Thursday, 31 October 2013

[Beauty] Halloween Beauty Bag | Bag Of Love Review

October 31, 2013 6
Of course I know people won't think that Bag Of Love means the bag of a person name Love...

Sorry I know my joke is veeeery lame! Let's get back to the point XD

So first of all, would like to thank Butterfly Project for giving me this chance to review on my first sponsored Beauty Box! =D Imma cute lil caterpillar~~ xD 

So what is Bag Of Love in this post's about? YES it's a bag with full of LOVE! Let's see what the owner, Mi Mi said about Bag Of Love:

In a nutshell, a 'beauty box' is a beauty subscription where subscribers will get a mystery 'box' filled with deluxe sample-size beauty products delivered to them once they are subscribed to the service.
However, there is one 'beauty box' in Malaysia which does not come in a box. Instead, it comes in beautiful, customized and unique bags each month which gives its subscribers something more to look forward to.
For a monthly subscription fee of just RM39.90, you don't only get a beautiful bag filled to the brim with beauty products, but you get to be part of a charity drive as RM1 from each bag sold will go to our Bag of Love fund. At the end of every month, we will decide where to donate the fund to together with our subscribers. :) 

Okay I'm super impressed with the charity drive! I love to do charity and I guess I'll continuing support Bag Of Love even if I don't see what products they give!

So what I received here is the theme of Halloween - Bag of Love Lice! Didn't get to join any Halloween Party but Yay I got bag with presents from Bag Of Love!

Trick or treat? =] But why didn't Mimi put some sweets inside for us? XD 

So now let's see the details of what's in the bag!

Monday, 28 October 2013

[Event] ChurpOut 2013

October 28, 2013 2
It's an event which held 2 weekends ago (19/10/2013) but I only get to publish it up now after let it staying in the draft corner for a week! So sorry cause my new semester just started and kinda busy with assignments!

So, at the beginning of this post, I have to thank one of the most important person in my life for accompanied to attend this event which we need 2 hours of journey from my place to the location!!

Last month when I firstly know about this event, I asked him EVERYDAY to go with me or I go myself but his answer is always a NO cause it's toooo far!

But the day before the event, I asked him one last time, and I'm shocked and super happy to hear that he said "ok la I know you wanna go so badly..."! =D

I felt so so so guilty cause he have to spend the transport money too just to accompany me :( But I'm desperate! :x

The positive thinking way I tell myself and him is, we learned to go this far and know how the mall, the event, the situation and the human looks like, cause when people asked us about where Klang is or where Setia City mall is, at least we can tell them that we knew it! :D

Ok I think I needa start talking about the event now!

The event starts at 11am, we depart at around 9.15am, expect to arrive in time at Klang KTM station to ride on Setia city mall's free shuttle bus, but we arrived at 11.05am! Stupid KTM :( So end up we spent 25 bucks to hire a taxi </3

It's super sunny and hot at the outdoor park! Scolded myself for not bringing sunshades @*#$/! Every time brought my shades out but didn't use it much but now =.=

Thursday, 24 October 2013

[Beauty] Skin79 Complete CC Cream Control Review

October 24, 2013 6
Maybe a lot of you still wondering and questioning about what on earth is a CC cream??
CC cream, also known as Color Control cream, or Color Correcting cream, is a refined Blemish Balm cream or Beauty Balm (BB cream) created and developed in Korea.
In short, if you know what is BB cream, then, it's an improvement product of BB cream :)

So I got this new CC cream from Skin79 from HiShop which previously (or until now maybe) their BB cream is one of the best!

And now their new product, CC cream which comes in Control type (Orange) and Correct type (Pink). The difference between both types of CC cream is:
Correct: Radiant Complexion with Color Change & Natural Coverage Effect
Control: Giving Synergy Effect for High Skin Adherence and Long-Lasting Effect by Mixing BB Cream

So what I got here is the Control type!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Penang Heritage Street Art [1YA Trip]

October 15, 2013 7
Posing in 'my grandpa's road' loll wtf #justkidding!
*1YA that I mentioned in my title means 1 year anniversary loll*

It was actually my 2nd time visiting Penang Heritage's street art only, you know!!! As a Penangite I feel soooo shameful :( But I'm studying in KL soooo I forgive myself :P #lolllllwtf

So the first time is 1 year ago. This time I went to the street arts which I didn't went last year before. (just some of em I went again) Click here to read those street arts I went last year, together with my 3D2N Penang trip with my Uni-mates! :)

This time I won't make the same mistake like the first time again! (means I didn't really do research and spent lotsa time just to walking under the sun) So I decided to cycle around with some information in my phone along before I'm lost! 

But supposedly a friend of mine who is pro about the bicycle shop and the street arts suddenly ppk me :( So end up just me and my boyfie who came up to Penang for our 1st year anniversary celebrations <3

In case you're wondering any bicycle shop which opens early in the morning like 6am or 7am (besides those which I found online that opens after 9am wtf so lazy), there's a bicycle shop in Armenian Street (Lebuh Armenian) and it's only RM10 for the whole day until 7pm the shop close! (Maybe if you can find a cheaper and better one, comment me the location or the link please!) And they provide us the map of the street arts too!!! So thankful cause that's really useful for us :D

Those shops which I called them lazy shop (because their opening time is not everyday or after 9am pffft lazyyyy, some don't even show their opening hours in their website wtf I won't support them) cost even more expensive, and they wasted my time just to search for their shop and then NO OPEN after I found! (that time around 8am ady dafuq) 

Okay throw those sad and embarrassing moments into the sea! Back to topic.

So now let me show you the new street arts which I haven't go before on my first trip to the Heritage area :)

#1. "Reaching Up" Mural, Cannon Street (Lebuh Cannon)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Last minute KL trip

October 11, 2013 2

So the main reason for this 2 days 1 night KayElle trip is because I won the mystery gift prize from Sarah ( and I have to attend their Fun Sunday outing event at Big Chomp Burger, SS15 to get my prize.

My mom was actually like "you think it's worth to spend transport money go kl just to redeem that prize?" So now I said yes!

Supposedly my plan is, Sunday morning go kl, and then back at night cause it's impossible for me to spend extra hotel fee just for that Sunday event. But my lucky star Bailey said she can go with my and overnight at her KL house so I don't even need to be so rush! So end up I went down on Saturday and back on Sunday after the event! (Kinda regret why didn't we stay at least 1 more night =X)

So for Saturday, went there in the morning and just in time that I can meet Daphne at the #topshopmyaw13!

Satisfaction #1 complete! :D She's just so skinny and pretty!

And then I introduced to Bailey my favourite coffee shop in Pavilion - Espressamente illy! I can fix my craving and the same time ;D
Their Hot Chocolate again!
Satisfaction #2: Fix my craving - complete!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

[Beauty] October MIVVA Beauty Box Review | Snow White

October 09, 2013 2
It was actually my second time purchase on MIVVA beauty box but it's my first time writing about the blog review! I'll always unbox it straightly after I received it without taking pictures or what cause I'm so excited what's coming inside! So this time I purchased is because of the theme of Snow White! Cause I have lotsa scars on my face and who doesn't want to be as white as snow white??! :D

Anyway, what is MIVVA? And what's a beauty box?
MIVVA is all about discovering and finding beauty products that suits you best. Discover niche brands and unique products, maximize the try and buy concept, learn new skincare and makeup tricks, engage and exchange tips with other beauty enthusiasts.We aspire to be inspired by our customers.
Every month, MIVVA members will receive a personalized box of deluxe beauty products. These lovely beauty miniatures are tried (and retried!) by us, they are then carefully packed in a luxurious box and couriered to your doorstep. We offer a diverse selection of products ranging from skincare to makeup to body & hair care, with little surprises thrown in every now and then!

MIVVA has launched since November 2012. Almost every customer of MIVVA are satisfied with their beauty box's items for every month. From the review that I read for previous months and through my own opinion, I really feel MIVVA has a good standard! I love how they give different themes in different month! For some of them like me who will purchase according to the theme will definitely not gonna regret that we received!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[Tech] 3 in 1 Lens | B-accessories Inn Review

October 08, 2013 4
Have you heard of 3 in 1 Lens for phones? Recently it's a trend to get your phone either the magic lens or the 3 in 1 lens because it's really fun to use! So now I'm gonna show you the 3 in 1 lens that I got from B-accessories Inn :)

3 in 1 lens includes a fish-eye lens, wide lens and a macro lens. All of them are really useful, i.e the macro lens can be used to take really small and near object, the wide lens can take picture in a wide range, and fish-eye lens it's for fun! :D

It comes with some magnetic rings which used to attach to non-magnet phone with the lens, which means if your phone has magnet around the camera area, you won't need those rings.

It also comes with a cute hand strap which you can hang it on your phone and bring it anywhere! 

You'll know how to use it cause it provides an instruction paper along ;)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Saturday, 5 October 2013

[Food] The Black House Zakka Store

October 05, 2013 0
Penang is getting better and better recently, and restaurant or cafe is getting more and more! People always love new and fresh shop which is full of nice decoration. So last week, Shi Min brought me to a place which I think it's quite new, and very nice! Not sure if you know about the Black House Zakka Store which located nearby at Union Primary School ;)
Zakka is a fashion ans design phenomenon that improves your home, life and appearance with artistic items from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
So the shop is actually a nail boutique combined with a little restaurant, and a sweet toy garden behind.

Friday, 4 October 2013

[Beauty] Hermo, my favourite online beauty store

October 04, 2013 14
Every blogger or blog readers cannot tell me that they don't know what in the world is Hermo! Almost every beauty bloggers had blogged about it, and I'd finally writing about them after purchasing from Hermo for the third time! :D
Hermo is Beauty Collection Turning beauty in a click. Hermo introduce hot and good quality products to all the people especially to the females out there, you can now enjoy the best product with best value! Let us enjoy online group shopping and beautify ourselves together.
So basically they are an online store which sells beauty products in an easy way and cheaper price lah! Almost every girls out there have at least a cleanser along with them, so take a look at here! They sell everything in a cheaper price, and it's 100% original!! 

Hermo doesn't only sell skincare products but the range from top to toe! Hair care, skin care, body care, hand care and even foot care!

So I'd actually joined Hermo for almost more than a year, and I didn't feel any dissatisfaction on their service so far (in terms of delivering or customer contact) cause they really have a good services! I ordered it on Wednesday night and they shipped my products on Thursday and I received it on Friday! Gosh I didn't expect that fast actually :D

So now let me introduce a few products that I purchased from them this time!

Unboxing~~~ I actually named them overprotective. See next picture and you'll know why ;D

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

[Beauty] Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System Review

October 01, 2013 4

Sometimes I'm glad that I'm not living in those 4 seasons country cause it's kinda complicated when it comes to a changing season (that's only my thought, sometimes I think it's fun too). Yea it's not fun living in only a summer season for 365 days a year but if I'm living in the winter season, I'm not sure how will my lips become. Crack? Or dry until my upper and lower lip stick together? Idk. Yes, my lip always dries up easily even I'm in this hot weather! I can't really apply lip gloss or lip colours cause they make my lip dries out even faster! 1 of the reason that I admit is I don't drink enough water. :x

So recently I found that Anerly had shared a  lip care product - the Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care System which makes me feel like give it a try too, so I'd purchased it. I was just curious about it cause I didn't really care about my lip for freaking 20 years, until I read her post, and then I asked myself why didn't I care about my dry lip and do something to make it looks better and feel better?

So far I'd tried it twice, and I really felt that my lip is not as dry as before now! I think it's amazing as it's my first lip care product! So now I'm gonna show you how it works! :)

So these are the 3 steps lip care system!
1. lip mask
2. lip gel patch
3. lip essence