Saturday, 28 September 2013

[Food] Espressamente illy | Pavilion, KL

I finally found another cafe which their coffee or chocolate touched deeply into my heart (not sure what am I describing loll), craving it everyday after went there, and said MUST COME AGAIN after the first time visit, that is Espressamente illy which located in Pavilion, KL.

Espressamente illy is a concept coffee bar designed around the ideals of presenting the perfect espresso together with food that is simple, but well made using the freshest & finest ingredients.

Thanks boyfie for bringing me here! He said quite some time ago that gonna bring me here cause he bet I'll fall for their hot chocolate (cause I don't really drink caffine) and I did! Even their mocha we ordered makes me feel their coffee is really really nice!

But as you see, it's located in Pavilion, the price will reach a higher level of standard. But after leaving, I think their price is worth!

So now let the pictures speak! But no picture of the shop cause I'm still having red eyes that day, and not really wanna do lotsa things (Excuses duh, I know I don't use my eyes to hold my camera =.= don't judge! XD)

Random coffee maker in front of us. No worries I played with it and it doesn't work ;P

Oh by the way, their f&b in the menu are in french, and I actually forgotten both the beverages' name that we ordered, so I'll just name them in their normal name ;)

We decided to order a cold beverage with another hot drink instead of both hot in this hot weather!

Iced Mocha!

My favourite - HOT CHOCOLATE! *Must try!*
I can actually finish it in 1 shot cause it taste really heaven!
Can I order a huge mug? At least I won't finish it that fast after my big shot X)
Takan by boyfie's DSLR and he helped me to edited my red eye away! How awesome he is~~

So I can actually rate this cafe for a 10/10 cause they made my day with just a cup of hot chocolate! It's a super comfy and good place to have a de stress and relaxing moment with your friends and family! Gonna visit em again next time with my friends and family too! ;)

Lotsa people also praises their environment and beverage in Foursquare, so why not go ahead and try em out at least once in your life? =)

Espressamente illy
Address: 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-21410028
Opening hours: Daily 9am - 12am

Face of da dayyyy curse you red eye :(

And these are my eyes' best friend of the 2 days before back to Penang!

Till then. Hope you enjoy reading it. xx


  1. so high rating...tried coffee not bad of my love too!

    1. It's my all time favourite now. Couldn't find any other that can replace this cafe in my heart yet!