Friday, 29 November 2013

[Fashion] 5 ways to style with a Romper

It's my first time to do styling tips in my blog so I hope you guys can continue reading it and perhaps leave me some comments so that I can improve myself next time! =)

In addition, the picture quality and colour of the pictures below are not really good as I'm not pro in photoshopping and I tried my best to focus on showing the colour of the outfits, so some of the pictures might be quite dull ><

And also the blurring effect behind! I simply blur them out because I'm too shy to let you see what I pasted on my wall. XD Okay in case you're curious about it, they are just some pages of pretty ladies from some magazines, to motivate me! In terms of the slim bodies and some fashion sense! Yes I want to be as slim as them!

So let's get start with it!

*Belt is excluded from the romper!*

I got this pretty Anchor Romper from Shoploooh (ok actually I won it). It's simple and nice enough that you can just wear it one piece and you're done for your OOTD. but for me, I think that it's too plain. That's why I'm here to share with you guys some of the tips I've got in my mind after reading few months of fashion magazines!

I've so much ideas on styling my OOTD with this Romper after I received it! So I hope it will help both me and you to improve our fashion sense in the future! :)


Basic Style: Simply match it with a belt or black stocking/tattoo leggings

This is for those who are very lazy to style themselves (no offence) or just they are too rush to style up.


Style #1: Replace your belt with a cardigan/jackets!

Use a long sleeve outer wear like a checkered shirt or cardigans as your belt! When you feel cold, use them to warm yourself! Awesome~ Perfect for attending super cold lecture class in Malaysia because out of the class, you'll melt, shopping or movie time!


Style #2: Match it with a skirts

Leather Skirts:

Chiffon Skater Skirts:

Colour Skater Skirts:

I know the colour might look weird but that's how the colour contrast makes you look special! ;D

This is the style that I loved the most in this post! Recently I'm in love with skater skirts, and most of all, it turns into a skorts!!! FYI, skorts are skirts with pants in it. Now you can sit in any positions without any worries LOL Just kidding! Besides, the romper also became your top now! Awesome~~ :D

For this match, it will be better if you have a mini skirts in your wardrobe which you have quarantined it for thousand years and never dare to wear it due to the shortness! Good time for you to bring it out and show it now!


Style #3: Match it with a crop top

Any collarless crop top looks nice with it because what makes this look special is the collar! It looks like your crop top has a collar! A T-shirt is also nice for this look but try not too long!


Style #4: Match it with any Sheer outer wear

The sheer outer wear will show a little bit of the romper's original colour. I recommend to match it with a white or black one because both the colours are easier to match with and won't be like mine which is all pink. I just remembered I have a white sheer wear that I didn't took it out ><


Style #5: Match with a sweater/long sleeves top and leggings

I know you will think this kind of match is soooooo hot! I wanna make it a full winter outfit so that you can warm yourself including not just the body and hands but your legs too, that's why I added a legging with this match! It's not a good idea to style this way in Malaysia! But if you're in Genting Highland, or any fall or winter season country, you'll just need to bring few pieces of sweaters, leggings and a romper! And there you go, OOTD for 3 days XD. 

And because I don't have a crop sweater, I fold my long sweater to look short because I think a crop one looks better with it! :)

And that's all for the tips I got! I can actually style more but my outfits here in KL here are limited (some are in Penang) so maybe will try to do more when I get back to Penang? ;)

Hope you'd like my tips, and enjoy styling up yourself for your Christmas and new year party! And here's a little reminder,  CNY is around the corner too!! Get yourself a romper if you don't have one and start styling up with it! *REMEMBER to get one with a collar!!*

Don't feel hestitate to leave me a comment and tell me which outfit is your favourite and which one suits me the most! ;)

Good luck babes ;*