Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pre-order loves ♥

Hello there! I'm currently selling some pre-order stuffs with reasonable price!!! Do check it out to ;D The more you buy, the more you save!!!

Please continue viewing cause you didn't know you might need something for yourself from here, or maybe gifts for friends and family? Please do check them out below okay? Thank you!!
*Please scroll down to the bottom to see how to place your order!*

First batch Pre-order closing date: 24th July 2013

Collection Set

Big fan of cute little stuffs? Love to collect collectibles pretty stuffs?
Check what I've got here and start collecting them with a reasonable price now! 

1. Android Mini Collectibles - Series 02
We're selling 11 of them! Quick, pick your favourite, or just tell me ALL!












Android Mini Collectible - Series 02 Price:
Buy 1:
Buy full set (11 pcs): 
 RM330 RM286 only!! 

2. Hello Kitty Casual Set (5 pcs)
This set contains 5 cute little kitties!

Hello Kitty Casual set (5 pcs) Price:
Buy 1:
Buy full set (5 pcs): 
RM100 RM80 only!! 

3. Hello Kitty Relax Time (13 pieces)
This set contains 13 different kind of relaxing kitties!

Hello Kitty Relax Time (13 pcs) Price:
Buy 1:
Buy full set (13 pcs):  
RM195 RM156 only!! 

4. Popobe Bear Set Collection

Popobe bear set collection Price:
Buy 1:
Buy full set (3 pcs):    
RM60 RM50 only!! 

Useful stuffs and gadgets

1. 12 pieces Travelling Kit

12 pieces travelling kit Price: RM45
*Promotion!! Buy 3 and above, get your travelling kit at only RM38 each!*

2. 8-in-1 Multipurpose Screwdriver

8-in-1 Multipurpose Screwdriver Price: RM25
*Promotion!! Buy 3 and above, get your multipurpose screwdriver at at only RM20 each!*

3. Waterproof Phone Case WP-C10i (Comes with Neck Strap!!)

Waterproof Phone Case WP-C10i PriceRM40
*Promotion!! Buy 5 and above, get your phone case at at only RM30 each!*

4. Portable Beauty Massager
This set of massager is super convenient for bringing out to anywhere!

  Portable Beauty Massager Price: RM45
*Promotion!! Buy 3 and above, get your massager at at only RM35 each!*

5. Cat claw massager
Aren't these little claws just too cute to be true?? Get yourself 1 and enjoy massaging!

  Cat claw Massager Price: RM18
*Promotion!! Buy 3 and above, get your massager at at only RM15 each!*

6. DIY wall clock

 DIY wall clock Price: RM40

How to place your order?

Send your following details to my Facebook Message Box or E-mail:
Product(s): **Format: [Product Name] - [Product colour/code] (Quantity)**
Contact number:
And I'l reply you the total amount you have to pay and my bank account number for you to bank in or transfer the amount to me. (Or in case I dont understand what you sent to me, I'll ask you to place your order 1 more time :D)
Example for writing the products:
1. Android Mini Collectibles Series 02 - Bernard (1), Cupcake (2)
2. Hello kitty casual set - 1 (2), 3 (1)
3. Hello Kitty relax time - Whole set
4. DIY clock
5. Waterproof phont case - Colour 04
*I assume all the numbers in round bracket are the quantity of the product you want, if no round brackets stated, I assume you only need 1 :)

More products will be coming in soon!! Stay tuned ;D
Hope to receive your order soon!! :)

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