Friday, 4 October 2013

[Beauty] Hermo, my favourite online beauty store

Every blogger or blog readers cannot tell me that they don't know what in the world is Hermo! Almost every beauty bloggers had blogged about it, and I'd finally writing about them after purchasing from Hermo for the third time! :D
Hermo is Beauty Collection Turning beauty in a click. Hermo introduce hot and good quality products to all the people especially to the females out there, you can now enjoy the best product with best value! Let us enjoy online group shopping and beautify ourselves together.
So basically they are an online store which sells beauty products in an easy way and cheaper price lah! Almost every girls out there have at least a cleanser along with them, so take a look at here! They sell everything in a cheaper price, and it's 100% original!! 

Hermo doesn't only sell skincare products but the range from top to toe! Hair care, skin care, body care, hand care and even foot care!

So I'd actually joined Hermo for almost more than a year, and I didn't feel any dissatisfaction on their service so far (in terms of delivering or customer contact) cause they really have a good services! I ordered it on Wednesday night and they shipped my products on Thursday and I received it on Friday! Gosh I didn't expect that fast actually :D

So now let me introduce a few products that I purchased from them this time!

Unboxing~~~ I actually named them overprotective. See next picture and you'll know why ;D

Aren't they just tooo over protective??? I love it!!!! My products reached me safe and sound~ Thank you Hermo!!

So I ordered a Sunscreen cause I'm almost out of sunblock and I still have few trips to go before I leave Penang for my next semester!

The best that this sunscreen makes me wanna purchase is because it's a spray, and it can be spray onto face, body and even my hair!! How impressive~ I always wanna bring umbrella when I'm going out in a hot day just to protect my hair and skin! Now, with this, I have no worries if I forgotten to bring my umbrella!

But the day before I received my parcel, I received a text message from Hermo that the one I ordered has out of stocks! D:
Nooooo :'(
But they gave me another flavour (luckily there's different flavour!) and I just need to contact them through e-mail or contact for return if I dislike the one they gave me. But THANK YOU Hermo! I love it very much! :D

I know sometimes people dislike they change another flavour or other products for them cause if it doesn't have different flavour like those Laneige skin care product? I'll be very disappoint if I didn't get the one I want. But you'll just have to accept the truth that the stock is limited! Grab it as fast as you can if you don't want to disappoint yourself! X)

Look at the packaging colour!!! I really love the cleannn blue colour!!

You'll just have to spray on your hands, body, face and hair which will get the chances to reach the sunlight before you leave your house and just enjoy your day!! 
I really love the icy icy feel!! And it's not sticky at all!

In case you're interested, here's the link of this product : SHILLS Natural Science Caribbean Ice UV Spray SPF50 UVA/UVB

So when everyone purchase in hermo, they'll purchase more than 2 products for sure, because buy 2 free shipping!! No minimum purchase needed! (No worries if you're staying out of Malaysia cause they provide International Shipping!!) Yes, if you just want to purchase 2 masks (just like I did in my first purchase loll wtf), you'll still get the free postage service!! How good is that??!! TOOO GOOD!

So I went to look for hair care product and this! Skin Food Moisture Egg Hair Pack attracted me. You know that I need a little bit more hair care after my first time dye-ing my hair.

I'm gonna try it in a while and will back for the review soon! Can't wait!! :D

Here's the link of this product: Skin Food Moisture Egg Hair Pack

I'm super satisfy with their service this time! :D

So let me show you my previous purchases from hermo ;)

The first time I purchase from Hermo! Bought 2 masks and I love both of them!! :D *free postage so buy 2 lah lollll*
But I'm getting lazier to pamper myself with masks now so.... okay X)

This is the second time I purchased from hermo! I'd purchased their Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Trial Size along with this, but I'd lost the picture ;(
I really love this peeling mask from SHILLS! But too bad this product is not available in Hermo anymore, but you can see other products from SHILLS at here! :)

So maybe you've seen this picture before if you've follow my instagram or facebook! Hermo's Instagram and Facebook did repost this picture too ;D Doesn't it make sence??!!! XD

So actually Hermo just change their webpage look few weeks ago, and I really love it!

What I love about the new look is it's easier to search products in their website instead of only from the deals of the day in the homepage, especially the search bar! I just need to type anything I'm searching for and poof! There it is! The old hermo doesn't have the search bar so I can't really search for stuffs I want.

And new feature for newbies! Type in their promotion code "tryhermola" when you check out and get 10% off for the first time purchase! How good is it?! I wish I have this on my first time my purchase > <

Quick! Click here to register now!

This is my order history! So my previous purchase is before the new Hermo so it looks like this X)
I really love looking at my credits which it increase after I'd purchase and give them reviews on the products!

Oh ya! If you continuously log in to hermo for 10 days and take attendance everyday, you'll receive free 200 credits after every 10 days!! Who doesn't want free stuffs?!! 

So I actually make hermo 1 of my homepage so I can easily log in everyday and get my free credits! Feeling good~  :D I'd received my first 10 days' log in reward yesterday! XD

Another best feature that I love in the new Hermo is this! Suggest Products! After you've complete fill in your skin type and problem you faced in your profile, you can view here to see which product you need! It's soooo easy to use!
But I didn't really use it cause I actually have too much skin care products still waiting me to finish using it ;(

1 more!!! If you're a mask freaker, look here!!
Purchase 10 masks through here and you'll get their special Hermo Mask Combination Box! Isn't that lovely? Look at those variety of masks~ Just too bad, I'm not a mask freaker.

Aaannd this is how it goes when you check out!
They actually provide free samples in every purchase but I'm so sad it's all sold out!!! :(
Hermo, faster refill everything and I'm so gonna purchase my 4th time soon!! :D
And you can actually see how much you've saved if you purchase from hermo!! Feels great!! :D

The only thing that you might think is, you can't try their products first before you purchase it. So what I sometimes will do is, when I get to pass by the shops that I'm quite interested in their products, I'll go and try and not buying it first. And then came home and surf hermo for the products! ;P

There are too much benefits you can get from Hermo!!! I can't really list it all but go and try it yourself! :D

Soooooo what are you waiting for?? Click HERE to register yourself and get yourself pampered with their skin care or hair care time in a cheaper price now!

Hermo Facebook:
Hermo Instagram:


  1. Wah, pretty you bought so many stuff ah :D

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  3. Hi. Which bank do they use for cust to pay their purchases?

    1. Hi. I'm always using Maybank... I think they have various types of payment for you to be made. You can always visit their site or Email their customer service for more information :)

  4. Hi..i've no experience about this..can you teach me? I already add some beauty product to my cart at hermo online store..but how do they know what i want ? And after i bank in the money,what should i do?

  5. Hi..i have no experience on how to order on online store? Can u help me? I already add some beauty product to my cart..if i already bank in,what should i do? Nad how do they know what i put on my cart? I mean like how do they know what i odered?? Thanks

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