Thursday, 26 September 2013

[Hair] Liese Review | My virgin coloured hair

I was actually gonna make my very first time hair dye-ing as my next year's resolution which I gotta try it before my 21st birthday! But seems like I could wait no more! Still worrying that the hair dye will make my hair gone worse even before 2014 cause I have thin and brittle hair ;(

So 2 days ago, was thinking that since I have the new Liese Hair Dye-ing product in the house, why don't I give myself a try first before wasting money to go to salon by taking the risk in spoiling my hair for the first time?? Hope it won't look ugly or uneven or spoiled hair after all!

Say YAY to Liese cause most people uses this brand as it doesn't hurt your hair that much like others do!

Not gonna do a tutorial about this cause there's soooo many out there for this brand! And I left my camera in KL so can't really take nice pictures of the process with my stand ;(

So here we go now!

So I actually got this latest colour Creamy Beige from the June Mivva Box (saja wanna try to order a beauty box for fun). I'm not that happy cause they have another new colour which is in red base and of course I want that more than this beige colour ;( 

But still it's not a very dark colour so I assume it will show out some colour la! ;)

So mine will turns out the darkest colour of course.
Some precautions to be made before you buy it! Take note that it's not suitable for under 16 yo!
Stuffs inside!!

Urgh oily hair again

Last view for my natural black hair! Good bye I'll miss you ;(

Hey Mickey! 
I'm a foam lover and I just keep squeezing squeezing squeeezzeee!!! XD


See it see it??? :D

Luckily my hair still looks smooth! Thanks to Tangle Teezer (And the treatment they provide too of course ;D)

Before and After!
Yeah this is more obvious :)

Taken outside my balcony with sunlight :) 
As usual, it'll be more obvious with sunlight like other colours if your hair is not bleached.

So how do you think? I actually feel a lil bit "lala" or"tu kao" (gangster hair colour loll wtf) at first but I'm still happy that I'd finally get my hair a new colour! :) Maybe it will look better after sometime ;)

Overall I think Liese is not bad as my hair is not as bad as I expected! Will probably try on the other colours from Liese few months later! Hope they produce more lighter and prettier colours ;) Give em a 9/10!

It was actually fun to have your own hair dying session at home! I feel like getting myself few more different colours and play with it now dafuq.

Fyi, I previously having side parting, but not sure why all of a sudden wanna try center parting. Since I'll be staying at home for a week for my study week, I'll try to change my parting in that week! Though it still not that stable but I start to love my center parting look! #Confident :)

Hope you'd like my post! Thanks for reading till the end. xoxo


  1. Ur hair colour really nice! I use it before, but the colour on my hair not balance.(skill problem.) =P

    1. Thank you <3 <3
      Mine one I think it's a little uneven too actually XD

  2. Wow, look at how longgggg your hair is, its gorgeous :)

    I really love how your hair colour turned out, considering that it was your first time dyeing it the colour turned out really well! The first time I tried to dye my own virgin hair there was virtually no difference at all and I was using an ash blonde colour haha so you're lucky your hair is versatile!

    1. goshhh i don't think my hair is long enough! I'm still aiming it to reach my waist haha :D Thanks anyway!
      well maybe their new product has improved? haha I'm glad that it turns out not bad too ;) anyway your hair colour is pretty now!

  3. Hi, the color looks good on u! I had tried liese 3 times before but the colors were much darker than what i expected :'( Perhaps u can try beautylabo whip color next time, the color is more vibrant n closer to the color as shown on package :D

    1. Hi Jane, Thank you! Actually mine looks not that obvious too unless im in the sunlight :)
      Okay i will consider to try that on next time! Thanks for sharing :D

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