Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sembreak again lah!

I have few drafts that I wrote last month and I forgotten to publish all of'em. Oops!
And my title quite sampat loh! =P

Okay. Start my post with my sexy legs lolll. Sorry if I murdered your eyes. XD
Just simply wanna show that it's about outing post, during my sem break 2 months ago.
*Yea last month I wrote 'last month' now hafta write 2 months ago. Sighhh*

16 May 2013 - Day out with Jing Yan.
Some of you might wondering that I used to out with her and together with Shi Min but why this time only Jing Yan? Cause Shi Min was in KL and Jing Yan is not free during the time Shi Min back. So I chose to hang out with them seperately... at least I met my girls.

So we went to Heaven Gate for lunch. We actually decided last minute in front of The Mugshot Cafe cause we didn't know Mugshot only have those small things which is not main courses. Luckily I found this place and quite impressed cause the place looks super high class but the food prices are affordable! D

I'm really attracted by the colours!!! *Puking rainbow!*

My pretty babe who's in love!! Love sharing our love stories to each other 

Set lunch. Garlic bread, mushroom soup with chicken meat inside, spaghetti and salads! I think it's only like RM10.90 or something? And and and it comes with a beverage and a dessert too! I think it's worth :D 
(I expect more than 20 bucks lo, and got lengzai see wor XD)

We chat too much and almost forgotten to get ourselves some memorable pictures together. Picture taken in Gurney 

This is how we use to do during high school when we're in shopping malls! XD

Hairdo of the day. Last minute learn some skills from YouTube and DIY hair extension by myself! ;D

Because it's too hot so I decided to tie up a bun. And it's quite a new style for me ;D


20 May 2013 - Day out with Shi Min.
Finally she's back in Penang. I brought her to the same restaurant again cause she wants to try it too.

My turn to sit the place where Jing Yan sat so that I can selca with the nice background. XD

Camera360 the so-called 'God created' camera app! LOL

#foodporn lolll

Dessert time! Love the mango pudding

Super nice decorations

*Haihhhhh pimples love me so much :'(*

And then another chilling time at The Twelve Cups!
French Vanilla, all time favourite for a mille crepe!!

Shi Min's mocha.

Yea before taking picture of the food... can see from my phone XD

I think I'm editing my photos? XD

Another selca with her at the staircase beside the shop. 

And then went Gurney again. Forgotten it's for what purpose but let see me outside the cinema we passed by with my favourite cartoon - Minions!!!!!

Can't wait to watch Despicable Me 2!!!!
*That's what I wrote last month lah now already watched twice =X*

21 May 2013 - Day out with Sis and Jay.
I always feel so happy and excited when my sis asked me for a date to go somewhere nice in Penang! This time we went Mugshot which is quite famous for the past few months.

Thanks to Jay for editting the picture until my face so nice bahahaha!

Dirty mirror aikss

foooooooodsss okay it's bagels

My Egg Salmon Bagel. It's the tallest among the bagels XD

I was like WAAAAA so creamy look @@ but taste really nice! But me no like the bread cause it's too hard

Back lightss ahhhh

Okay nevermind me face still looks pretty =P

Yup. That's my sister.

Just some random shot cause I think it's quite... artistic? mehh

Who doesn't want flawless skinnnn =(

And then the thing must do after makan in Mugshot

Stumpy (short and fat) and Jappo (Japanese look) couple.

Yours truly lah x) And I should wear very very pink one lol

I'm just 3 inch lah but I think still taller than minions XD

If I'm really this slim...

Aaaaaannd I think that's all cause last month I just edit till here.
Till then! xx


  1. Mugshot, never try the food there but got pinjam their toilet before. Haha!

    1. Haha so funny! Should shun bian buy their bagel mah XD