Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fashion diary #2

Hat from
Top from Cotton On (with a black tube inside)
Leather Skirts from Cherish Doll 
Pink Converse Shoe from Jensen
Studded bracelet from Sis's bf

Heart shaped USA Flag Top
Blue skater skirts from TaoBao
Studded denim platform sneaker from TaoBao
Hair extension and Long Charm Bracelet from leaccessories09
Pink Sling bag from Penang Farlim Morning Market (imported from Bangkok)

Superman Top from KL Festival City Mall
Denim shorts with suspenders from TaoBao
Shoes (written fitflop but not sure is it real)
Floral shades from TaoBao
Leopard little Sling Bag from Auto City

Till then! Thanks for reading til the end. Hope you'd love my fashion diary.


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