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Xmas celebration 2012 (2)

Back to my Christmas post. Previous' post wrote about the celebration before Christmas. This post is gonna be on the Christmas day, 25th Dec until 27th Dec.

As I mentioned, Edwin came to Penang to celebrate his Christmas with me! But I didn't celebrate Christmas eve this year with my friends here as most of them are having exam and some went for their family vacation. Sad :(

Luckily I got all the pics from Edwin's DSLR before he went back so that I can upload it here! So now do let the pictures talk about my Christmas! ;)

We're on our way to have fun! :D

Before drop him to Tune Hotel, we went to have the famous Penang Road cendol since it's still early. It's our second time here but it's crowded there cause it's Christmas! But nothing about Christmas there but just a holiday.

While waiting Edwin to prepare his things and have a rest. Loving the full body mirror in the room!!! How come Johor's Tune hotel don't have 1??!

#ootCd (outfit of the Christmas day XD)

Christmas Hat hairpin from Modbox | Earrings from Genting (I guess) | Necklace given by mom | Make up no need to mention | Lip gloss from Modbox | Top from H&M | Pants from Singapore Tampines Mall | Bag from Charles & Keith (not mine lol) | Shoes from Sungai Wang Plaza | Colourful Christmas toe nails done by myself
*Saja wanna learn people write out everything they wore XD*

Wheeee~ On our way to Strait Quay now! And Imma driver of the day! Or days? XD

Looks 'Orh Lor~' I know lol. (means like 撒娇 something like that lol)

Few shoots taken by Edwin's DSLR. He took like 50 pics of me in car but end up only 5 or 6 of them are nice for me. LOL

Hair gone naughty! :(

I think I'm instagramming. =X

We reached there quite early cause we expect that will be super jam here. But it doesn't and I found quite a nice place to park my car lol. So we went to Humble Beginning for Hi-tea first.

Yay nom nom time! :D

French Vanilla. Super yummy MUST TRY!

Something Cheesy but compare to Vanilla, this one lose. But still not bad!

Best shot I had that day! 

Few shots taken too but this is the nicest, but that kid photo-boomed!!! =.=

Changed into heels. And I still can feel the pain while wearing that walk for the whole day for me this person who don't often wear high heels! T.T

Must do something with my scarf! Lol

I need more poses so I decided to pose like this, with my scarf! I know I look hiao XD

Hello I love mustache too x{)

Second dessert time! Fruuze 

Pudding + Longan + Q Jelly!

After that walked whole SQ to decide where to have our Christmas dinner at. Supposingly wanna try out Delicious but it's too pricey for us as we had 2 desserts there already! Walk until my leg super pain but luckily Edwin saw his favourite restaurant - Berlin's Houz! So we straightly decide to choose this restaurant.
My Paste Cabonara 

*Taken by Edwin but wrote my blog link on it for copyrights =X*

Edwin's favourite Cheese Pork Burger!


And that's all for our Christmas day. Mom wants me to back home not too late so we didn't go anywhere else, and also expecting for traffic jams.

Day 2.
Planning to go to Pesta at night with sister and her bf, Jay. So we decided to go to Gurney Plaza for some shopping and after that Jay drove us together to Pesta!

We had our lunch in Santorini Cafe first and then have our Hi-tea at Tong Pak Fu!

Durian Snow Ice is another MUST TRY!!! I actually crave for it every day after the day I tried!! It's really nice but as shown in the Menu, it follows the season. Luckily it's a durian season that time!! :D

Curry fish ball is also another superB one!! I ordered another plate of it after I finished 1! =X

Taken by Edwin with the f1.8 lens... something like that lol. And that's why it can blur the background so obviously. :D

The Christmas Gurney. It's always so happening here.

No caption ==

And YAY we're on our way to Pesta now!!

The Leong sisters 

Spot something cute...
*I almost get it....almost get it....* XD

The trees in Pesta. It's stunning! 

Look at the trees while entering the Taman @@

Too bright until we're so dark

Okay I know I look ugly but is it qualify to be an actress? XD

*Lazy to write captions already*

All in red. XD

Triple date that day. This pic looks blur but I think it's nice!

In the Ferris wheel with him 

View of the theme park from the top of the Ferris Wheel

Look at the crowds. 80% of them are Malays

Happy girl had fun and going home now! XD

Christmas gift for both of us from Sister and Jay! 
*Because couple tees or some other things are just too mainstream loll*

Day 3.
Ya he's leaving back to Ipoh in the afternoon :(

Decided went to Queensbay since it's nearer to the bus station. Went to Paddington House of Pancakes to have our brunch!
*Pictures of these days in DSLR were not in my hand so all are taken by my phone*

Our fruit pancakes for 2 pax!

Can see the ice-cream is melting cause we took quite too long to capture the pictures XD

The fruit pancakes are not bad! But it's still weird for me to have sweet and hot things together @@

Edwin ordered another big Chicken burger as he's very hungry. XD

And that's all for our 3 days of Christmas. Well it's not 3 days of celebration actually but since it's 3 days in a row so I call it as my 3 days of Christmas. XD

It's kinda hot at this time and Idk why, so I'm actually in a boring and sleepy condition to write this post. Sorry for some missed out part that I didn't mention. Bye then! ;)

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