Sunday, 22 September 2013

[Beauty] Thursday Plantation Products Review

Hi! I'm gonna share about something related to skin care to you guys today. Yea it's my first time sharing about products I used! Hope you guys will spend a few minutes to read it cause it may be helpful to you especially acne prone skin people out there!! :)

As you can see from the title, I'm gonna share about products of the brand name Thursday Plantation. FYI this is not a sponsored post! I won these products by myself! :P I'm using them for a year after I won them from chuckei and nuffnang last year! And I won't share it if it's not good ;P just continue reading to know more about it! :)

I still remember that when I received the news that I won these products, I'm super excited to get them and try them out cause I know that tea tree products are really really good! I didn't try before any tea tree products that is useless to me (FYI a tea tree brand called T3 which also a tea tree products, is very good too lol)

Thursday Plantation is a natural healthcare brand from Australia which uses tea tree as their main ingredient. Tea tree oil mainly target on acne. Click here to read about the benefits of tea tree oil from Michelle Phan ;)

#1. Firstly, I'm gonna share about my favourite acne cream - Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel! This acne cream is transparent gel type, suitable to use anywhere anytime!
Originally it looks like this

(I didn't really think that I'll do review on this so I didn't take picture of it before I use :/)

Yes. It's good until I used it until like this. I sometimes still don't even dare to use it cause I'm afraid that I'm out of acne cream when I'm attacked by the king of acne! Lolll

It really dries out the pimples fast. Sometimes if your acne just came out and it's in a pain condition, after you apply it for a few times on your new born acne/pimples, it didn't even break out but it gone small and poof! No more! Magic~~ and that area will barely have another acne again! And the best is it kills bacteria! :D

Even my sister likes it too! The first time when I borrowed her and the next few days she told me that it dries out very fast and she loves it! Sometimes I didn't bring it back to hometown and she asked it from me, I felt so guilty!

Maybe you see my face that "chehh your face still got acne or pimples one". That's because of my own health problem. I'm a weak person (or too young too 青春 lah 青春豆 mah lol) and still can't stop popping pimples ;( #firstworldproblem

The only few cons that you might don't like is the smell. It smell so Good-Products'-Smell (means everything good will either smells bad or taste bad loll). If you don't mind the smell, and don't mind that your lover will mind, or your lover don't mind (cause if they don't like, they don't wanna kiss you anymore loll jk!), ignore this cons! XD But because it's NATURAL so it'll contains the natural tea tree smell inside!

Besides, I think sometimes make me wonder to apply it in some situation is, it's a little bit sticky, and if you apply a little more, it'll look shiny cause it's gel type, and it might make your pimples/acne looks more obvious. (Unless you're at home) You might don't wanna apply it before you make up too cause you're gonna make a mess! Stick here sticky there and your sponges are gonna stick all your foundations or bb cream on it.

Of course, you can overcome these cons, it's a perfect acne cream for you!

So if you always have that kind of huge acne keep on popping out, I'll surely recommend this! I'm still using it for my huge and pain pimples and acne.


#2. Another great product of this brand is the Dry skin relief cream!

I actually only start to use it recently cause I normally don't really care about my feet's dry skins (my feet have the most irritating dry skin even though other part of my body also have).

So I recently only get annoyed by my feet's dry skin so I try to use it every night before I sleep. I apply it on my whole feet and the ankle part which have lotsa dry skins too. Man guess what? The next day (I'd actually forgotten I'm caring about my dry skin) when I'm studying,  I accidentally swipe my feet between each other, then I realized why is it gone so smooth??! It's because of the dry skin relief cream! 

I'm the person who don't use a thing that I normally won't do for freaking more than 1 week, but the result makes me love it more and more~

The 2 cons that I seen, one is the smell. Honestly, if the product smells good, I'll afraid to use it because they contain some fragrance chemical which I don't know will they cause cancer or not. So trust it! 良药苦口 宗言逆耳 XD

Another cons is, if I stop using it for a day, it won't remain the smoothness very long. I'm not sure about others but I'm sure that those who everyday stay in the aircond room with bare legs, they surely have to reapply it every few hours to relief it!


#3. Tea tree oil 100% pure and natural essential oil.
This product is to heal wounds, like cuts, burns or even bleed pimples.

Before I got this brand's tea tree oil, my family members are using tea tree oil already, from the brand Melaleuca cause it heals wounds very fast!  (I guess most of you using their products too cause I was a big fan of this brand too :P) 

How? You have to apply it on your wounds that just freshly cut (if it's not freshly cut it'll not so effective cause your body already healing it), and wait for 3 minutes (just an estimate timing lol) and you'll see your bleeding wound will stop very fast. It's faster than your normal body heals! Then, you'll just have to wait 1-2 days to see your wound has disappeared! This is true :D

Even my granny who used to have hemophilia (means that her wound cannot be healed if she cut herself), it heals her wound too! And you know that, elderly always don't trust the products with chemicals blah blah blah (yes my granny is the typical elderly lol) but she praised the tea tree oil! Sometimes I have wounds or I complaint that I have pimples again or anything, she'll say "Quick go and apply melaleuca"! (Yea we called the oil by it's brand name loll) And after few times she said the same thing when I ask for her help, I'll straightly use it instead of asking my granny again! XD

So what chinese people said "不听老人言,吃亏在眼前", listen to what the elderly said!

And FYI! Insects actually afraid of tea tree smells! Apply some tea tree oil on ur hand of neck while you're in the forest or some places that will have lotsa insects to avoid get stung!

#4. Cleansers
There are 2 types of cleansers I recieved:
1. Daily Face Cleanser (normal type) which is more suitable for oily skin type.
2. Daily Face Wash (foam type) which is more suitable for dry to combination skin type.

I really don't know how to do reviews on the cleansers cause every cleansers for me are the same. It's just some sort of a face soap for me that I have to use to clean my face daily, it's just like bathing. So I got 2 cleansers from this brand, one is normal cleanser and another one is foam cleanser.

The foam one has already expired cause I didn't use it after I received and kept it for too long ;( But I'm still using it, not on my face! Since it's still contain some tea tree inside, why not use it as an additional soap or shampoos? Of course I'll mix it with my shampoo or soap or even feminine wash sometimes (not everyday cause it's still an expired product lol) Good idea right???! Only this I dare to use cause the liquids still haven't grow any fungi lol.

And for other products, Cream, body wash and the soap!

The cream I still haven't start using it but it's already expired ;( Still have no idea where to use cause the direction just said it's used for antiseptic.

For the body wash and soap, it smells the same. I'd finishing using the body wash and currently using the soap when I'm in KL :)

So overall, I love tea tree products!! 

That's all for my review! Hope you'd like it ;)

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