Monday, 28 October 2013

[Event] ChurpOut 2013

It's an event which held 2 weekends ago (19/10/2013) but I only get to publish it up now after let it staying in the draft corner for a week! So sorry cause my new semester just started and kinda busy with assignments!

So, at the beginning of this post, I have to thank one of the most important person in my life for accompanied to attend this event which we need 2 hours of journey from my place to the location!!

Last month when I firstly know about this event, I asked him EVERYDAY to go with me or I go myself but his answer is always a NO cause it's toooo far!

But the day before the event, I asked him one last time, and I'm shocked and super happy to hear that he said "ok la I know you wanna go so badly..."! =D

I felt so so so guilty cause he have to spend the transport money too just to accompany me :( But I'm desperate! :x

The positive thinking way I tell myself and him is, we learned to go this far and know how the mall, the event, the situation and the human looks like, cause when people asked us about where Klang is or where Setia City mall is, at least we can tell them that we knew it! :D

Ok I think I needa start talking about the event now!

The event starts at 11am, we depart at around 9.15am, expect to arrive in time at Klang KTM station to ride on Setia city mall's free shuttle bus, but we arrived at 11.05am! Stupid KTM :( So end up we spent 25 bucks to hire a taxi </3

It's super sunny and hot at the outdoor park! Scolded myself for not bringing sunshades @*#$/! Every time brought my shades out but didn't use it much but now =.=

Typical visitor of the event

Friendly workers there asked us to take picture with them and asked us to post it to instagram and hashtag #ChurpOut2013.

The sky is so blue! Hello Setia City Mall!Thanks to boyfie's DSLR and yes I stole his picture, a lot, and always =P

Beanbag, beanbags everywhere!

People mountain people sea... although it doesn't look like at all in this picture, but it is!

Hashtag #churpswag to stand a chance to win these cute little churpie!

The bloggers' booth! Spotted Lumi and Jessica?

Dart game which you can win something without paying for the game!

Bungee Jump!! Dare??

Cheerleader performance! They're actually selling their T-shirts for funding~ Too bad I can't support cause I only have 25 bucks with me when they asked for 40 ><

Kenji Chai's creation area! 

So I thought I just need to take OOTD of myself with 1 of the umbrella and I can stand a chance to win 1 back. But I don't know what to hashtag so... loll

It's really really hot and shine at that moment but I can't resist to take picture with the beanbags!
Why am I so stupid I don't know how much UVA and UVB I'd taken at that moment x.x

I can't see anything in my phone thought I set the brightness to the highest

I love this so much!!! Played #Wowsome at the Wow Photo Booth!! :D
1 for le boyfie and 1 for me! :3

Picking bloggers' stuffs which they're selling~
And see! I'd bought few pieces from Jessica in that Teetoo bag! :P

Drawing booth! And they draw for free!

CheeChingy can draw sucha nice drawing!!

Awwww Look at the cat!! I almost steal it away =X

 These 2 are drawing 1 for me and 1 for Edwin of paper art!

See I told cha, it's freeeee!!! How awesome Churpout is!!

Tadaa! I told Akira Ceo to draw Edwin as a bear cause he's my big bear, and he really drew it! So cute!

Voila! Awwww do I look cute? XD I think I am *blush* #wtf

And after finish the first round, went to Starbucks for a break.

And looks like the thunder is coming in any minute at around 3pm

Was kinda 'heavy' that day because of the big tupperware! I can't live without it for this kind of event!

Walking back to the mall to head back before it's too late.

So I'm so happy and no regrets that I went to the event! Not sure why but the happiest of all is I bought the clothes that I wanted for so long in a cheaper price!! And it fits me quite well :') 

[From Top] Lumi, Cheesie, Jessica and Jessica. And the tattoo stocking at the right is from Lumi too! Gosh I love it!!

Other hauls that I got em all for free! 
We actually gave the mister potato back for the registration counter cause they are out of paper bag and how can we hold soooo many things unstably?! We need hands to take picture also lah~
So must bring extra own recycle bag for next year's churpout if you're going late!

And then the meeting with the bloggers and the celebrities are very awesome too!! :D

Pretty Jessica which I always wanted to meet her in real life so badly cause I love all her styles so much!
She's sooo pretty and sooooo friendly! :3

Lumi, BFF of Jessica and she's so pretty and cute and friendly too!

Pretty Melissa, also the bff gang!

Super pretty, cute and flawless BoboStephanie! Can you believe that she's married?! I still can't believe although I know that's true! 

Cheesie! I didn't expect get to take picture with her cause she's also the top blogger in Malaysia! Very friendly!
But to be honest, I didn't know that's her when I see her at first cause she's so petite that I can't believe that's her! She looks so tall in her pictures! Now I know the importance of illusion =X

Audrey a.k.a fourfeetnine! Too cute this mama, too cute!! 

DanKhoo! I know about him through le bf who loves to watch comedy videos in YouTube!

And Reuben Kang! Don't tell me you don't know who is he if you watched JinnyBoy's video before!

Aaand that's all for the event! Hope I didn't miss out anything to mention~

Am missing the event already! Aren't you?? It's way too awesome! Hope they will held ChurpOut 2014 in KL town or places which is nearer from Setapak! And hope le boyfie is willing to accompany me again =X
Although the journey is long (2 x 2 hours #dafuq) but this could let me rest in the KTM before and after the event, and spend more chilling time with my love one! #positive~

Till then! Bye :D