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[Giveaway] ADORE™ Macttalic Contact Lenses Review

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Coloured contact lens is now a very common beauty cosmetic for every ladies today. Even me already started wearing contact lens! If you've read my previous posts, I've only wore 2 types of contact lens before so far in my life!

Until today, big thanks to Eyemed Technologies for giving me this opportunity to try on and make review on my third and forth contact lens in my life! 

Aaaaaand make sure you read till the end because like what the title said, I'm giving away 2 boxes of their contact lenses! Continue reading to know why you have to own them and their benefits that you won't wanna miss!!! 

Introducing ADORE™ MACTTALIC, the Sweet. Stylish. Sexy. Your eyes speak a whole lot about who you are. The Macttalic cosmetic and beauty contact lens series – uniquely designed to breathe new excitement into your style and make you stand out. With a choice of 5 vibrant colours (Light green, Grey, Hazel, Light blue and Amethyst) that effortlessly give you bigger eyes, it’s easy to let your eyes do the talking.

When it comes to the moment to pick any colour of the contact lenses, I always get advises from my sister as she knows which type of contact lens will show a more natural colour and doesn't look fake on me.

This time, I still asked my sister that whether which colours will she pick! And I listened to her again! Let's see if her suggestion is right for me? Just continue reading!

Supposedly I wanted to choose Light Blue and Amethyst as I didn't really try on bright coloured contact lenses before, but even my boyfie also advised me to get Hazel, so end up I made my choice on Hazel and Amethyst! Hopefully it really does look natural and pretty on me! :)

Like the Imagene's pair of contact lens, the precautions and steps given is super useful for me!! So as you too!


I'm glad that I get to try on their previous series of contact lens, which is Imagene, and I'm so satisfied with it! And for a new series Macttalic, I'm sure that it will be as nice as Imagene! Click here to read my review on their Imagene contact lens!

  • Diameter: 14.5mm perfect for Asian with the natural enlarging effect
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Water content: 55% which provides your eyes all day comfort
  • Protects against harmful ultraviolet rays (One of the best reason why you and I have to own it!)
  • Clear, unobstructed vision
  • Comes with a style & elegance protective case
  • 5 choices of Metallic vibrant colours: Light green, Grey, Hazel, Light blue and Amethyst

From my previous experience on their Imagene contact lens, it really doesn't dries out my eyes easily! It's most probably because of their water content is as high as 55%! Thumbs up for them! =D

I really love how they provide the elegant case cause we can reuse it to keep our accessories and some other little stuffs, and it's even easier to send it to your loved one as a gift!

Yay I'm ready to go out with them now! ;D

And for the contact lens, unlike most of the other brands contact lenses which comes in a pair of bottles which cannot be reused, it's easier to open and take it out!

So in case you're a newbie on wearing contact lens, click here to read on my contact lens tutorial for newbie!


Before showing you magic (lolll) This is the typical Asian eyes and face of mine!
Le me with my natural eyes only!!


Yup, I've got no power. Now you know why I don't wear contact lens often ^.^"

The colour is so nice! Sort of light brown colour.
I really love the details in the lenses as it really change my eyes into the colour given!

After and Before (with make up)
As you can see, the size difference compare to my iris is quite big.

Without Make Up:

(Only inner double eyelid with the contact lens)

Outdoor (under sunlight)

With Make Up:


Outdoor (under sunlight)

With camera flashlight

Comment: Even if only with my inner double eyelid, it still looks okay on me, just it's better if my skin is fairer cause the brownish colour will make my yellowish skin more yellowish. So it's still look better in the pictures that I'm with make up cause I applied whitening CC cream! I think it really looks natural on me as the colour of the lens is not too dark, else it will look really fake cause the lens size is quite large!


It's like a light purple colour which is quite unique!

This looks really scary but you can see the difference!

Without Make Up:

(Only inner double eyelid with the contact lens)

Outdoor (under sunlight)

With Make Up:


Outdoor (under sunlight)

With camera flashlight

Comment: Gosh you can actually see 3 different appearance in 3 different situations!! Did you realize??? The Amethyst actually shows out the colour quite obvious even when it's in indoor! Didn't expect  it's that pretty :'D But I think that it's more suitable for make up look, especially with some blueish colour eye shadow or eyeliner like mine! If you can see I'm actually wearing blue eye shadow?


I'm glad that I listened to my sister's opinion! The both the colours are so natural and perfect on me! (Feeling self confident ;P) Really love them! So if you're still dilemma-ing to get which colour to get for yourself? I recommend either these 2 colours, or you may try on others! :)

  • Comes with an elegant case which can be reused and easier to open - A Big Like to this!
  • 5 various colours which I bet others will results the same as the above one too, obvious colour and pretty!
  • Doesn't dry out my eyes easily, which mean the 55% of water content is true!

  • The lenses are really big and it feels painful at the first 5 minutes after wearing, but after that it feels really comfortable!

PROMOTION FROM Focus Point Vision Care Group

Calling all Hello Kitty fans and Fragrance lover out there! They're having an awesome promotion just for you!

Buy Any 2 Boxes Of Imagene Or Macttalic contact lenses at any Focus Point outlet, FREE ONE PREMIUM HELLO KITTY EAU DE TOILETTE Perfume (5ml)

 They are so adorable~ Aren't they???

Wanna collect all 5 colours? Jot down the dates stated below and start planning to get yourself 10 different colours of all collections!

  1. Red Color Collection: 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2013
  2. Blue Color Collection: 2 Dec - 8 Dec 2013
  3. Purple Color Collection: 9 Dec - 15 Dec 2013
  4. Green Color Collection: 16 Dec - 22 Dec 2013
  5. Pink Color Collection: 23 Dec - 31 Dec 2013

-This series of contact lenses and the promotion currently only apply in Focus Point group.
-The promotion will kick off at 25th November 2013 until further notice (While Stock Last!)

So hurry! Grab this awesome promotion before it's too late!


  • Brand: ADORE Macttalic Series
  • Manufacturer: EYEMED Technologies Malaysia
  • Origin Country: Italy
  • Lens Material: HEMA + MMA + NVP
  • Water Content: 55%
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Base curve: 8.6mm
  • Disposable: Monthly
  • Choices of colours: Light green, Grey, Hazel, Light blue and Amethyst
  • Packing: 2 pcs
  • Price: RM90 for 2 boxes
  • Where to buy: All Focus Point outlets in Malaysia


Well here comes everyone's long-awaited moment, GIVEAWAY TIME! Yaayyy =D

Thanks to Eyemed Technologies for sponsoring my very first giveaway in my blog! We have 2 boxes of contact lenses prepared to giveaway for 2 of my lucky readers! You get to select the colours and power of your own choice! Awesome right~~

So join in and stand a chance to get yourself a new pair of pretty contact lens for a brand new year! =D

To participate, all you have to do is:-
  1. LIKE Imagene and Macttalic on Facebook.
  2. FOLLOW me in GFC (Optional for non-bloggers)
  3. COMMENT on this to the question: "Why do you want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens?" including your name and email address. Be creative!
  4. (Optional) SHARE this post in your Facebook and Twitter to gain more chance!
  5. And Voila! Wait for the good news ;)
Giveaway ends at 14 December 2013, 11.59pm (GMT+8). 2 most creative comments will win away a pair of Macttalic Contact Lens by ADORE! Winners will be contacted by Eyemed Office by 31 December 2013. :D

*Please fill in the form in Rafflecopter so that I can track your entries easily!*

Good luck my dear readers! Don't feel despair if you're not the chosen winner! I promise you guys I'll be doing more giveaways real soon! It's in my 2014 resolution =X Stay tuned for my blog so you won't miss anything! ;)

It’s your life – live it up!



As I'd mentioned, most creative comments win! And it seems like there are more than 2 are really creative and I really don't know how to choose! 

So what I did is I've shortlisted a few comments that are creative, and from there, I chose those who shared about my giveaway post in Facebook and Twitter! Because I'd mentioned that although sharing is optional, but it will increase your chance of winning! (If you shared but you didn't fill in the Rafflecopter form, or your post is private, I'm sorry because I didn't see that)

So the winners are:

Amelie Yap ( 


Chai Hui Yen (

Congratulations! You guys have won a pair of ADORE Macttalic Contact Lens with your choice of colour and power! I'd given your emails to the sponsor and they will contact you very soon! All you have to do is wait and celebrate! =)

Once again, thanks for others who joined my giveaway! There will be more giveaway coming soon so stay tuned my blog for more!! 


  1. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I want to have pretty, sparkling and chic eyes to dazzle everybody around me! :P

    Laura L.

  2. Eriol
    I want it because I desperate want pretty shinny eyes like you~

  3. I want a pair of Macttalic lens so that I can mesmerize my friends and leaving them going "WOW! Whoa!" when they see my eyes =) Captivate people along the way too.

    Serah Lim (

  4. I would love to get a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because unlike some other brands, they look really natural and makes the eyes look vividly. I hate the fact that I have small eyes and I have not tried out MACTTALIC lens before. You know what they said, eyes are the window to the soul. Hopefully I will get a chance to try them out for bigger eyes appearance.

    1. Hi dear. Please provide your name and email address ya ;)

  5. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I want have a pair of dazzling eyes same like yours and I am finding lenses that won't easily dry and comfort for me :D

    Is Pinky

  6. Yong Choy Peng25 Nov 2013, 14:42:00

    I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I just lurve trying out new designs & colours & enhancing my eyes with coloured contact lenses, not just any brand but MACTTALIC a brand that I can trust!

    Name: Yong Choy Peng

  7. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because its can bigger & moistful mine eyeball somemore can attact every people to looking my eyes

    Name: Samantha Leong Pei Tee
    Email Address:

  8. Because I want to look hotter than the degree of which the thermometer can handle! XD

    1. u play play only or really want join geh? XD email address please

  9. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I want to try out my first colour contacts! :D
    I'm getting bored with the transparent one. Perhaps this time I might have a chance to get a pair of colour contact, make my eyes more blink and larger :)
    Ofcz, Xmas present too...Thank you Nicole.

    Name: LIM JIA CHYI
    Twitter: I shared the photo on here @msjayce_jc

  10. 每件东西,在我心目中, 都有自己的位子,
    不管这 MACTTALIC contact lens 将会在我心中处于什么样的位子,
    用我的一切,赢取这副 隐形眼睛,

    所以我,势在必得!请让我好好守护这 MACTTALIC contact lens 吧!


    Name: Wong Chong Chiat

  11. Actually I am a contact lenses user for more than 5 years and I have tried out really lots of brands like GEO, freshlook and freshkon. Currently, I am using Blincon, yet i found that it's moisture level is not that high and my eyes always easily get irritated and causing redness after wearing for long hours or in air-conditional environment. I would like to try MACTTALIC as you mentioned in your blog that it has high moisture level and wanna try on its comfort level as well.

    Name: Amelie Yap

  12. I would like to win this pair of contact lens so that i can have a "BLINK BLINK" eyes as in the photo you posted in this blog!! I hope with the "BLINK BLINK" eyes then i can get my boyfriend attraction whenever he play DOTA~~!!XD
    omo! I love your "BLINK BLINK" eyes with the MACTTALIC LENS! <3

    Name: Tee Jing Yi

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. i'd love a pair of Macttalic lenses because i'm obsessed with coloured lenses and i'm always excited to try a new brand and be the first to fall in love with something new.

    1. Hi dear, please provide me your email address so that I can contact you if you're the winner ;)

  15. "Why do you want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens?"

    I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I have never use it before. My eyes are really sensitive, I could barely use a variety of brand for contact lens. But based on the descriptions mentioned above, it seemed like MACTTALIC contact lens is really suitable for me. My eyes are very important to me, and I would take any precautions, as long as the contact lens make them feel comfortable, amazing, and yet, beautiful. I believe MACTALLIC contact lens could pass all of the criteria and is the right one for me, therefore, I am so looking forward to have them on my eyes, from there I would feel really happy and it's all worth it!

    Chai Hui Yen

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