 10 days credits, and then see any products I need, and lastly, I really fall for their new site!

Okay, I think I talk too much craps which I think most of you won't read every single word... maybe all of the readers of this post lol!

Wish come true? XD

BY THE WAY, Hermo is having Christmas promotion too!! Yayyyy

Want to win your Christmas present of this year from Santa Hermo too? 

All you have to do is
  1. Browse hermo.com.my
  2. Make a wish list worth up to RM80 on any products you set your lovely eyes upon
  3. Write a blog post and put the links of the product(s) page into the post (Your wish list can be combine or just 1 item)
  4. Click here to fill in the contest info
  5. And wait for the good news! Santa Hermo will visit your blog and grant lucky butterflies' wishes this Christmas!

And voila! Easy isn't it?? :D

The contest ongoing dates:
25th Nov - 14th Dec : Create your Wish List on blog 
17th Dec - 24th Dec : Santa Hermo grants wishes!

Good luck babes! Wish you guys have a enjoyable and happy moment for the coming holiday season! ;D

LOL = Lots Of Love >3

And here's my little gift for you, my readers and whoever is reading this! 
Thank you so much!! =D