Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fashion Diary #1

June 13, 2013 2

Just wanna share out the photoshoots I did by myself during my last month's sembreak. Most of em are done while waiting for my babes to pick me up for our outing.

All of the pictures I didn't edit much. I just simply wanna show my outfits, hairstyles, make up and body shape nah just kiddin'. The lighting in the pictures is a bit imba cause I'm not a real photographer who knows how to set this set that, and all of the full body shoots are taken by my digital camera only :)

Yea it's gonna be full of my faces and some captions only. Hope you'll like it ;)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Check point

June 09, 2013 0
I said I'll be doing a check point post in June in my Resolution post and there you go! Hello June! :D

#1. Save money save money and save money.
If in terms of buying things in a cheaper price, I did! Cause I actually bought quite some things I want from TaoBao, and I did compare prices from different online shops before I buy things I want! *proud* 
But on the other hand.... I admit I spent quite a lot on skin care and accessories. From my Penang house to KL house, I have a total of 10 bottles of cleansers now. (self-console: some is small bottle one la =X) =.= I really don't know how am I going to us em all before they expire :( 
So now have to stop my itchy heart on spending skin care anymore! Maybe on mask only lah x
And for those pretty accessories... really can't resist!! They're too nice already *sigh* Have to stop it now :(

#2. Improve in studies & CGPA.
Fail for now!!! And I have 2 more semester coming and must hit it! Okay lah improve from my current CGPA lah not the previous one > <

#3. Decrease weight & increase height.
I think I did lose weight by doing nothing cause I remember I was 48kg, and then that blood test day I went for a weight and it's only 45-46kg something O.O omg please don't tell me the machine was broken XD
And about height... can I give up on this? =.= I'm already 20, isit possible to increase it?? :(

#4. Get rid of pimples or acnes!
It gone worst! I have no idea why but I'd just bought creams from doctor last month and hopefully it helps and heal it by end of this year! ='(

#5. Be positive.
I did :P loll!

#6. Learn time consuming + No more laziness!!
Still fail! I'm still that lazy (like now =.=) and that's why I drop my CGPA :'( The only moment I'm not lazy is during practice dancing for performance! (despite the moment when I'm tired) Seriously I rather dance than do my homeworks T.T and I really don't know how to plan my time! SOS! Please teach me!

#7. Improve my memory!!!
Not sure about this yet o.o

#8. Win more prizes =P
So far I won 3 prizes in 2013! 1 of it is just yesterday, and it's the best prize so far! I really can't believe I actually can win a pair contact lens from Imagene and Jessica Chaw (a blogger)! Can't wait to receive my very first contact lens and I wanna try it immediately after I got it! :'D
Umm yea currently is still lesser than 2012's, but I actually won more prize after June 2012 than before June 2012! So, looking forward for more!! :D *but no also okay cause at least I hit this already ;D*

#9. Get to go travel overseas again but this time more far than sg!
Unless someone willing or have time to accompany me, else I think this will be fail for sure :(

#10. Own a mirrorless and it's better to be in sweet PINK colour!!
Not yet but hopefully... :( *buy lottery and win money first loll*

#11. Join more event & Be active in uni! 
Kinda? I'd joined few performance in my uni, and perhaps gonna join my very first 2 days 1 night camp in campus that held by dance club soon! Looking forward for it :D Hopefully I don't get freak out in campus during overnight =X

#12. Grow a longer hair!!! At least until waist
Haven't reach leh... is it my limit already?? Hmmm me want long long hair~~~

Yea that's all for my check point post. To be honest, I actually forgotten few of my resolutions already o.o that's why some didn't hit it lolll. 
I calculated approximately and I think I only hit 37.5% of them T.T
Nicole 你要坚强啊!!加油!:)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

5 stops outing

June 08, 2013 0
I actually have few more posts about my last month's sembreak but I plan to share about this day out with mah 3 bitches first because it's a super fun day for me! :D

So 5 stops actually means we stop at 5 different restaurants/cafes/malls on that afternoon!
Our mission was just wanna try out few places of foods instead of staying at only 1 place, and save money by sharing so that we won't be full easily and leave some spaces in the tummy for the next stops! :D

  First stop: Marshall's Burger.

They said the shop owner actually was only selling the burgers in a small stall before the shop, and the popularity made him/her opened this shop. It's really tasty, the only reason that will make me turn my head back from this place is they serve very slow, we're the 2nd table of customers on that day but we still need to wait for like... 20 minutes or more? I wonder is it because the slowness made the burgers so yummy? Hopefully :D

#1 group photo 
FYI We have group photo in every stops that day. ;D