Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[Tech] 3 in 1 Lens | B-accessories Inn Review

Have you heard of 3 in 1 Lens for phones? Recently it's a trend to get your phone either the magic lens or the 3 in 1 lens because it's really fun to use! So now I'm gonna show you the 3 in 1 lens that I got from B-accessories Inn :)

3 in 1 lens includes a fish-eye lens, wide lens and a macro lens. All of them are really useful, i.e the macro lens can be used to take really small and near object, the wide lens can take picture in a wide range, and fish-eye lens it's for fun! :D

It comes with some magnetic rings which used to attach to non-magnet phone with the lens, which means if your phone has magnet around the camera area, you won't need those rings.

It also comes with a cute hand strap which you can hang it on your phone and bring it anywhere! 

You'll know how to use it cause it provides an instruction paper along ;)

So this is the original photo that I taken from my balcony:

And this is after using fish-eye lens:

After using wide lens:

After using macro lens:

Macro lens only can be focused when you take it near to a small object: 

Far-er will be blur-er 

Before and after using macro lens ;)

More pics of after using fish-eye lens:

More pics after using wide lens:

I really love this new toy so much!! I have no worries of selca with my short hand, and taking picture pretty flowers! It's only RM45, click here to purchase yours now! ;) 

Anyway, what I love about B-accessories Inn is they sell wide range of stuffs in a cheap price! There's clothes, accessories, snapbacks, phone cases, power banks and even 3CE cosmetics!! Besides, you can purchase wholesales from them too! I did purchase a maxi skirts and the 3CE shimmer sticks along when I purchase the lens. 

Really love the maxi skirts so much >3

Till then! Hope you'd like my reviews ;*


  1. Hello love! Thanks for doing a review of the 3 in 1 lens, are we able to use this lens on ANY phone camera? Its amazing!!

    1. Hello <3 I think probably yes as long as the magnetic ring can be fixed on your camera :D
      I'm using samsung s3 and it's not bad although the magnetic ring is not that stable cause my camera is bigger than iphone's :) Thank you <3

  2. What a fantastic review. It would be great if you could review the best internet services in Malaysia as you have great knowledge of mobile technology.