Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sem in photos (Part 1)

Yea that's semester version of "week in photos" lol.

It really feels bad when every time comes to the time that I'm free(kinda) to update my blog after 100 years. You know that every time when I have idea on writing a new post in my blog is during showering time?! I feel so professional inside but then when I came out of the bathroom, trying to remember what I just thought in the bathroom, but it seems like I'd forgotten everything, and it's almost every time! So end up I go online and do something else, like stalking people, or seek for giveaway contests =X. Damn you brain why still can't have a good memory :'(

So I'm gonna update some of the activities for the past 2-3 months (yea my freaking whole semester's activities cause it's the end of this long sem already =.=) since I'm finally free from tests and assignments now.

My 20th Birthday

Realized I didn't really mentioned a lot about my 20th birthday this year. And I actually private up my birth-date in my facebook too =X Feeling peaceful though! XD

Well the day before my actual birthday (actually is the whole week), we (dance club) having practices for the coming UTAR ball. And they actually gonna celebrate Johnny and (the lengzai I forgotten his name @@)'s birthday that night, but end up knowing that my birthday is on the next day so they celebrated my birthday unexpectedly too haha.

Forgive on my outfit and the face!! Just done practicing and straightly went to dinner with them like this XD 
And if you spotted my phone, alarm rang! It's 10pm and it's time to sleep! LOLL

My wish is to get everything I want LOL jk!

Spot extra 2 heads XD

My face totally a crap x.x


So we have 4 gangs of friends, and this is the "Nicole's friends" gang :D

"Johnny's friends" gang lah. Almost the same with mine lor actually... or mine same with his? XD

And the actual date... 
went to my favourite nearby cafe Coffee Lab (I mentioned in 1 of my previous' post)  to have dinner with my dearest :)
Spaghetti with jumbo sausage! All time favourite food in the shop :)

And then after back home, surprise from housemates!
WCC means Wong Chong Chiat lah. He's younger than me 8 days :)
And I think he didn't know include his celebration also loh, he was playing Dota that time XD

And I actually didn't eat any slices of my cake. You know why? That's my TaoBao parcel behind! And I'm over excited until no more cakes left for me XD

Thanks my housemates for the pink Puma bag pack cause they know that my bag packs are all 'destroyed' by myself XD

And that's Bailey's gift, OZ the meowing plush toy, and Edwin's gift OZ the weekly planner!!! Love both of these super much :'D They know I'm crazy of Canimals recently!

UTAR events


It's the first week of this semester's event and had a really good and fun memories with the dancers!
Date: 2 June 2013
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Thanks Camera360 XD

I can be a hipster too ;P

Purple hair extension from leaccessories09 , cat ear hairband from taobao and top from Kitschen (that last minute bought from Times square's kitschen XD)

The face ;) Part of it done by the invited make up artist, and end up I touch up everything by myself cause they draw until makes me look like... errrhem ==

B-bring the girls out! XD

Credits to the photographer and Edwin's DSLR ;D

The girls gang with PJ campus' Dance club

The theme of the event -  Mask!

Yea we borrowed the masks just to take picture from the counter XD

Dance camp

Date: 22 - 23 June 2013
Venue: UTAR setapak SE block

Yea we overnight in the campus. It isn't that scary guys I know what you guys thinking! XD

The awesome handwriting and drawing by Cindy (I guess)
We have total 4 workshops and lotsa games, and the camp fees only RM45! Awesome right?? XD

4 groups. And I'm in The Minions! XD


Wearing Edwin's Huge cap XD

*Other pictures taken during the camp are in other's album which I don't have em ;(*

Good night guys! Haha Sleeping in my DIY pillow - all the shirts in a recycle bag. Easy huh? XD
And thanks to YY for borrowing me a nice bed! X)

These are the pictures taken from our workshop teachers' Facebook ;D

Tarro who teaches Girl's Style. He's awesome!!! And he's younger than me @@

Popping instructor - Zeon! He's cute leh XD

Group photo before the event end ;D
Looking forward for the next dance camp next year!!

Min's 23rd birthday

Click here to check out her 22nd birthday we celebrated with her last year! ;D

We went to Midvalley right after our dance camp on the 23rd! And that's the moment of HAZE in Malaysia! Damn sick ;(

The rushing make up after dance camp XD

Happy birthday Min! From Min Fans Club ;)

Picture taken from Elyn ;)

Meet Elyn, another Min's fan! That's our first photo ;)

Top from
Leather Skirts from Cherish Doll
Shoes from Taobao
Bag from grannny

Lastly, picture with Min! Still love her after 4 years supporting her ;)

Thanks Min! A lovely card from the birthday girl. She said that I became so fashion now haha X)

Still quite more stories to go but till here first. Stay tuned for Part 2 ;)
Bye! xx.

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