Sunday, 7 April 2013

'Little' update

April 07, 2013 0

Just a little update to my blog. Seriously I've so so so so soooooo many things to do now!! A truly university student wouldn't lack of tutorials, assignments, assessments and bloody testssss!!

After my CNY, tests started and assignments came at the same time so I have lack of time to do a lot of stuffs. And I did my 1st tests so poorly!! :'( Now have to work so hard to pull up all my test 2! Totally have no time to continue update on my 2nd part of CNY!

I don't even have time to sweep my freaking floor which is freakishly dirty with so many hairssss! FYI, 70% of my roommate's hair were blown by the idiot fan to my place =_= Ya la I owe you lah stupid fan.

Last week is the worst week of this semester. Tuesday Practical test, Wednesday 2 bloody hell test (Yes ikr! 2 test in the same day! utar so good =.=), and Thursday presentation! Bloody right??! And FYI, that Wednesday is my bf's 20th birthday. What a freaking great date was that?! x.x

I still remember I'm so pissed while my gang don't even give any good suggestion on giving him a birthday present. All giving those nonsense condom budget hotel key present with me inside a box and I just feel like kill all of them! End up I suggested the presents zzz. You have to know I didn't even join them to give present cause I have my own better one lor. I've no time to finish my DIY present dy lah morons

And the worst is the week before this bloody week, I have 2 performances and I have to practice for the whole freaking week with my teammates! Where got time to do other stuffs while I have to use those not practicing time to study!? But fortunately I survived. Thank god! x.x

But recall back, I feel partially happy for being so busy cause it's a new challenge for me. I have to manage my time and use it wisely. If I have a pack time, I can do things fast, and I have lesser time to play stupid games, and think stupid stuffs. But the cons is I left so far away from social network for that 2 weeks time. I don't even know about the earth hour and no time to know what in the world is Gwiyomi =.=

But some of you might see me quite relax in some time. Of course I have to relax myself when I'm stressful. (like now =X) I always tell myself 要对自己好一点,不然还有谁会对自己比自己好 (treat yourself better, else who will). Will give myself sometime to accompany my bf to a nice restaurant for dinner, shopping, watch movie with him and even I went Sing K after my presentation on that freaking bloody week! It's been so loooong XD And that's why this will lead me too relax on something and imba lah, I know == (means relax now, stress later lol)

And wow, I thought Imma gonna blog on like "Sorry I'm so busy until my final exam end #kthxbye" and see how many paragraphs I've wrote now?? I love blogging actually. Just I'm so lack of time. Maybe it only can be my sembreak time-consuming hobby. Don't know when only have time to relax a freaking whole day to update on my past events.

Okay now I think I've wrote a little over my estimation. #kthxbye XD