Saturday, 5 October 2013

[Food] The Black House Zakka Store

Penang is getting better and better recently, and restaurant or cafe is getting more and more! People always love new and fresh shop which is full of nice decoration. So last week, Shi Min brought me to a place which I think it's quite new, and very nice! Not sure if you know about the Black House Zakka Store which located nearby at Union Primary School ;)
Zakka is a fashion ans design phenomenon that improves your home, life and appearance with artistic items from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
So the shop is actually a nail boutique combined with a little restaurant, and a sweet toy garden behind.

The nail boutique

The secret kitchen

So this is where me and Shi Min sit lah. I'm using my new fish eye lens! Will blog about it soon ;)


"OMG! I've got a message!"
#random #selca #wtf

Hot green tea. Really 70's style :D
So when we're ordering the foods, the waiter a.k.a the boss (not really sure about it haha) introduce about their foods (which kinda few choices only but all looks very tasty!) in a very kind way. So she introduce us the dishes of the day!

Forgotten the price but I remembered it's RM25 something. I think the price is worth cause it's really really good! :D

Yumm yummmmmmm

The Big Boss!! The scramble egg looks great and it's really awesome!! The price is approximately RM20 or less :D

Both of us playing with their tools!


So let me show you their sweet little toy garden. 
Brace yourself! The toys almost make me can't resist and bring em all home!

Macam yes

I want the luggages so badly!!!!!!! PINK!!!

I really love how they combine these 3 different services in 1 shop. It's all about enjoying and relaxing! And the decorations they did, I can see the efforts.

So, A big thanks to my bff Shi Min for bringing me to this place! I'm satisfied with their environment and foods here!

But the only thing I don't really like about is I have to enjoy my food with the nail polishes' chemical smell.. not sure is it only the place I sat cause it's the nearest to the entrance ;(

Anyway, here are the details:

The Black House Zakka Store
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Address: 6E, Arratoon Road, 10050 Georgetown, Malaysia
Contact: 04-2289796

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