Tuesday, 24 September 2013

[Tutorial] Oily scalp? No problem!

Do you have oily scalp / hair but frizzy and dry hair end? I have! My hair is oily type that I have to wash my hair everyday,  but then I found out that my frizzy hair came from the habit of washing my hair everyday. Don't you think oily scalp is annoying? It makes your hair looks oily and shinny and ugly!

Washing your hair everyday will wash away the natural oil your scalp produce. And since only my scalp tends to produce oil, my other hair length will be dryer than the scalp, so if I wash my hair everyday, my hair will look very dry.

So, I recommend that you wash your hair every alternative days or every 3 days! Save water and shampoos right? (So you have a reason to get yourself a better salon shampoo now loll jk)

But sometimes, if I don't wash my hair for too many days, my hair will fall even more the next few days because of the over oily scalp.

This is freaking contradict right???! What am I supposed to do??? So today I'm here to share my solution for you! Just keep reading ;)

There's tons of different solutions out there but I'm gonna share about my own experience here.

Have you heard of dry shampoo before? Some of you don't because it's not that famous in Malaysia yet currently.

Dry shampoo is a powdered substance used to clean hair without getting it wet.

Out of this country there's quite lotsa people are using it now:
1. when we're in a rush and no time to wash hair, and
2. for hair care! (like what I mentioned above)

Dry shampoo is good to use if you're too lazy to shampoo your hair, or when you're in a rush in the morning but your hair looks like shit. Another situation I use dry shampoo is when I'm late for home and I don't want to wash my hair in the late night which will cause me lotsa aches or sickness in my body, I'll use it before I sleep!

There are 3 different types of dry shampoo: Spray type, powdery type, and colour spray type. (The colour spray type is for coloured hair. duh)

I used to search for any products that cure my hair fall, and the reasons too. So end up I found out that it's not only my nutrition problem but I have oily scalp! That's why I'm kinda desperately want a dry shampoo, but lotsa good products doesn't exist in Malaysia. :(

So end up I found this freaking cute product that saved me! I'm using this super cute one which you can get it in any drugstores or supermarket,  that is the Johnson Baby Powder!

Look at that oily hair I'm having! D:

It's cute because it's a baby products wtf loll. And it smells great, no worries for a smelly hair without shampooing! I bought a small bottle in case I need to bring it out for stand by, and also I needa try it first else gonna waste a huge bottle. I actually used this first bottle until now for months!

I've been using this for months and I think it helps, and it's cheaper than dry shampoos (if you import them into Malaysia)

In case you're wondering, Whatta bout other kind of powders? You may find some talcum powder, or I recommend get a BABY powder. It's still not a proper dry shampoo and it's not created for your hair so it's better to get a mile kind one. Other brands? So far I tried the Pureen one once but I think it's not as effective as Johnson's. And most of the time when I searched Google about it, most of em recommend this brand. So it's better to follow the recommend one :) but if you're not afraid to try out other brands, go ahead! And don't forget to leave me a comment tell me how it works ;P

Sooooo How to use it? Imma gonna show you how I use it naooooo!

See these oily scalp and hairs? Damn annoying and ugly right?? Me no like them ;(

Remember, dry shampoo is to be used on dry hair. Never never never wet your hair or hands while doing this! Else you're gonna make a big mess! AND it's to be used on roots and scalp. You don't wanna make your dry frizzy hair to looks worst and lacker their nutrients right?

#1. Apply the powder on the oily hair roots. Not too much first.

You can use both hands to do it by open your parting and apply the powder inside. 
I can't show it here due to I forgotten to bring my camera and stand back for this ;(

#2. Blend it. The powder will do their work on sucking the oils lol.

Face kena a bit also nvm, just spread it away together :)
#3. Pat all the powders away. Or just use your brush to brush em away!

Yup, just like this :)

BTW I'm using this famous new comb Tangle Teezer as my brush cause my frizzy hair always made it have lotsa tangle!

Tadaaa Mine one is in Limited Edition one! Been using it for a month and it's my favourite stuff now!! :D

#4. Repeat the steps by changing different oily partings.

Can't stop playing with it cause of the smell~~ XD
Sometimes I love to put it all over my head cause my oily scalp is kinda serious! ;(

Aaaand Voila! You're hair is as clean and smooth as your washed blow dry hair! Easy doesn't?

Maybe it seems still a lil oily but it's not as oily as before now!

Before and after

Before and After

But I actually still hoping to get a proper dry shampoo for myself. 

Love the not-oily-look hair of mine now! It looks more volume than before!

I hope this helps you out and let's be beautiful together!! ;) Guys also can try it out too! 


  1. Omg I would've never thought of this. Good job! :D but I hope it works for my hair cuz my problem is that my head itches when I don't wash my hair everyday :/


    1. Yea that's because of the oil in your scalp produce bacteria and made it itchy. Mine sometimes will itchy too, but now it gone less! Maybe you can give this a try, but if this made it worse then you'll have to wash it everyday :) Good luck!

  2. Better get a proper dry shampoo as baby powder will cause clogged scalp and cause breakout/hairfall if got serious. I use the one from Percy & Reed (bought from Sephora) Quite good! I own a Tangle Teezer too! Your limited edition one is super cute!


    1. Oh true indeed. Might gonna try that brand soon! Thank you or sharing <3

  3. Hi guys, I browsed through the net and got attracted on this posting. Yes, dry shampoo is the best solution for getting hair cleaned in between the normal washes. Many brands of dry shampoo can be found in the market but the good oil absorbing dry shampoo is the one with powder based. We can look at the ingredient at the back bottle and powder based will normally use rice starch or its scientific name is "oryza sative starch" in one of their ingredients. If wanna know more about dry shampoo and how to apply it on our hair, u guys are welcomed to visit my website. Thanks

  4. i have oily< hair.how can used to search for any products that cure my hair fall, and the reasons too???/please give me proper solution

  5. I think the johnson powder made your hair turn a bit whiter than its usual color which I think is not good. Though as you it is effective let's leave it just that. For proper treatment of your oily scalp, I found this oily scalp treatment article and the tips where really something and also tackles oily scalp as cause of hair loss.