Saturday, 8 June 2013

5 stops outing

I actually have few more posts about my last month's sembreak but I plan to share about this day out with mah 3 bitches first because it's a super fun day for me! :D

So 5 stops actually means we stop at 5 different restaurants/cafes/malls on that afternoon!
Our mission was just wanna try out few places of foods instead of staying at only 1 place, and save money by sharing so that we won't be full easily and leave some spaces in the tummy for the next stops! :D

  First stop: Marshall's Burger.

They said the shop owner actually was only selling the burgers in a small stall before the shop, and the popularity made him/her opened this shop. It's really tasty, the only reason that will make me turn my head back from this place is they serve very slow, we're the 2nd table of customers on that day but we still need to wait for like... 20 minutes or more? I wonder is it because the slowness made the burgers so yummy? Hopefully :D

#1 group photo 
FYI We have group photo in every stops that day. ;D 

It's been a month so I'd forgotten what I'd ordered. All I can remember is they're really yummy! Still having a weak memory.. :\

Ummm I think it's fish! *OMG I'm starving~*

Second stop: Sip & Chew.

Spot the cute cow cup behind me. :D

We ordered their special flower pot ice-cream, in Green Tea flavour! 
*Yea 4 of us ordered 2 servings' food only x)*

Photo stolen from Bailey :D

Green tea!! Mua current favourite flavour

9 years of BFF 

My hair really ruin my photo :(

4 of us X flower.

Third stop: La Vanille Pastry

It's my current favourite cupcakes shop! I still remember after the first time I went here (during new year eve) and I'm craving for their macarons and cupcakes for like almost everyday!  *sweetteeth activated*

Blueberry and Red Velvet cupcakes! :D *Yea 4 of us shared these only, again. XD*
My all time favourite is blueberry! Except only those which had left overnight, it's not that nice anymore :(

#3 group photo 

Forth stop: Victoria Rossa and English Tea Room

My favourite stop of the day! Super love the design in the cafe!! 
Scroll down to see more beautiful scenes ♥

Too cute!

Oh my pink strips!

Their menu can't be any cuter! Super love the vintage flowery style!

#4 group photo 

Thanks Weline for the nice shot ♥ 
*obviously I editted myself x)*


Random. Just wanna let you see my panda eyes :D

Okay food time! Oh I mean... drinks time!

Seriously I have to say it first, their pots are really really super dupper cute!!!

Mine, Afternoon tea! Can't stand the cuteness OMGGG



The names of the 3 hot teas.

This is Weline's, she ordered a cold tea.

I'm not expert in tasting the teas and tell you which one is nice, cause sometimes I felt mine is nice but sometimes not. Weird taste buds I have :0

I just can't stop taking pictures of these little pot cause their outfits are toooo cute!! Nicer than mine :'(

I give few more credits on the pot's short 'mouth' cause it make the pot looks cuter!

My outfit not suitable for the theme? :(

*Macam doing TV show loll*

Have a tea, please. ;)

I really can't stop vaining with le cute pot!! I wanna bring em home XD

Super love the design of the cups too

Phone's going to out of battery life, is time to show my Hello Kitty Power Bank! :D 
It suits the theme quite well cause it's pink and white in colour :D

The pink strips wall in front of their washroom. Can't resist to take picture again!

Finally, our Fifth stop: Gurney Plaza!

We heard that there's a big sales in body shop and 4 of us was like "Must Gooooo!!!" and so we're there!

And I think that's all for my day :D 

I always have special kind of outing with 3 of them, from Redbox to shopping, to movie, to hiking and now food haunting! Had lotsa fun with them and looking forward for more! ;)

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