Friday, 11 October 2013

Last minute KL trip

So the main reason for this 2 days 1 night KayElle trip is because I won the mystery gift prize from Sarah ( and I have to attend their Fun Sunday outing event at Big Chomp Burger, SS15 to get my prize.

My mom was actually like "you think it's worth to spend transport money go kl just to redeem that prize?" So now I said yes!

Supposedly my plan is, Sunday morning go kl, and then back at night cause it's impossible for me to spend extra hotel fee just for that Sunday event. But my lucky star Bailey said she can go with my and overnight at her KL house so I don't even need to be so rush! So end up I went down on Saturday and back on Sunday after the event! (Kinda regret why didn't we stay at least 1 more night =X)

So for Saturday, went there in the morning and just in time that I can meet Daphne at the #topshopmyaw13!

Satisfaction #1 complete! :D She's just so skinny and pretty!

And then I introduced to Bailey my favourite coffee shop in Pavilion - Espressamente illy! I can fix my craving and the same time ;D
Their Hot Chocolate again!
Satisfaction #2: Fix my craving - complete!

Then, shopping around at Bukit Bintang. The Satisfaction #3 which also completed happily and 'satisficaly' is buy less than RM100 for 4 pieces of shirts! Gosh I really didn't expect I can find a Rm5 t-shirt in H&M wtfff (yea it's just a plain black tshirt but I realised sometimes I need that! And I don't think I can find any in Penang's new H&M loll) So I counted this as one of my satisfaction ;D

We're shopaholics! ;P

Random pic with KLCC before we leave


For Sunday, we just went for that event and then Bailey's friend brought us to some of the special place of that area!

Face of the day. I know I really look scary with my contact lens ;(

While waiting at Big Chomp Burger

Too cute and too pink can't resist to take photo with it!

Left side is Sarah which I won my prize from, and Right side is Cindy which is probably another main character of the event :)

Thanks Sarah!! I really love the prize so much! It's worth to have a KL trip to get these~
I will show out what's inside later on and you'll be impressed by the products! ;P
Satisfaction #4: Satisfy with the prize - complete!

 And then we went to Village Park for their most famous Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng

I'm still missing the taste cause it's really really awesome!!!!! 
Satisfaction #5: get to taste a famous and nice local dish - complete!

 And it makes me feel memorable too because:

Met Xiaxue, Qiuqiu and Audrey with their Husbands while we're eating!! Please be jealous!! XD
Satisfaction #6 : Met superstars - complete!

And then, we just went Publika to have a look and taste some Chocolate!! 

Chocolate Waffle : #Heaven

Chocolate Crepe! #Heaven #2
Satisfaction #7 : Satisfy with desserts - complete!

Really regret that why didn't I think of staying in KL for 2 more nights since I was staying at Bailey's place!! I can actually taste more nice foods there since her friend is so pro in the foods in KL!

Last taste before we head back to Penang from Sunway :)

So I have a total of 7 satisfaction for this short trip! Happy girl me iz happy :DDD

Lastly, #ootd:
Really love this colourful outfit so much!

Aaaand that's all for my random diary post. It's been a while I didn't update about my daily life cause it's so complicated to write one XD Till then!! xoxo.


  1. omg so you're the winner! so lucky for u. somemore get to meet so many bloggers. argh!

    1. yea but it's the 2nd drawing cause I think the 1st batch people can't attend >< haha thanks~ :D