Monday, 7 October 2013

[Beauty] Imagene - My virgin contact lens

So it's another first time experience for me after my first experience of hair dye-ing! Finally I'm gonna try on wearing contact lens for the first time in my life! Damn my 2013 is as wonderful as my 2012

So I got this Imagene Contact Lens in brown from Imagene and JessicaThanks Jessica for picking me as the giveaway winner! xoxo.

I actually received it few months ago but I pick the time which I can wear it more and have time to take more pretty pictures of me wearing contact lens and make up, that is my longest sem break lah (The longest also 1 month only, how pity utarian is =[) cause it only can be worn for 1 month D: feel like start wearing contact lens but my $$$ T.T

Luckily I got a sister who's pro in wearing contact lens and give me advises in this line, such as how to wear, what to avoid and which cleaning water to use.

But then the worst thing happened, I actually wanna try it on the first day I reach Penang for my sem break, but I'm having red eyes that time!! Just done recovering last week and I only dare to wear it now ;( 

So let's see.. it says:
  • 14.5mm diameter for natural enlarging effect
  • Contains 55% water which provides your eyes all day comfort
  • Protects your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Clear and unobstructed vision

So the best benefit I love is protects my eyes against harmful UV rays! :D

It comes with 4 different colours: Magenta, Grey, Brown and Black. The Magenta and Grey are their newer colours. Supposedly I wanna choose either both these colours, but my sister advise me to get the brown one cause it looks more natural than the other 3, so I'll just listen to this girl with full of experiences and got myself a brown one! :D

Okay, so I guess those who are wearing contact lens now know that the first time wearing it is a nightmare!! I made my just-recovered-eyes gone more dry and I gave up! But then still desperately wanna wear it so I tried it myself for few days in a row, but still fail! Even my sister demo for me I still can't make it!
The moment I feel like asking my mom to bring me to the spec's shop get another pair of contact lens and ask the doctor to teach me ><

So behold! Here comes the pictures!

I have small eyes cause I'm asian! Baby I was born this way~ ;P

Still before loll.

Aaaaannnnddd POOF!

Don't be scared I'm not an alien X)

Looks kinda fake right? >< I'm really not used to it at first.

Well it looks really different actually, but you'll be used to it after sometime ;)

So how do I feel for the first time wearing contact lens?

I actually don't feel it's naturally enlarging effect but quite fake at first, but after a while I know it's quite normal if you're wearing an enlarging contact lens, and luckily I'm not like some of them, really not suitable for dark and enlarging contact lens.

For the comfortableness, few times I wore it and feel weird and kinda pain, and I need to take it off and wear it again then only feel comfortable. I thought my contact lens broke at first but it's not... But I believe it's because I didn't learn to wear it from a proper consultant, not the contact lens' fault :)

In terms of wearing for the whole day : I think it's great! But not sure is it because it's only the first time I'm wearing contact lens, or is it really that good? Can't say yet, cause my sister told me that after sometime you wear contact lens, it'll dry more easily.
The first day I wore it for an outing is last Thursday, and I wore it for 12 hours! I still don't feel anything weird or pain or redness for the whole day. But I still have to see and take note about that after wearing it for a month ;)

So from my experience, I still advice you to try your first contact lens by teaching by the spec shop consultant as they will give you full advice and make sure you know how to wear it properly and take good care of it before you leave the shop! Unless you want to be blind :) Then the following contact lens, you only buy it from any trust-able online shop with your favourite colours or design!

At the end, I still have to thank Imagene and Jessica, make me try my very virgin contact lens without spending any cents! It's an awesome experience ;)

So if you think that you liked it and wanna purchase it, they're currently having a promotion of purchase 2 Boxes FREE 1 Box At RM99.00 (ONLY at Pavillion Centre Court K.L) until the end of the year 2013! Grab yours now before it's too late! ;)


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