Friday, 6 September 2013

Appreciate what you've lost.

Not embarrass to tell the world that, yea this idiot gone cracked last week when I was in Penang. Before that I already start being rude to it. Fell it for quite many times in a day and the feeling of hurt is not as much as the first few months using my new baby phone already. Admit it! It's not only me the one who will be like this! (But I stil love you, idiot!)

Details of the crack:

Glad that it's out of the screen and it's only a small portion! Else Imma gonna spend more money on fixing it :( 

So I actually bought a pink frame screen protector months ago from taobao and I don't wanna change it first since I just changed my screen protector which cost me 30 bucks (bought it from maxis centre since they said they are having promotion, from 90+ bucks to 30 bucks, but I think there's no difference wtf).
And so my 30 bucks screen protector also gone like this lolll wtf XD

Before all of these shit happens, I was hoping that I can quickly try on my new pink protector and give my phone some changes. Maybe find some nice wallpaper or anything which can make my phone unique and cute.

So all these shits happens and made my "dreams come true" *lollll wtf*

Tadaaa Voila! Where's the cracks??? It looks as new as a new born baby, hello! XD
All thanks to boyfie for being so attentive on sticking the protector ♥♥♥

The theme also, don't know how can find until I madly in love with this whole freaking bitch! XD 
Whatta'ya think? ;)

Well, I was actually gonna say that, I lost something (my phone gone disfigured), but what I gain is a new look for it! I felt happier for it! I bet she's happy with her new look too (or maybe she's a he =X)

It's not the first time I met this kind of situation anymore. Just letting you know, I used to lost money (a lot that kind lah for me this student) and cried like hell, broke something I love and cried again wtf, or missed something I want and cried again. But then, I gained back something without I realizing it, until I link everything together. Sometimes you guys will say "Nicole so lucky one, win so many prizes", "Nicole wins everything in the world", "Nicole gimme some luck!" blah blah blah. But you didn't know that, I always lost things too! Those moments are too sad to mention. (I have low EQ and I know it!)

And another kind of situation is, I was hoping to get something for myself, but I didn't do it immediately. It's just something I hope to fulfill myself. Let me tell you an example which really happened on myself. I was bored with my current moisturizer, but I force myself to finish it only can get a new one. But but in the inner side of myself was actually hoping to throw it away! But but but on the other side, I was thinking of searching a super nice and suitable and not so pricey moisturizer for myself.

So end up what happened? I won the Origin GinZing Moisturizer from Chuckei and Nuffnang. Yup, exactly the moment when I was hoping to get myself another moisturizer! I got them for free without having dilemma to choose which moisturizer to get! I felt so blessed, I felt that something's reading my mind! I'll share other about stuffs that I won at the end of the year again :) 

I always tell myself that I'll gain something back for sure whenever I lost something. Lost freaking 200 bucks? Please be thankful that the thief didn't come to you and chop of your hands or legs!

All of these was influenced by my mom, my hero mom! She and my granny used to tell me "你人平安就好。钱不见还可以赚回来!" (Money lost still can earn back, as long as you yourself is safe!) And a sudden of wake, and start thinking things that make sense instead of crying for something I just lost. I love you mami and popo! :'D

Another situation, whenever you meet some ridiculously horrible or brainlessly idiot people in your life, or get into any troubles, or if you have haters or backstabbers keep poking you behind, ignore and let it pass cause everything will be over! Be thankful that you met these kind of people in your life cause they make you see the world and grow up with something new learnt following in your mind! Without them, your life is just so blank! This makes me start to ignore haters (or people I hate loll) and I extremely don't allow them to influence my mood and luck!

In conclusion, I just wanna say that, 

Please feel thankful if you lost something and whatever bad things you faced. :)

You'll get what you deserve to get, trust me! Nobody's perfect, and you don't own every particles in the world. Don't feel emo or negative whenever shit happens. Positive thoughts will save your day and change your mood and thus, it change your life! I've never been so lucky like these 2 years did.

Well I actually have the fuuuu to write this post DURING THIS FREAKING FINAL EXAM PERIOD! Kill me please x.x But I was just trying to relax myself =P 
休息是为了走更长远的路 =)
Till then. Hope you guys learnt something from here and hope you liked it!

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And don't forget to put on your smile everyday! :)


  1. Can get a tempered screen protector next time.

    1. Haha yes I got 1 for my ipad now. Promised myself to get one super protective case and tempered screen protector for my future devices! XD