Monday, 6 May 2013

Long Update

Finally I'm here to update about what's happening on me after my previous's previous's previous post on CNY. So just scroll down for pictures cause picture speaks thousands of words.

P/S: It's gonna be a super long post cause it contains 3 months photos of me in there. Don't forget to scroll till the end for more interesting review. ;)

Let's start from my 2nd day of CNY.

Well everyone still remember that event in Han Chiang which held by BN? They invited PSY and Shilah Amzah as the main performance in that event. I attended cause it's free to enter and it's just very near to where I stay in Penang.

Look there's a helicopter! They keep on fly all over the skies. Njaib u also scared people will attack you ahh? XD

At Han Chiang. See the crowds? They were just here to see PSY. 
'Really meh?' See Penang's election results la moron. XD

The weather is killing and still got people waiting just to support PSY?

Really super hot. Luckily I have my cap which can blink! lol

Yay can't wait to see Psy!! 
Me, my sis, JayLim, JaySern and my bro which is not interest to involve in taking pictures, are here to see Psy only! XD

Only can see screen cause too pack in there :\
But she sing live really *clap clap clapppp*!

Rosmah sing CNY song, kena booooo :|

Psy balloon. Damn cute!

I need to take my camera high high only can capture this scene. I'm super short I know. So I only have pictures taken through the screen ==

The performance is really super high!!

He performed 2 times = 8 minutes. Calculate yourself how much our beloved PM has paid him WITH OUR MONEY. 

After the show, everyone spread very fast. 
I really love how united Penang people are. I guess everyone know about the "Are you ready for BN? NO!"  news in Facebook so I don't need to mention it here. Good job and we've won our states back!! ;D

After the show, hang out with sister brother cousins and jay brothers.

Playing with bunny beanie with cousins in fourskin.

LOL isn't she looks cute? XD

Ice-cream day!

And that's all for CNY day 2.

Day 3.
Nothing to do with it. I spent my day 3 with my homeworks :\

All time favourite CNY snacks - Kuey Kah Pek!

Haih... do homework with cousin in her house.

Day 4.
Planned to do steamboat so that granny can rest for a day. 
OMG I miss those foods I want steamboat now ahhh

Isn't it looks good?!! I miss my CNY and Penang already!

Day 5
It's a freaking valentine's day during this CNY, again.
Bf is back in his hometown that time and we didn't manage to celebrate on the actual date. But we did celebrated before we back to hometown before CNY!

Tadaa! Bear bear flower as my very first valentine present from bf, and dinner with him in PV128's Islamic steakhouse. 

The look during CNY day 5 a.k.a valentine's day. 
Going to visit ex-tuition teacher and after that hang out with friends!

My very first Giordano polo tee!! Mad love cause it's very comfy and I love polo tees!

Selca selca ;P

Mr Heng, a very good tuition teacher. That's him and his 2 little cute children with us. :D

Outing with Bailey after that! We shopped in Queensbay :D

Her new sunglasses! Is it chio on me? XD

Night out with my another gang of girlfriends. #OOTN


Supposingly our plan is to visit Kek Lok Si but it's too jam and end up we just drop off at All season Place for our dinner.

Line dance performance.

So pretty~

We end up decide to line at Who's Bryan since every restaurant are full of customers waiting outside.

Yan, Ev, Shi Min and Me.


My girlfriend Jing Yan. 

My dinner of the night. Forgotten what's that but I remembered the food that I want is not available already end up I ordered this. :(

Hot choco~ ummm~
But also, I forgotten what I want to ordered but it's also not available. Damn ==

After Fishyy came.

Fishyy's bf, Ah Ye.

Photo Spam. :D

Beautiful lights behind.

Day 7.
I forgotten what I did during day 6 but no pictures of that day. I think also stay at home continue my homework la haih
The night with another gang of girlfriends.

Me first. XD

With Yin Xuan and Cheryl

And Wen Qi!

Xiao Hui ppk-ed! XD jk~

Selca queenssss

I forgotten what happened but I think this pic is quite.... 经典 XD *That innocent-begging-please-face*

With pretty Cheryl agian :D

Taken by Yin Xuan's S3 Mini!

I'm Fat :(

Secret Recipe.

Hot choco again. Damn I'm really addicted.

And we shared a slice of... don't know what cake is this already. Haha.

Aaaaaand that's all for my CNY holiday! Back to normal life.
Looking forward for next year's CNY! 
And I'm not gonna save money for not buying nice clothes anymore :(

Sudoku Tournament Helper.
Yea, first time (?) being a helper in UTAR. New challenge for myself. 
It's quite fun actually cause we didn't have to work very hard or use lots of energy... just only need to help to move tables and chairs.

That pale face, need some colour in the face but end up it's in my hair :o

Picture taken by photographer of the day - Edwin, while we given instructions to do what we have to do.

2 couples. Yay

Hmm this looks much more better ;) I mean the colour of my face XD

Say Hi to Jia Wen whom didn't appear in my blog before XD

Random pictures.

Yay took BN's benefits and support PR. But bitch please, that's what I have to gain back after giving so many taxes to government!! Damn you.

Won Aeroline's voucher and straightly rush to KLCC to purchase bus ticket to back Penang that week. Yay

That dinner with Family after back to Penang. I love colourful Tang Yuan!

Just showing off my bracelets that I found in my old accessories storage in my Penang house's room. XD

Cousin's guinea pig which can freeze for like hours without moving. So cute!!!!!

Previous post I'd mentioned that I have 2 performances 2 days in a row before the bloody week.
Now here are some pictures of the days! :D

First day - 28 March 2013
Perform in UTAR Sungai Long Campus's Wu Shu Club Charity concert.
Before and After!

The girls.

Playing photo spam again. XD

Meet Yoon Voon and Chui Han.

Wan Ling and Shu Min, the current president of Utar Setapak Dance Club!

Our instructor - Ly Heng!

Just can't stop photo spam!

Gigy the Vice president came to involve too! XD FYI he can spam more than us! :O

Love this pic! Everyone is so pretty! :D

Class photo.

Dance club logo - 底裤! 
*There is a meaning behind for this logo =X*

Second day - 29 March 2013.
Perform in UTAR Setapak for Music Club Charity Concert.

The face after performance. I'm sweating! XD

Photo spams!

Just playin' around.

With pretty instructor again.

Epic photo spam!!! 

B-Bring the girls out!

We photo spammed for almost like 50 picture and end up this is the only perfect pic!

Back to random pictures.

Edwin's 20th birthday. I made a little birthday hat for him. Isn't it cute??!! XD

Presentation of the semester. 
Used up the time to memorise my script instead of taking picture of myself.

I wanna sing K nowwww!

You don't mess with me I have ELMO power!!! XD
Credits to Edwin. 

Nadeje, PJ.
Yay! Going to the famous cake shop in PJ with le housemates!

With Sin Tung~


Guys also wanna set until handsome handsome! XD

We're here! And it's a super long queue! Just like Burger Lab that I went last year :O

We ordered RM100's food cause they bought the voucher from Groupon, which we only need to pay for RM60! Yayyy

Mango Donut I love it!!

Original flavour also my favourite! 

This is only 1 receipt. Another receipt I don't know where is it.

On the way finishing

Photographer of the day - Edwin. I think there are lot's of photos he haven't give me.

Yay we finished it! 

New shoes was bought in Tropicana City Mall after Nadeje!

Half year anniversary.
Just a normal dinner with him after class.
Camera360 spam.

Love you, and still counting. 

Baby Hamsters.
Housemates gave their hamsters which bought months ago, mating. 
And the babies are born weeks ago.
These pictures are taken 2 or 3 weeks ago, and now they're the same size as their mom already. O.O

This little fella straightly slept in my hand when I first pick it up to see. Adorable!!!!!
Just can't stop snapping their pictures but I just upload my favourites! 

He's actually annoyed by our noises but still able to continue it's baby dream. Awww

Front view.

Look at the other 3 behind! The black on in the bowl is too cute!!!

Good night. 

New Black Coffee Lab.
Introducing you a cafe which located in Setapak, near PV13, which I'm currently their regular customers.
The cafe's environment is quite good, and it's suitable for chilling, and study too.
Yea... currently exam period so I often study at there with le bf. But surprisingly, it's not like full because full of students. If it's in Penang, all the starbucks, mcdonalds and even public library will be full of students studying in there.

The following are the coffees of non-coffee drinks that me and my bf often order.

Forgotten which are which, but there will be a cappuccino, mochaccino, hot chocolate and so on!

Green Tea latte!! I current addiction!! It taste really good!

This is some coffee thingy which ordered by Edwin and idk what is that.
FYI, that heart shape is a solid ice or something which is in coffee taste! Wait it to melt and you'll taste coffee! So special right??

Besides, despite they have less choice of foods, the foods never disappoint my tongue!

Favourite Spaghetti with Ham.

Spaghetti with Jumbo Sausage.

Chicken Baguette! 

It's really nice!!

And the dessert - waffle with ice-cream!

That day after my second last paper and went to have some sweet moment! Happy girl :D

You can take a visit there if you're living in KL.

Address: Plaza Crystalville @Setapak B-2A-1, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-4131 0182

Nail art of the day.
Just ended my second last paper last Friday and I have freaking 1 week to prepare my last paper. So why not give myself a break before I proceed?
Sudden urge to draw something in my nails. And here you go.

Suppose I simply wanna draw a cat head but end up I think Hello Kitty will be cuter.
Heart shapes, stripes and polka dots. Damn cacat mia drawing I know ==

Not the first time attempt on Ombre Nails and I finally succeed! Still abit cacat XD

So my current nails. Yay for Pink! XD

Finally it's the end of the post. Have a nice day ahead people! 
Can't wait for my sem break and I miss my hometown, Penang so much!!!!

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