Monday, 16 September 2013

Photoshooting for Bailey

The feeling of having fever during your exam is even worst than the feeling of failing your exam. 
Just examined this situation during my previous paper on Thursday and it's realry baddd! Had a high fever all of a sudden right before exam... guess my percentage of failing that paper gone higher now :'( Thanks to le boyfie for the whole day caring after my exam! Don't ever get sick during your exam!!!

And so finally I decided to publish this post after 3 months wtf?.

I'm so happy when I received message from Bailey that I'm gonna be her model for her college photography assignment! I always wanted to do a studio photo-shootings and this is really a good beginning for me! Though it's small, settings not too professionally set, but I learn from small, and I love the feeling! Can't imagine if I really got chance to do a big professional studio photo-shootings??? X)

Oh ya FYI, I actually did studio photoshooting before. My mom brought me and my sister to her friend's studio to do photoshooting for our own album when I was only 14. Yes I have my own album!  :P I'm still too young to know what is that all about but I'm not regret cause I have a book of me with lotsa photos well worn, and I did my gymnastics poses too! Aww I'm so flexible that time.... It's memorable And the photographer know that I'm still too young and taught me to pose this and that. Haha.

Well, back to topic. Went back to Penang twice and did 2 times of photoshootings for Bailey. The first one is for fun, playing at bailey's room with Fok and Weline cause she wants to test the lighting and try our poses first before we 出丑 on the actual day in front of her classmates xD

So her theme of the assignment was Kpop.

These are the pictures taken in her room. Had lotsa fun with the 3 of'em!



Fierce face o_o 
Btw I drew double eye line at the end of my eyes to make it looks like I have eye lashes XD
Holding mic because I have to act as the Kpop stars on stage.

My belated 20th birthday present from Bailey! Just received it that day. So in love with it!!


Random one haha

If I know the outcome will be so nice I'll set my hair nice nice T.T

Meet le bitches ;P

Another favourite which I randomly hashtagged #NNGotYouCovered and @Nuffnang in instagram, and I won a limited edition umbrella from Nuffnang!!! Haha check out nuffnang's instagram for prove =P



Us before the fun and the messy table XD


Then now for the actual one.. but only me went for the photoshoot...

With le photographer!

Gosh not sure why the pictures all gone a lil blur :((

The whole post is a lil bit too red. Nevermind. Here, now I give you some green to make you feel more comfy!

 Okay bye bye! X)