Sunday, 9 June 2013

Check point

I said I'll be doing a check point post in June in my Resolution post and there you go! Hello June! :D

#1. Save money save money and save money.
If in terms of buying things in a cheaper price, I did! Cause I actually bought quite some things I want from TaoBao, and I did compare prices from different online shops before I buy things I want! *proud* 
But on the other hand.... I admit I spent quite a lot on skin care and accessories. From my Penang house to KL house, I have a total of 10 bottles of cleansers now. (self-console: some is small bottle one la =X) =.= I really don't know how am I going to us em all before they expire :( 
So now have to stop my itchy heart on spending skin care anymore! Maybe on mask only lah x
And for those pretty accessories... really can't resist!! They're too nice already *sigh* Have to stop it now :(

#2. Improve in studies & CGPA.
Fail for now!!! And I have 2 more semester coming and must hit it! Okay lah improve from my current CGPA lah not the previous one > <

#3. Decrease weight & increase height.
I think I did lose weight by doing nothing cause I remember I was 48kg, and then that blood test day I went for a weight and it's only 45-46kg something O.O omg please don't tell me the machine was broken XD
And about height... can I give up on this? =.= I'm already 20, isit possible to increase it?? :(

#4. Get rid of pimples or acnes!
It gone worst! I have no idea why but I'd just bought creams from doctor last month and hopefully it helps and heal it by end of this year! ='(

#5. Be positive.
I did :P loll!

#6. Learn time consuming + No more laziness!!
Still fail! I'm still that lazy (like now =.=) and that's why I drop my CGPA :'( The only moment I'm not lazy is during practice dancing for performance! (despite the moment when I'm tired) Seriously I rather dance than do my homeworks T.T and I really don't know how to plan my time! SOS! Please teach me!

#7. Improve my memory!!!
Not sure about this yet o.o

#8. Win more prizes =P
So far I won 3 prizes in 2013! 1 of it is just yesterday, and it's the best prize so far! I really can't believe I actually can win a pair contact lens from Imagene and Jessica Chaw (a blogger)! Can't wait to receive my very first contact lens and I wanna try it immediately after I got it! :'D
Umm yea currently is still lesser than 2012's, but I actually won more prize after June 2012 than before June 2012! So, looking forward for more!! :D *but no also okay cause at least I hit this already ;D*

#9. Get to go travel overseas again but this time more far than sg!
Unless someone willing or have time to accompany me, else I think this will be fail for sure :(

#10. Own a mirrorless and it's better to be in sweet PINK colour!!
Not yet but hopefully... :( *buy lottery and win money first loll*

#11. Join more event & Be active in uni! 
Kinda? I'd joined few performance in my uni, and perhaps gonna join my very first 2 days 1 night camp in campus that held by dance club soon! Looking forward for it :D Hopefully I don't get freak out in campus during overnight =X

#12. Grow a longer hair!!! At least until waist
Haven't reach leh... is it my limit already?? Hmmm me want long long hair~~~

Yea that's all for my check point post. To be honest, I actually forgotten few of my resolutions already o.o that's why some didn't hit it lolll. 
I calculated approximately and I think I only hit 37.5% of them T.T
Nicole 你要坚强啊!!加油!:)

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