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New Year Eve 2012 Countdown

Sup peepo! It's the 2nd week of 2013 already and I'm here to talk about New year countdown which happened 11 days ago. Sorry for the late update ^^"

Well, let you know about something before I start my topic. Or skip this paragraph if you're not interested and I won't mind ^_^

Some of you might know about my phone... It has been sent to hospital due to suddenly cannot start last Saturday! T.T sad ahhhhh... The worst is it cannot be done before I go back to KL on this Sunday!!! They said the stock of the board only will reach next week blah blah blah go dai =.= And I'll only be back to Penang in February which is before Chinese New Year! Dammit?! Means I have no smartphone to use for 1 month??! Great =.= 
In case you wanna know what's wrong with my phone, I don't really know about it. But it might be the reason of the latest OS of the phone, Jelly bean 4.1.1 is not stable to the first batch of the processor of Samsung S3. Well hope they change a latest processor for me =\
These few weeks keep on happen bad things on me.... but to be positive, good things actually happened on me too! I won something from a famous blogger and I passed my exam! woohoo! =P And I believe this is a new beginning for my new year and new semester next week! Yay ^^ FYI my phone will be reset and everything will be gone so it's just like a new phone T_T

Okay back to topic. My last year's new year count down was fun! Second time get to celebrate until after the new year 12am with friends out there! Ya my mom actually restricted me every year for the count down because of the dangerness, for my own good =( Except for last year cause I celebrated with my friends at Langkawi trip after my foundation final exam! =D

Done preparing! I miss my baby phone so much now T.T 

Selca selca non-stop because I'm satisfied with my #MOTD! ^_^

Met up with Bailey, Jing Yan and Shi Min at a place before we went to Strait Quay because it's still early. Bailey decided to bring us to a new dessert shop at nearby New World Park - La Vanille Pastry! It's a super nice dessert shop with full of colourful Macaroons and Cupcakes all over the shop! I love colourful =D *puking rainbow lol* And another best thing is, the name is in French! I love french!! ♥o

Le colourful cupcakes and macaroons! Omg I'm craving for it naooooo T.T

For display only

Hi coconut cupcake mweh mweeehhh~ You're super cute!!!!!!! XD

Me and Bailey ordered their Spaghetti set cause both of us didn't had lunch yet that time. Spaghetti fan said that this is nice!!!! Although it's a little bit small

Me cannot tahan to see so many sweet things in front of me but didn't order any of it, so end up I decided to order this! Cause 3 of them didn't want to order any desserts at all so I nom nom nom this by myself!
And I have to give a super double THUMBS UP for this!!! Blueberry cupcake and I'm missing it right now T.T gotta find some other time to visit them again and try out their macaroons!! :D

After done eating and chit chatting at there, went Straits Quay quite early cause we thought that it'll be super jam until evening only can reach. But we're wrong. We reach there within 1 hour. We still have 8 more hours to countdown that time. Lolol.

So we decided to find some hi-tea place to sit down and chit chat.

My pretty BFF since primary school, and still counting. 

My another 2 BFF since secondary school, also still counting. x) 

Say Hi to my idol Jing Yan! Too bad she have to be home in the evening and unable to countdown with us. X( We wait you next year!!!! :D

Okay I know my photo scale are different in some of the picture. I adjusted my back camera's ratio to longer cause I want to fit the picture into my phone screen, full screen! But front camera unable to change so.... heh ^^"

My crazy gang!

Take #1

Take #2

Shi Min a.k.a Jesea a.k.a dongdong. Don't be scared by her new look in dress! XD

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Yes I'm learning people who want to gain lotsa lotsa likes in their instagram. XD
But seriously, this is non edit and non filter. It's the effect from the lights behind!

Take #1

Take #2

Take #3

Evening almost reach night, went to The Library to 'jom' a good place to enjoy! But it's new year eve and we're a bit late so we only get to sit inside. But we're still lucky than some people who totally have to stand whole night! :D Seriously it's my first time here and first time try out so many different kind of alcohols! =X

Taken in a dark condition. =\

Some German alcohol idk the name. Photobombed Bailey lol

This is nice! 

4 of us shared these 3 drinks. We played poker and the person who left how many cards at the end of the game have to drink how many mouth of the alcohol! My goodness I actually drank a lot @.@ But I'm not drunk at all cause I drank it slowly.... and very little in every mouth =X At least I know how to not to make myself drunk and I don't want to say out all my secrets la please =P

Oh ya, after Jing Yan left, Bailey's cousin XinYi came to meet us up. And that's another 4 of us. XD

The performance of the night.
Wheeeee me and Bailey's favourite French Fries! XD
FYI, it's not a good mixture of fries and alcohol together. I felt the fries taste to bad after drank some alcohol. x.x

See.... I always don't have good cards and that's why I won't win T__T

Girls always need toilets... for our convenient and vain. XD


Random. Realized she stood the same place in every picture. XD

All the films after Fok came to meet us up :D 

Cutie 'mushroom head' XinYi. XD

She want to act like she's my waitress XD

Fireworks after 12am, 1-1-2013! See the crowds and phones

I know it's bored to post up the firework pictures but I felt that their firework this year was Awesome!!!!

And lastly, #ootd!
Dress from Sungai Wang and shoes from TREATS. Others can be seen in my previous post ;)

That's all for my new year eve's post! Still have few events haven't post out x.x gotta arrange time to write blog before my new semester start next week! Or maybe not =X 
Good luck for myself and to you too! ;)

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