Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[Beauty] Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System Review

Sometimes I'm glad that I'm not living in those 4 seasons country cause it's kinda complicated when it comes to a changing season (that's only my thought, sometimes I think it's fun too). Yea it's not fun living in only a summer season for 365 days a year but if I'm living in the winter season, I'm not sure how will my lips become. Crack? Or dry until my upper and lower lip stick together? Idk. Yes, my lip always dries up easily even I'm in this hot weather! I can't really apply lip gloss or lip colours cause they make my lip dries out even faster! 1 of the reason that I admit is I don't drink enough water. :x

So recently I found that Anerly had shared a  lip care product - the Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System which makes me feel like give it a try too, so I'd purchased it. I was just curious about it cause I didn't really care about my lip for freaking 20 years, until I read her post, and then I asked myself why didn't I care about my dry lip and do something to make it looks better and feel better?

So far I'd tried it twice, and I really felt that my lip is not as dry as before now! I think it's amazing as it's my first lip care product! So now I'm gonna show you how it works! :)

So these are the 3 steps lip care system!
1. lip mask
2. lip gel patch
3. lip essence

So Brilliant has won the Asia Model Awards Special Care Beauty Brand Grand Prize. Sounds tempting right? That's why it made me wanna buy it ;D

So this is the lip before I start using it. Dry right?? I'm still glad that it doesn't crack a lot!

So let's get started!

Step 1: Lip Mask - Low irritation dead lip cell remover. A smooth gommage type cream that removes dead cells.

Apply adequate amount on lips, then rub it for 1-2 minutes. 

After that, wipe off with a wet towel or wet tissue.

Can you see it gone smoother??



My feeling: I always love to scrub any dead cells away from my skin. This is awesome cause it feels really smooth after all!
Recommended to use it twice a week.

Step 2: Lip Gel Patch - 100% Essence moisturizing. The 100 % hydrogel provides moisture and energy to the roughened lips.

It comes in 5 patch in a pack!

Take off the white film and put it over your lip.

Like this!

Oops! I got a big mouth =X

Then, take it off after 15-20 minutes!
Absorb extra essence on the lips by tapping over the lips. :)

Guess what! It's in Peach flavour! Love it so much!!

And then you'll start to love your lip soooo much!!

My feeling: I really love the peach smell! And only need to put it for 15 minutes. It feels quite comfortable and fit on my lip.
Recommended to use it once per week.

Step 3: Lip essence - High moisture energizing lip essence. With various vitamins the essence procides nutrients and a liveliners as if you've applied a coloured tint.

Apply adequate amount on lips.

The colour of the lip will turn pink after 3-4 minutes!

Aaaand voila! Sexy lip now~~ XD

Look at my smoother and brighter lip! Magic~

My feeling: The essence is very light. Love the feeling and the results! With this, I don't need any lip balm anymore! :D
Recommended to use it everyday.

So everything was real and effective after tried and tested! My boyfriend's gonna love kissing me more than before now ;P #justsaying

You can visit their facebook or instagram to see more other reviews and results!

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Thanks for reading till the end! Hope you'd enjoy it ;)


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    1. I got it from www.facebook.com/ZooeyHouse :)