Wednesday, 25 September 2013

[Food] Surawon | PV128, Setapak

Food post again! This time I'm gonna share about this Korean BBQ Restaurant, Surawon which located in PV128, Setapak (Same as Coffeemania :D)

So we went there right after my last paper last week at around 4pm, with my red eyes! My red eyes just attacked me that morning but I still wanna go there :P I know the BBQ is too hot for me to have it that time cause my red eyes probably cause by my hotness too, but we already planned to go there earlier and after that straight go upstairs' iPOP Karaoke to sing K! Luckily after having it I didn't gone worst ;)

Back to topic. It's not a lunch time nor a dinner time so the whole restaurant only have few customers. So we deserve a better service! And yes we got a good service from a guy :)

Japanese Pearl Rice. Look at this happy red-eyed-girl ;P
Bacon with side dishes

Yes we're sitting on the floor! So koreanish style~

This is called Awesome!

Mixing the vege with the bacon with some rice, another kind of awesome!!

That's chicken on the right side.

So I personally think that FINALLY I found a Korean restaurant which their food match with my taste bud so well! Not sure if others think so but I might gonna visit em again when boyfie is craving for it again. XD 
It's not veryyy korean style (as boyfie said), maybe that's why I like it cause some of the very koreanish style restaurant makes me dislike korean food so much ;\ And the only thing that it's just too pricey for me.


So we went to iPOP to sing K after that

So I name this pose as "考完试lansi样(after exam lansi pose XD)

And then met up with another 2 couples at De Pastry Cafe, mainly is for HockHui's belated birthday. So we each ordered a cake as his birthday cake lah XD

Pictures taken from Jia Yi's.

Greeeeeeen tea!!! Me and Jia Wen's favourite!
Spot the big ass back there. So many photos are in there but I haven't receive it yet.
Triple date! My red eye just so.... :(

Till then. xx


  1. Is this expensive a??
    Because I get a discount voucher of 10%, so I wonder whether it is affordable or not.

    1. Hmm i think ard 20-30.. I'd forgotten. Maybe u can go outside the shop check the price first. But 10% discount is better than none! :D