Sunday, 29 September 2013

Saturday, 28 September 2013

[Food] Espressamente illy | Pavilion, KL

September 28, 2013 2

I finally found another cafe which their coffee or chocolate touched deeply into my heart (not sure what am I describing loll), craving it everyday after went there, and said MUST COME AGAIN after the first time visit, that is Espressamente illy which located in Pavilion, KL.

Espressamente illy is a concept coffee bar designed around the ideals of presenting the perfect espresso together with food that is simple, but well made using the freshest & finest ingredients.

Thanks boyfie for bringing me here! He said quite some time ago that gonna bring me here cause he bet I'll fall for their hot chocolate (cause I don't really drink caffine) and I did! Even their mocha we ordered makes me feel their coffee is really really nice!

But as you see, it's located in Pavilion, the price will reach a higher level of standard. But after leaving, I think their price is worth!

So now let the pictures speak! But no picture of the shop cause I'm still having red eyes that day, and not really wanna do lotsa things (Excuses duh, I know I don't use my eyes to hold my camera =.= don't judge! XD)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

[Hair] Liese Review | My virgin coloured hair

September 26, 2013 9
I was actually gonna make my very first time hair dye-ing as my next year's resolution which I gotta try it before my 21st birthday! But seems like I could wait no more! Still worrying that the hair dye will make my hair gone worse even before 2014 cause I have thin and brittle hair ;(

So 2 days ago, was thinking that since I have the new Liese Hair Dye-ing product in the house, why don't I give myself a try first before wasting money to go to salon by taking the risk in spoiling my hair for the first time?? Hope it won't look ugly or uneven or spoiled hair after all!

Say YAY to Liese cause most people uses this brand as it doesn't hurt your hair that much like others do!

Not gonna do a tutorial about this cause there's soooo many out there for this brand! And I left my camera in KL so can't really take nice pictures of the process with my stand ;(

So here we go now!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

[Food] Surawon | PV128, Setapak

September 25, 2013 2
Food post again! This time I'm gonna share about this Korean BBQ Restaurant, Surawon which located in PV128, Setapak (Same as Coffeemania :D)

So we went there right after my last paper last week at around 4pm, with my red eyes! My red eyes just attacked me that morning but I still wanna go there :P I know the BBQ is too hot for me to have it that time cause my red eyes probably cause by my hotness too, but we already planned to go there earlier and after that straight go upstairs' iPOP Karaoke to sing K! Luckily after having it I didn't gone worst ;)

Back to topic. It's not a lunch time nor a dinner time so the whole restaurant only have few customers. So we deserve a better service! And yes we got a good service from a guy :)

Japanese Pearl Rice. Look at this happy red-eyed-girl ;P

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

[Tutorial] Oily scalp? No problem!

September 24, 2013 7
Do you have oily scalp / hair but frizzy and dry hair end? I have! My hair is oily type that I have to wash my hair everyday,  but then I found out that my frizzy hair came from the habit of washing my hair everyday. Don't you think oily scalp is annoying? It makes your hair looks oily and shinny and ugly!

Washing your hair everyday will wash away the natural oil your scalp produce. And since only my scalp tends to produce oil, my other hair length will be dryer than the scalp, so if I wash my hair everyday, my hair will look very dry.

So, I recommend that you wash your hair every alternative days or every 3 days! Save water and shampoos right? (So you have a reason to get yourself a better salon shampoo now loll jk)

But sometimes, if I don't wash my hair for too many days, my hair will fall even more the next few days because of the over oily scalp.

This is freaking contradict right???! What am I supposed to do??? So today I'm here to share my solution for you! Just keep reading ;)

There's tons of different solutions out there but I'm gonna share about my own experience here.

Have you heard of dry shampoo before? Some of you don't because it's not that famous in Malaysia yet currently.

Dry shampoo is a powdered substance used to clean hair without getting it wet.

Out of this country there's quite lotsa people are using it now:
1. when we're in a rush and no time to wash hair, and
2. for hair care! (like what I mentioned above)

Dry shampoo is good to use if you're too lazy to shampoo your hair, or when you're in a rush in the morning but your hair looks like shit. Another situation I use dry shampoo is when I'm late for home and I don't want to wash my hair in the late night which will cause me lotsa aches or sickness in my body, I'll use it before I sleep!

There are 3 different types of dry shampoo: Spray type, powdery type, and colour spray type. (The colour spray type is for coloured hair. duh)

I used to search for any products that cure my hair fall, and the reasons too. So end up I found out that it's not only my nutrition problem but I have oily scalp! That's why I'm kinda desperately want a dry shampoo, but lotsa good products doesn't exist in Malaysia. :(

So end up I found this freaking cute product that saved me! I'm using this super cute one which you can get it in any drugstores or supermarket,  that is the Johnson Baby Powder!

Look at that oily hair I'm having! D:

Sunday, 22 September 2013

[Beauty] Thursday Plantation Products Review

September 22, 2013 4
Hi! I'm gonna share about something related to skin care to you guys today. Yea it's my first time sharing about products I used! Hope you guys will spend a few minutes to read it cause it may be helpful to you especially acne prone skin people out there!! :)

As you can see from the title, I'm gonna share about products of the brand name Thursday Plantation. FYI this is not a sponsored post! I won these products by myself! :P I'm using them for a year after I won them from chuckei and nuffnang last year! And I won't share it if it's not good ;P just continue reading to know more about it! :)

I still remember that when I received the news that I won these products, I'm super excited to get them and try them out cause I know that tea tree products are really really good! I didn't try before any tea tree products that is useless to me (FYI a tea tree brand called T3 which also a tea tree products, is very good too lol)

Thursday Plantation is a natural healthcare brand from Australia which uses tea tree as their main ingredient. Tea tree oil mainly target on acne. Click here to read about the benefits of tea tree oil from Michelle Phan ;)

#1. Firstly, I'm gonna share about my favourite acne cream - Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel! This acne cream is transparent gel type, suitable to use anywhere anytime!
Originally it looks like this

Saturday, 21 September 2013

[Review] Coffeemania | PV128, Setapak

September 21, 2013 2
Ola! I'm back with my new layout yo ;D Whattaya think? ;)

Finally it's another end of the semester! Sem break is the best moment in uni life~~~

So just went back from KL. Had a few day fun with my boy in KL. As usual, sing K, makan, shopping!!

But now Imma gonna do a short update about a cafe which is newly opened in Setapak's PV128 - Coffeemania.

We went there before my last paper cause heard of quite of them staying in PV said that it's a nice place, so I decided to go and take a look. But the price range is a little bit high for us students. A coffee can cost a 10 bucks. =\ But we still decided to try on something =)

After taking order, they gave us this on the table. Kinda cute XD

Monday, 16 September 2013

Photoshooting for Bailey

September 16, 2013 2
The feeling of having fever during your exam is even worst than the feeling of failing your exam. 
Just examined this situation during my previous paper on Thursday and it's realry baddd! Had a high fever all of a sudden right before exam... guess my percentage of failing that paper gone higher now :'( Thanks to le boyfie for the whole day caring after my exam! Don't ever get sick during your exam!!!

And so finally I decided to publish this post after 3 months wtf?.

I'm so happy when I received message from Bailey that I'm gonna be her model for her college photography assignment! I always wanted to do a studio photo-shootings and this is really a good beginning for me! Though it's small, settings not too professionally set, but I learn from small, and I love the feeling! Can't imagine if I really got chance to do a big professional studio photo-shootings??? X)

Oh ya FYI, I actually did studio photoshooting before. My mom brought me and my sister to her friend's studio to do photoshooting for our own album when I was only 14. Yes I have my own album!  :P I'm still too young to know what is that all about but I'm not regret cause I have a book of me with lotsa photos well worn, and I did my gymnastics poses too! Aww I'm so flexible that time.... It's memorable And the photographer know that I'm still too young and taught me to pose this and that. Haha.

Well, back to topic. Went back to Penang twice and did 2 times of photoshootings for Bailey. The first one is for fun, playing at bailey's room with Fok and Weline cause she wants to test the lighting and try our poses first before we 出丑 on the actual day in front of her classmates xD

So her theme of the assignment was Kpop.

These are the pictures taken in her room. Had lotsa fun with the 3 of'em!



Friday, 6 September 2013

Appreciate what you've lost.

September 06, 2013 2

Not embarrass to tell the world that, yea this idiot gone cracked last week when I was in Penang. Before that I already start being rude to it. Fell it for quite many times in a day and the feeling of hurt is not as much as the first few months using my new baby phone already. Admit it! It's not only me the one who will be like this! (But I stil love you, idiot!)

Details of the crack:

Glad that it's out of the screen and it's only a small portion! Else Imma gonna spend more money on fixing it :( 

So I actually bought a pink frame screen protector months ago from taobao and I don't wanna change it first since I just changed my screen protector which cost me 30 bucks (bought it from maxis centre since they said they are having promotion, from 90+ bucks to 30 bucks, but I think there's no difference wtf).
And so my 30 bucks screen protector also gone like this lolll wtf XD

Before all of these shit happens, I was hoping that I can quickly try on my new pink protector and give my phone some changes. Maybe find some nice wallpaper or anything which can make my phone unique and cute.

So all these shits happens and made my "dreams come true" *lollll wtf*

Tadaaa Voila! Where's the cracks??? It looks as new as a new born baby, hello! XD
All thanks to boyfie for being so attentive on sticking the protector ♥♥♥

The theme also, don't know how can find until I madly in love with this whole freaking bitch! XD 
Whatta'ya think? ;)

Well, I was actually gonna say that, I lost something (my phone gone disfigured), but what I gain is a new look for it! I felt happier for it! I bet she's happy with her new look too (or maybe she's a he =X)

It's not the first time I met this kind of situation anymore. Just letting you know, I used to lost money (a lot that kind lah for me this student) and cried like hell, broke something I love and cried again wtf, or missed something I want and cried again. But then, I gained back something without I realizing it, until I link everything together. Sometimes you guys will say "Nicole so lucky one, win so many prizes", "Nicole wins everything in the world", "Nicole gimme some luck!" blah blah blah. But you didn't know that, I always lost things too! Those moments are too sad to mention. (I have low EQ and I know it!)

And another kind of situation is, I was hoping to get something for myself, but I didn't do it immediately. It's just something I hope to fulfill myself. Let me tell you an example which really happened on myself. I was bored with my current moisturizer, but I force myself to finish it only can get a new one. But but in the inner side of myself was actually hoping to throw it away! But but but on the other side, I was thinking of searching a super nice and suitable and not so pricey moisturizer for myself.

So end up what happened? I won the Origin GinZing Moisturizer from Chuckei and Nuffnang. Yup, exactly the moment when I was hoping to get myself another moisturizer! I got them for free without having dilemma to choose which moisturizer to get! I felt so blessed, I felt that something's reading my mind! I'll share other about stuffs that I won at the end of the year again :) 

I always tell myself that I'll gain something back for sure whenever I lost something. Lost freaking 200 bucks? Please be thankful that the thief didn't come to you and chop of your hands or legs!

All of these was influenced by my mom, my hero mom! She and my granny used to tell me "你人平安就好。钱不见还可以赚回来!" (Money lost still can earn back, as long as you yourself is safe!) And a sudden of wake, and start thinking things that make sense instead of crying for something I just lost. I love you mami and popo! :'D

Another situation, whenever you meet some ridiculously horrible or brainlessly idiot people in your life, or get into any troubles, or if you have haters or backstabbers keep poking you behind, ignore and let it pass cause everything will be over! Be thankful that you met these kind of people in your life cause they make you see the world and grow up with something new learnt following in your mind! Without them, your life is just so blank! This makes me start to ignore haters (or people I hate loll) and I extremely don't allow them to influence my mood and luck!

In conclusion, I just wanna say that, 

Please feel thankful if you lost something and whatever bad things you faced. :)

You'll get what you deserve to get, trust me! Nobody's perfect, and you don't own every particles in the world. Don't feel emo or negative whenever shit happens. Positive thoughts will save your day and change your mood and thus, it change your life! I've never been so lucky like these 2 years did.

Well I actually have the fuuuu to write this post DURING THIS FREAKING FINAL EXAM PERIOD! Kill me please x.x But I was just trying to relax myself =P 
休息是为了走更长远的路 =)
Till then. Hope you guys learnt something from here and hope you liked it!

Please click any likes or shares or comment below to show some love. Why??? Because I love you guys out there!!  ♥x♥x

And don't forget to put on your smile everyday! :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Liebster Blog Award

September 04, 2013 2

This post should be posted 2 months ago but I think I need time to think about the facts I got on myself LOL. *excuses lah*

Was nominated by Jolynn, and I have my very first blog award now, which is Liebster Blog Award! *Bow to the audience lolll* I bet every blog readers know about this. You don't?! Continue reading then! Thanks to Jolynn for nominating me. :D

So what on earth is this Liebster Blog Award???! 
Liebster is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute and welcome. (Awww that's me lah lolll *thick skin*)

The Rules

1. Post 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions from your nominator.
3. Nominate 11 other blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions.
4. Go to their page and tell them that you have nominated them.
5. No tag backs.

11 Facts about me

#1. I'm lazy. Unless I'm motivated (but it rarely happens)
#2. I love everything cute.
#3. I love pink, but not everything in pink must be loved by me.
#4. I love to eat 'breadskins' more than 'breadmeat'. *wtf??!* XD
#5. When it comes to study, my room will be super tidy and clean.
#6. I love ribbons.
#7. I love colourful stuffs.
#8. I have inner double eyelid.
#9. I have a huge birthmark on the backside of my left leg.
#10. I must look at the stairs when I'm walking down the floor.
#11. I always don't know how to answer theory part in any exams.

Questions from Jolynn

1. What is your favourite food?
-Breadskin! Wan Tan Mee! Green Tea Kit Kat! (Whoops I said too much?)

2. Liquor or caffeine?
-Not both but prefer caffeine if I'm forced to answer one XD

3. What camera are you using now?
-Phone's camera mostly =)

4. Samsung or Apple?
-Both lah if gimme free XD But I'm using Samsung now =)

5. Do you play sports? If yes, what is it?
-Currently no, but I was a gymnast, and I know how to swim! ^.^y

6. Are you a morning person or night person? Why?
-Morning. Because I'm not a night person :D (duh!) Haha! I really don't know how to answer your why... because I'm a human? Oh! It's because I want a healthy body =)

7. Breakfast or tea break?
-Depends on my tummy, but breakfast!

8. Where would you like to go for vacation?
-Mars or moon perhaps. This earth is a rubbish now lol JK! Paris/New York/London/Tokyo/Bangkok/Singapore/Everywhere out of M'sia

9. What is your favourite brand of cosmetics?
-Don't really know about this, depends on different types of cosmetics recommend by people =)

10. List 3 wishlist.
-I have 5 wor? Ok la I combine them into 3 haha :P
Currently wishing for these lah:
  • Own a car or mirrorless *I know they don't relate but I don't think I have to own both at the same time X)*
  • Slimmer body shape that won't make people puke while wearing bikini XD
  • Longer and silkier hair, then get my very first dazzling hair dye (or maybe a normal one only) before my 21st birthday! =]

11. Shorts or skirts?
-Recently bought quite some skirts so skirts bah! ;)

Now, nominating time??? No~~ I don't have blogger friends cause all kena tagged dy leh :( How? Even though if I said "I'll let any of you who wants to do and tag yourself" also won't have people do one XD So I should break the rules for not nominating people and don't give any questions! =P (Trust me, it's fun to break some rules! XD)

Yea actually I wanna do this post is just to share something about myself and from here, I might know myself better at the same time. Else I don't think I'll do it since my nominator said it's my choice to accept or reject. So I did half half lah! ^^

Okay till then! Have a nice day guys ;) xx