Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Xmas celebration 2012 (1)

Oh Hi! It's 2013 now! Happy new year!

So how was your new year going so far? Mine not bad except for staying at home nothing to do. loll

Well, for the first post of 2013, I'm gonna talk about my Xmas last year (a.k.a 1 week ago lah XD).
My Christmas last year include a day of celebration with my KL friends before I came back to Penang, and a 3 days celebration with Edwin cause he came to Penang to celebrate with me. =)

On the 19th of December, which is the day after my final exam, and the day a few Kampar campus' old pal came to KL. They came for 4 or 5 days, but I'm just able to join them on the first day cause mom wants me to back home early on the 20th cause of the end of the world blah blah blah. But I'm not regret that I back home early cause I get to spend more time with my family, and what I see on they do on the other days are spending money. =P

Bring the girls out! ;)

Oops I didn't act short with them. XD

Now I am. Lol

Our Mr. 'endao'! XD

We planned to spend our sem break in KL only cause short sem not enough time to plan a trip to anywhere else. Hope the next sem break get to go Bangkok or Hatyai!! :D

Went to Shogun, a Japanese Buffet Restaurant in the morning with the gang for buffet lunch. Each of us bought the discount voucher from Groupon, and it's only 30+ bucks instead of 60+ bucks! And it's quite famous so why not?! But until now I still feel that I'm not very suitable for buffet cause I don't eat much. Every time I have to spend more than I eat in a buffet =( Unless it's free!! XD

The look of the day. ^^Y

The cute peoples. ehehehe X)

*I think I only have the pics with the girls which taken from my phone and camera cause all the pics which taken by DSLR were not in my hand yet.*

Yum yum Sashimi! 

Starving??? x)

2 different kind of Spaghetti!! On nom nom nom nom 

I only ate this plate of food plus some other little things from people's plate. Not worth at all right? X( * regretting*

Desserts which taken by Sin Tung and Endao. Sweet teethssssss

The colours are so attracting!! *Duaow duaow* XD

Say Hi to Edwin ^^Y

人家说 - 越自恋, 变越美。*excuses xD*

有镜子的地方就有女人的存在 XD *no sense lol*

After that, went to Bukit Bintang to have our Christmas present exchange!!! This year we make a little different from last year. Last year's was buy present first only draw who to gift. But this year we think that draw the person whom you will gift to first only plan to buy a particular present for that particular person.

*Random shots in Pavilion* Don't eat me! D=

Last year I received Ah Lai's present and my present was gifted to Ah Gan.
This year I received Edwin's and I gifted to Endao!

Thanks to dearest Edwin for the lovely and useful present! 
He knows Imma big fan of T-ara and also Pink, plus I told him before I want a normal cup cause I'm using a tall one which I think it's super inconvenient.
The happiest is he drew my name for twice! ='D

Other's pressies. 
I bought Endao a Puma Water Bottle cause the girls told me he often use the plastic bottles and it's super unhealthy, so I decided to buy it for him! :D And the Baseball Jacket is from Endao for Edwin! Which I'm involve in choosing for him ;) 
*N stands for Nicole *

After that, we went our own shopping in Pavilion.

With Edwin @ the christmas tree in Pavilion.
Took quite number of pictures with the gang but it's all in the DSLR!

Ya he's on his Christmas Present already. XD

On the way back, can't really took it nice but I think this is the nicest. :D

Will update here on the other pics after I got it! And also will update about my xmas days on xmas day in the next post! Stay tune peepo ;) Good night 

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