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[Beauty] Halloween Beauty Bag | Bag Of Love Review

Of course I know people won't think that Bag Of Love means the bag of a person name Love...

Sorry I know my joke is veeeery lame! Let's get back to the point XD

So first of all, would like to thank Butterfly Project for giving me this chance to review on my first sponsored Beauty Box! =D Imma cute lil caterpillar~~ xD 

So what is Bag Of Love in this post's about? YES it's a bag with full of LOVE! Let's see what the owner, Mi Mi said about Bag Of Love:

In a nutshell, a 'beauty box' is a beauty subscription where subscribers will get a mystery 'box' filled with deluxe sample-size beauty products delivered to them once they are subscribed to the service.
However, there is one 'beauty box' in Malaysia which does not come in a box. Instead, it comes in beautiful, customized and unique bags each month which gives its subscribers something more to look forward to.
For a monthly subscription fee of just RM39.90, you don't only get a beautiful bag filled to the brim with beauty products, but you get to be part of a charity drive as RM1 from each bag sold will go to our Bag of Love fund. At the end of every month, we will decide where to donate the fund to together with our subscribers. :) 

Okay I'm super impressed with the charity drive! I love to do charity and I guess I'll continuing support Bag Of Love even if I don't see what products they give!

So what I received here is the theme of Halloween - Bag of Love Lice! Didn't get to join any Halloween Party but Yay I got bag with presents from Bag Of Love!

Trick or treat? =] But why didn't Mimi put some sweets inside for us? XD 

So now let's see the details of what's in the bag!

Hmmmm no candies :(

Well, though my bag isn't full of candy but I got some beauty products in there and I'm lovin' it!!!

#1. SP Shampoo, RM72 for 250ml.

Direction: Massage evenly onto damp hair. Rinse thoroughly.

#2. SP Mask, RM109 for 200ml.

Direction: Distribute evenly though clean, towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse.

So I guess everyone knows about that SP is quite a famous hair product in salons right? 
I'm happy to receive the Colour Save Shampoo and Repair Mask cause I didn't use any shampoo which is for coloured hair after my first hair dye before so this is the best opportunity for me to try it on now!!

#3. Collistar Bio-revitalizing Anti-cellulite Concentrate, RM185 for 200ml

Direction: Apply to targeted areas and massage upwards.
(Their targeted areas actually mean your fats and cellulite-ed area)

So in case you don't know what is cellulite...
Here it is! This is how it looks like! Try to squeeze your leg and see??

Yes I have it too! And I hate it :( But it's not easy to get rid of it after you started to have it! 

Once again thanks to Bag Of Love providing this awesomely special product in the bag!! I'd never think of get rid of it cause I think it's not really necessary for me and don't even say about try on any anti-cellulite product before or not! But since I got this for free now, of course I'm gonna try it and see does it really work to cut down my cellulite!! =D

I love the non-sticky and non-oily type of cream and it smells super good!!

#4. Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/PA+++, RM49.90 for 30ml (Full-sized).

Direction: Dab a small amount on face and neck in a gentle patting motion.

Yay got another full-sized CC cream for free! I got this in Light Beige colour. Used it for my last night's Preview Screening of Thor: The Dark World at 1 Utama's TGV (thanks TGV!! =D), and it feels not oily at all! It doesn't make my skin looks oily and shinny so I don't really need powder to make my face matte! It doesn't dries out my skin either as the cinema is super cold and it's raining cats and dogs! Love it very much!

See the colour changing after blending?

At first I feel it's the same as BB cream cause it's not as light as the one I just reviewed few days ago, but after that I think it's not just BB cream feel but something even more special! The coverage is so good and it does whiten my face a bit! So if you're looking to try a new cc cream, this is another good product besides the Skin79 one that I'd reviewed here!

See the difference between 1 and 4??? My scars gone lighten and face is brighter! Mad love the result! :D

#5. Definite Smudger Brush, RM69

Direction: Perfect for applying liner and shadow, smudging pencil eyeliners, and also to highlight the inner corner of eyes.

I always want to get myself some brushes for my make up whenever I watch Michelle Phan's make up tutorial videos! She has so many blending and smudging brushes which make her make up so perfect!
Thanks to Bag Of Love once again, I get to try on my very first smudging brush and Imma gonna use it for my Halloween make up! Wow YES this is a Halloween bag so this brush surely can be used in your Halloween make up too! =D

#6. Splassh Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish, FULL-SIZED RM3.90

Direction: Paint three layers after base coat then... turn off the lights!

This is the most obvious product I received in this Halloween bag which is soooo match to the theme of this bag!

This is after I apply 3 layers...
(Sorry for the long dirty nails! I barely have time to cut and trim it ;x)
Kinda disappointed with the outcome cause it doesn't come out as what I expected. I thought it would be quite neon but end up it's very light! And it feels quite sticky while applying. But I think I'll just use is as my top coat as it will make my nail colours looks shinier.
UPDATED [1 NOV 2013]It does glow in the dark! It's not obvious but I can see my nails are glowing before I sleep last night~ It doesn't glow instantly after we apply in the day time. Maybe it need sometime to receive the lights to make itself glow~ Imma gonna try to base a sharp colour and apply this as my top coat and see that will it be more obvious or not! =D

And lastly, a RM100 voucher for Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment at JOJOBA Spa!

My opinion on Bag Of Love:

Once again, thanks for Butterfly Project for giving me this chance to experience the good service of Bag Of Love! I'm impressed with the products I received inside cause it's somehow related to the theme Halloween, and the products they gave most of em are what I don't have!! not sure if Mimi read my mind? =X

And yes it's only RM39.90 for this bag wtf the total price of the product is more than RM100 which is almost 3 times the price you have to pay! Why not get yourself one now for the coming November bag?? Their previous bags and the products are awesome too!

The August bag. Love the pouch!!

July's! OMG at the pouch again!!
Click here to see more previous bags!

Oh ya anyway, they're going to launch their special edition bag tonight (31/10) 9pm!! They had reveal what will be inside the bag :
  1. Swiss Line, RM328
  2. Calvin Klein, RM180
  3. Tigi, RM69
  4. Lierac, RM220 + Lierac Bonus Deluxe Size worth RM39
  5. Greenleaf X 2, RM15 each

Total value of bag: RM866
But you only need to pay RM259.90 for all of em including a nice bag!
(It is all full-sized except the Bonus Lierac product.)

And all of them will be in:
THIS! Cute bag!!! OMG so nice right???

Do note that they only have 30 of them!! So grab it fast now if you would love to try em!!

Bag Of Love Website:
Bag Of Love Facebook page:

Happy Halloween people!!


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