Friday, 29 November 2013

[Fashion] 5 ways to style with a Romper

November 29, 2013 14
It's my first time to do styling tips in my blog so I hope you guys can continue reading it and perhaps leave me some comments so that I can improve myself next time! =)

In addition, the picture quality and colour of the pictures below are not really good as I'm not pro in photoshopping and I tried my best to focus on showing the colour of the outfits, so some of the pictures might be quite dull ><

And also the blurring effect behind! I simply blur them out because I'm too shy to let you see what I pasted on my wall. XD Okay in case you're curious about it, they are just some pages of pretty ladies from some magazines, to motivate me! In terms of the slim bodies and some fashion sense! Yes I want to be as slim as them!

So let's get start with it!

*Belt is excluded from the romper!*

I got this pretty Anchor Romper from Shoploooh (ok actually I won it). It's simple and nice enough that you can just wear it one piece and you're done for your OOTD. but for me, I think that it's too plain. That's why I'm here to share with you guys some of the tips I've got in my mind after reading few months of fashion magazines!

I've so much ideas on styling my OOTD with this Romper after I received it! So I hope it will help both me and you to improve our fashion sense in the future! :)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

[Fashion] Rainbow Hair Extension | Baddestbucks

November 27, 2013 7
Recently I'm in love with every thing in rainbow colour! Especially when it contains a combination of red, yellow, green and blue! Don'tchu think they are beautiful?? =D

Sometimes I'm confused with my current favourite colour... is it still pink? But I know I won't love monotone unless it's something extraordinarily pretty!

And another thing that recently I'm addicted to is coloured hair extension! What I got with me is in purple and red coloured only. You'll definitely saw I wore before if you read my previous post or photos!

I'm not allowed to bleach my hair and get myself some bright colour onto my real hair by my mom cause she doesn't want me to spoil my own hair like my other friends did.

So what I can do is get myself some colourful hair extension from the internet cause it doesn't hurt my real hair, and I can change the colours in different situations as I want! Yay to ze awesome coloured hair extensions! Good invention! :D

After seeing XiaXue or QiuQiu and other celebrities who has colourful hair colours, I envy them so much cause they look so gorgeous with it! And I did promise myself that I will dye my hair like them in the future after I got my own income!

But some of them said most of the proper company doesn't allow colourful hair workers =\ So hair extension is still ze best cause I can wear them out of working hours! XD

Okay I think I talked too much non-sense! Guess what! Thanks to @baddestbucks, I got my dream come true now, which is the combinations of both my current addictions, I got myself a Rainbow Hair Extension!

Goshh it really has all 7 colours!! :D

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Christmas Wish List for Santa Hermo!

November 26, 2013 2
Jingle bell! Jingel bell! Christmas day is arriving in not more than a month! Are you excited for that??! Although I don't celebrate Christmas with my family like exchanging presents or go to church, but young people these days just love to follow the trend and enjoy their life during this awesome festive season, like me! Don't chu think that Christmas is always a beautiful moment to gather around with your friends and enjoy the beautiful decoration everywhere in the city here? =)

Well, for the past few years, some of the Christmas which I did received presents are either from Christians BFF, or went to events of society to play with their present exchanging game. This year! I'm not sure if I still get to celebrate like my past few years back, but I'm so happy that I'm able to stance a chance to receive Christmas present from Santa Hermo!

In case you are living in a jungle (just kidding!) and don't know what on earth is Hermo, click here to read on my previous post about them!!

So, BIG thanks to Butterfly Project and Hermo, they are collaborating together and here to grant butterflies and caterpillars' wishes! What we have to do is just make a wishlist worth up to RM80 on any products from Hermo and Santa Hermo will help us to grant out wishes!

Buuuuutttt only RM80??! Seriously? That's too little for me!! Everything in Hermo is just heavenly wanted by me so badly! You won't wanna see the total price of the products I had in my current wishlist in my Hermo account since I started to surf their website few years back!

You know why? Once I'd see anything which is useful for me or it's too pretty, the first thing I did is not add them to my cart but into my wishlist first! I really love those online shops that provide wishlist service as I can view back which stuffs I might consider to buy it in the future!

Well, what I chose here is what I need instead of what I love (like those very pretty nail polish or cute perfumes nyehhh) because I wanna let Santa Hermo know that most of their products are what I really need! But of course, what I need is what I love too ^.^" Like I won't buy gingers just because my body needs it, but I hate it so much loll!!

So wanna know what I wish to get from Hermo? :1

Monday, 25 November 2013

[Giveaway] ADORE™ Macttalic Contact Lenses Review

November 25, 2013 24
[Contest closed, winners have been chosen, scroll to the bottom to view the winners.]

Coloured contact lens is now a very common beauty cosmetic for every ladies today. Even me already started wearing contact lens! If you've read my previous posts, I've only wore 2 types of contact lens before so far in my life!

Until today, big thanks to Eyemed Technologies for giving me this opportunity to try on and make review on my third and forth contact lens in my life! 

Aaaaaand make sure you read till the end because like what the title said, I'm giving away 2 boxes of their contact lenses! Continue reading to know why you have to own them and their benefits that you won't wanna miss!!! 

Introducing ADORE™ MACTTALIC, the Sweet. Stylish. Sexy. Your eyes speak a whole lot about who you are. The Macttalic cosmetic and beauty contact lens series – uniquely designed to breathe new excitement into your style and make you stand out. With a choice of 5 vibrant colours (Light green, Grey, Hazel, Light blue and Amethyst) that effortlessly give you bigger eyes, it’s easy to let your eyes do the talking.

When it comes to the moment to pick any colour of the contact lenses, I always get advises from my sister as she knows which type of contact lens will show a more natural colour and doesn't look fake on me.

This time, I still asked my sister that whether which colours will she pick! And I listened to her again! Let's see if her suggestion is right for me? Just continue reading!

Supposedly I wanted to choose Light Blue and Amethyst as I didn't really try on bright coloured contact lenses before, but even my boyfie also advised me to get Hazel, so end up I made my choice on Hazel and Amethyst! Hopefully it really does look natural and pretty on me! :)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

[Advertorial] Send Your Blissful Surprise with bloop

November 16, 2013 0
Still wondering or have no idea what to gift for your loved ones for this coming Christmas? Continue reading for an exciting promotion from bloop!

Anyway, have you heard of bloop Cosmetics before?
The bloop Professional Make Up range are carefully developed from Beauty Experts from around the Globe working together to deliver a truly International Cosmetic Line that suites all skin tones & skin types. They were awarded as a winner of The CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame.

At this special Festive Season, you can bring happiness to yourself, family & your friend by sending a Blissful Surprise from bloopbloop even allows you to enjoy FREE DELIVERY with any purchase of gift sets online. Aaaawesooome~~! Let bloop illuminate your dreams and be your Santa Claus to deliver your Blissful Surprise to your loved ones!  

This is first time bloop allow customers purchase & dedicate gift sets to their family & friends via online and they are giving FREE DELIVERY! You heard that? FREE DELIVERY! They are also providing XMAS Greeting Card for FREE to allow customer send in their greeting messages for recipients.Warm your loved ones with your XMAS greetings together with bloop box sets!

All you need to do is
  1. Have a look at the Christmas Box Set pictures below or click here
  2. Pick the products that you are interested
  3. PM the product code and the order quantity to their Facebook and they will revert with you to confirm the purchase order via Facebook (No delivery charges for any purchase of gift sets!)OR proceed to Sunway Pyramid bloop counter to enjoy the exciting promo during this special season
  4. And you're done! Enjoy your Xmas gift from yourself or wait to receive your Thank You message from your loved ones! :D
Do take note that this promotion only apply within Malaysia. T&C apply.

Some of the Products:

bloop Cosmetics Box Sets (from RM 89 – RM 199)
Party Begins Box Set RM 89 (Worth RM 108.80)
  • bloop Single Eyeshadow
  • bloop Lip Gloss
  •  bloop Puff Puff Powder 
  • bloop Nail Polish
  • bloop Nail Polish Remover 
Product Code: BS03/BS04/BS05
(different colour of the products with diff code, check em in the facebook album)
Glam Me Up Box Set RM 199 (Worth RM 272)
  • bloop 3 Color Palette Single Eyeshadow
  • bloop Lip Gloss
  • bloop Candy Lipstick
  • bloop Liquid Eyeliner - Black Color
  • bloop Candy Blusher
  • bloop Candy Makeup Remover
  • bloop 4 in 1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Product Code: BS01/BS02
(different colour of the products with diff code, check em in the facebook album)

Dear Body Gift Sets (from RM 60 – RM 89) 
Dear Body Country Chic Gift Set (RM 60. 30% Off. Worth RM 89.)
  • Dear Body Country Chic Body Lotion (236ml) 
  • Dear Body Country Chic Body Cream (226g) 
  • Dear Body Country Chic Fragrance Mist (88ml) 
  • Bath Sponge
The exclusive Country Chic is inspired by the fresh air and natural beauty of America's countryside.
Key Fragrance Notes: sparkling lemon, bright wildflowers, and spring woods
Dear Body Twilight Woods Gift Set (RM 60. 30% Off. Worth RM 89.)
  • Dear Body Twilight Woods Body Lotion (236ml) 
  • Dear Body Twilight Woods Body Cream (226g) 
  • Dear Body Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist (88ml) 
  • Bath Sponge
The exclusive Twilight Woods is a hypnotic blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress inspired by the enticing warmth of woods at twilight.
Key Fragrance Notes: Juicy Berry, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Warm Woods
Dear Body Secret Wonderland Gift Set (RM 89. 25% Off. Worth RM 122.)
  • Dear Body Secret Wonderland Shower Gel (295ml) 
  • Dear Body Secret Wonderland Body Lotion (236ml) 
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  •  Dear Body Secret Wonderland Bath Salt (125ml) 
  • Bath Sponge
The exclusive Secret Wonderland is a whimsical blend of luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and white amber inspired by a world you never dreamed existed.
Key Fragrance Notes: Luscious Strawberry, Gardenia Petals, Jasmine, White Amber.
Dear Body Black Raspberry Gift Set (RM 89. 25% Off. Worth RM 122.)
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  • Dear Body Black Raspberry Body Lotion (236ml) 
  • Dear Body Black Raspberry Fragrance Mist (88ml) 
  • Dear Body Black Raspberry Bath Salt (125ml) 
  • Bath Sponge 
Addictive Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance is an alluring scent, inspired by vine-ripened berries drenched in vanilla cream.
Key fragrance notes: Juicy Blackberry, Bergamot, Anjou Pear, Vanilla Orchid, Taffeta Musk.

Gosh most of the products attracts me a lot!! Someone please get me any set please?? XD

Interested in any of the gift sets? What are you waiting for??! Logon to their Facebook or proceed to Sunway Pyramid bloop counter to enjoy the exciting promo during this special season! The stocks are limited so grab them fast now!

*Promotion period: 15 Nov – 31 Dec 2013.*

bloop Website:
bloop Instagram & Twitter: @bloopcosmetics
bloop Outlet: Sunway Pyramid LG Floor Lot 1.65 

bloop is also at:-

Klang Valley
  • Wisma Haniffa KL 
  • Parkson, KL Festival City Mall 
  • The Store, Pacific Hypermarket Mentakab 
  • Genting Highland First World Plaza, LOT F/L 2A.33 (Level T2A) 

  • Sunshine Square, First Floor, Bayan Baru 
  • GAMA, Georgetown 
  • Parkson, Gurney Plaza 

Kota Bharu 
  • Parkson, KB Mall 

  • Parkson, Ipoh Parade

Nothing Can Bring YOU Happiness But YOURSELF ~bloop Illuminate Your Dreams~

I really love this quote by them! It's so true? How can you expect people give you happiness while you don't give yourself first? :D

Friday, 15 November 2013

UTAR Halloween Night 2013

November 15, 2013 5
Hello peeps! Sorry for the lack of updates this week as I was preparing for the performance for this event, and right after the event, have to rush for assignments and mid-term test! I barely have time to trim my nails too =X Finally get to spend a little time for my blog now! I have so much to update about~~~

I know that Halloween has past 3 weeks ago but UTAR Halloween 2.0 just held their party on last Sunday! This is the second year of the event which organized by SRC. Click here for last year's Halloween post! ;)

So as you can see I was a performer last year with le dance club, but it's a last minute performance. This year, I as an instructor of dance club has prepared a performance for them too! Yea, dance instructor, sounds cool huh? But I bet I'll disappoint you if you're a dancer too ><

Aight, no more talking craps! Let the pictures do the talking! ;)

Warning: Don't continue reading if you're eating, or just finished eating, or you can't stand disgusting zombie faces! XD

So this is how my zombie performer look on that night!
Continue reading to know how it works ;)

Monday, 4 November 2013

[Advertorial] Malaysia, a better place?

November 04, 2013 4
Not sure if you have the same thought with me, sometimes my mind will pop out some idea all of a sudden on creating something new and special to make people's life easier while we are facing problem in real life, or when we read about the news on crimes that are happening in Malaysia!

Sometimes when me and my friends or family were chit-chatting and complaining on something, we will be like "They should invent something something to prevent something something" or "I will invent something something in the future because something something" blah blah blah etc.

But I'm not a scientist nor engineer who can really start to invent the things I want whenever I have the ideas on. Now I don't even remember what I've said before.

However, instead of inventing or creating those idea ourselves, we can actually contribute our idea to people who really will consider about to do it if they think it can really help to make a better place for us to live in!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

[Beauty] GEO Contact lens Review | Angel Grey

November 02, 2013 9
Hello peeps! It's been a while I greet my readers at the beginning of my post. So it's November now! Time really flies. The moment of my counting down to 2013 still feel fresh in my mind! Goshhh XD Anyway, have you achieve anything in your 2013 resolution for the past 10 months? Yes? Great!! No? It's alright you have 2 more month to achieve it! It's not too late for anything yet :)

So back to topic. Received this contact lens from HiShop and it came to me just in time! My virgin contact lens has just reached 1 month of usage and it's time to throw it away and try on a new one! Big thanks to HiShop for giving me this opportunity to review on my second contact lens in my life! ='D Don't forget to read till the end for an exclusive promotion for my readers! =D

Non-power lens. Glad that I don't have any short sighted =D

I know a lot of you has seen a lot of my bare face without any contact lens on. Yes I don't wear contact lens at all if it's just for class or just at home. I believe that my natural beauty will attract people too =P #lollwtf!! I'll only wear it on special occasion or purposes such as performance, video shooting, doing review, photo shooting and so on.

However, I know you too cause sometimes I can't resist on seeing ourselves prettier than the natural us cause I was born to be an Asian which I envy western countries people who born to have natural big coloured eyes and iris!

So what I got here is the GEO contact lens. I picked Angel Grey colour. I always see my sister and friends wear different colours of contact lens but among the various colours they look more pretty in grey