Thursday, 23 May 2013

Just playing with some accessories

Finally have the time to blog now. Sem break (only freaking 2 weeks time) has come to almost the end. So far, my days in these 2 weeks are fun! Despite about my granny's cases which happened 2 weeks ago...x

Some of my friends and relatives knew about this news, and I'm here thanks everyone who cared about me and consoled me, especially my bf who came all the way from KL for my granny's funeral, and back to Ipoh after that, and my bestie JingYan who actually went for a visit while I'm still in KL, and other friends and relatives who gave pak kam, million thanks to you guys so much! I appreciate for all the kindness that you all gave. Love you guys!

I'm now fine... it's a past, and now I have to look forward and live happily so that granny will be at ease, isn't it? :)

Aight, back to topic. Might just simply wanna post about pictures that took by bf on me in KLCC before I get my ass back to Penang.
We went there for some shopping suppose, and enjoy our high tea, then photo shooting! I hope it count as..?

Some of the Playing-Around-At-Home shoots by myself. Lolll! And was trying to show how I play with my accessories too :P (don't worry I changed all the pictures of my selcas into smaller size so you won't be annoyed :P)

Ignore my messy background > <
Top (2 pieces) from ; Skirts given by my sister

Can't stop selca cause I'm finally free to beautify myself up! :DD

OK I admit I did use 美图秀秀 to edit my face texture cause it's too fake to say my face is this smooth XD But who doesn't want to have a pretty smooth face?! I know most of if quite fake cause I'm not pro in doing all these thing :(
*And that's why it took me so long to upload these pictures here =X*

And Sorry for some of the different colour tone of the pictures cause I'm not pro in adjusting the lighting of my camera too.

Let's start matching! :D

- Matching a Fake collar from H&M with my outfit
It was like finally I can match my fake collar with something cause I found that it's not easy to mix with my usual outfits...

*To save place and your time in scrolling the page, I combined most of the 2 pics in 1 row*
-The necklace that I always wear.
This kind of necklace can be found in every accessories stores now cause it's up to trend! It can match almost all of the outfits too. I think it's super elegant and I'm glad I have one which I don't need to spend it on any of my penny! :P

Right pic photoshop-ed. Just trying to play with it and learn more skills in photoshop.

- A bunny style hair band! *bunny style~ bunny style~* 
(in case you wanna know what am I saying, I'm singing Bunny Style from T-ara =X)
I find it cute to match because I'm wearing a skirt! *Gwiyomi~*


- Simple pink hairband
It has leopard print on top too but I think the normal thin hairband will do so too ;)
Love the right side shot cause my hair look so smooth! XD

- Cute little bow pin!
I was once a bow freaker and I will buy the bow pins whenever I saw it super cute, but it must be the time when I have money with me Loll

Another kind of pink bow I have. *Act cute level overload lol*

Lastly, if you dare to wear your cutest hello kitty specs or shades out, it can be match too!
Else, it can be use as an accessories for your indoor or self photoshoots. :D

Okay done with my super vain selcasss XD

Had our lunch in Sushi Zanmai that day.

Unagi is love!!! 

Hi-tea in Cafe Vienna, KLCC.

Yayyyy ;P

Outdoor in KLCC with le bf.

Okay done for some random shots of the day. 
Now let me present you my photoshooting photos of the day, taken by le bf Edwin! 
Credits to him much much!

In the bridge between KLCC and Pavilion.

Our Hi-tea cafe of the day.

Yay for Hi-tea! =D


My hair always mess up my shoots! :(

Flowers :D

I love this! XD

*My top actually covered up my body shape!!! Sobbbsss*

Blur face or emo face??

The photo taken on the day my granny's last day live in this earth...

--The End--

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