Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sem in photos (Part 2)

Hey guys! I'm back to update my part 2 now ;) [View part 1 here!]

Despicable Me

The trend is finally over now lol! Isn't it? But my love for minions is still the same! I ain't like others just love them with the trends. No offence, but I think Malaysians are ridiculous! :\

Anyway, went to Pavilion on the 25th of May cause there was a exhibition (or roadshow I'm not sure) about Despicable me 2!

Companion of the day after back to KL from sem break.

People mountain people sea cause it's a freaking Saturday!

Thin type of minions performing XD

"Do you think they can dance??!!"

Yes they did XD

"Whaaaaaatt???" XD

I didn't get the pass to go in take pictures with them. But like this also nice lahh XD

And I actually took lotsa pictures with the minions boards around the area but I couldn't find my album that Edwin gave me already ;( Just have to skip it until I found em only update again. ;(

And since we're in Pavilion, why not try the newly opened live made ice-cream, Oh My Gas! ?
Guess many of you heard of it right? Let's see! ;)

We're here and it's a long queue!

The nitrogen gas! It's so cool~~

Do you recognize the boss?? Yes he's the Astro advertisement funny uncle + female student XD

Mine mine mine!!! Waited for so long and it's finally my turn ;D

Grape flavour; purple colour; strawberry sauce topping.
I actually ordered pink colour but it's finished @#$%^ :(

Happy girl ^^

How it taste? I think it's nice lah, but easy to melt so better finish it fast if you don't wanna drink it XD
But heard some of them said it's expensive and not nice. Well just have to say at least you tried something special once in your life time and that's all. If I have the chance I'll got to try other flavours again ;D

Well I haven't finish on my Despicable Me topic.
I'm gonna share about the premiere screening that I went with Nuffnang and Churp Churp now!
Yea my friends knew about that I won the Despicable me Premiere Screening tickets from Churp Churp and I get to watch the movie earlier than 4th of July at Sunway's TGV!

Whom do I look like???! XD

Thanks Churp Churp!! ;D


Companion of the night. It's always the same ;P

Jinny boy's there too!! :D

Just can't stop snapping while waiting for the time to reach!

Okay now I'm with goggles and totally a minion now XD

Once again, thanks Churp churp for the invitation!! This is one of the biggest gift I got in this year!!

I got minions in my hand! Drew it in Penang and it's in a rush but still managed to draw it nicely XD
Check my instagram out to see the cute instavideo I made ;P

The 2nd time of watching Despicable me 2! With Yi Qin and Jun Yaw!

And this is the 3rd time (with CC and Edwin (again haha)) of watching DM2 and I received this cute poster!!!

Tadaaaa! Ignore my messy bed cause I moved the pillow and toys away to paste my poster XD

Mcdonald toys time!

Week 1!

First week's minions! Wheeee~

Week 2!

Yes just call me a kid ^^

I made plaits for the evil minion XD

Week 3!

Earrings? XD

Week 4!

Guess where isit? It's LCCT!
Yea I actually followed my friend to this far just to get minions @@ It's my first time lining up for so long after the 3 weeks past! x)

And I think I didn't take picture of my toys of week 4 cause I'm having test next day morning. Geng leh? XD

Outing - Jing Yan's birthday.

It's been months that I haven't met my girls! Finally we found a date which 3 of us are free to hang out. And since Jing Yan's birthday just past, me and shi min, as usual, buy cake secretly and gave it to her during high-tea or lunch.
Hi that's me! X)

Our high-tea at Fa Gup San, All Season Place, Penang. It's like FINALLY I get to eat fondue again since last 2 years in Kampar!

Happy belated birthday to Jing Yan!

Idea on how to freeze back your Chocolates or Kit Kats! My green tea kit kat that I got from the Japanese Fair in All Season Place has melted after I bought!

And another finallyyyy I get to see UBAH BIRD in Penang's Ocean View! Super cute!!!

We're standing at the not-so-many-people side cause can't see the whole body of the bird. But whatever we still managed to take it's picture while it turn its body by the wind! ;D

See!! Isn't it cute?? :D

3 of use don't usually wear sunglasses but that day we 不约而同 brought our shades together!

"The whole road is MINE~~~" LOL

And our 2nd high-tea after seeing Ubah bird is at Moustache Houze!

We ordered Green Tea, Hokaido Mille Crepe and Apple Juice
Their business quite good and we have to sit upstairs.

Just can't stop selfie-ing. Forgive me please XD

We get to sit this comfortable sofa upstairs and chit chat in a not-so-many-people environment :D

Bean bag at the next table! We're too late if not Imma gonna sit the bean bag!!  

Okay lah end my post with my selfie cause I scared you can't get enough ;D 
Just Kidding!! Don't close the window so fast XD

Goodbye! xx