Friday, 25 January 2013

Monkey Beach

Hello there!!!! I've added 1 more new resolution which I'd forgotten about it in my previous resolution post!! Do check it out! ;)

It's my new semester's 2nd week already but now I'm updating about my sem break @ Monkey beach post. Fail me la always update late post XD but who cares?!! As long as I have time to share about my life at here and I'm happy =P

It's been 2 weeks ago, which is the day before I came back to KL for my new sem. We planned to go for a different vacation with my old pals Bailey, Fok and Weline, instead of shopping or chit chatting like what we usually do. I'm kinda bored with that already =X 

So I decided to go to Monkey beach cause after I did some research on Penang Island last semester for my assignment, I only know that Penang's prettiest beach is Monkey beach. I don't know whether it's true for people or not but my main point is not about the beach, it's about the journey to the beach!!

And guess what? It's my first time experience on hiking!! Don't laugh at me lah my family don't hike neither X( Glad that I spoke out this ideaand I felt so happy cause finally I've learnt something new in my new year!!! =D

Before entering, at around 9am.

They actually have few more beaches to go but we choose to go Monkey beach cause it's more famous.


We didn't took any pictures during hiking. So regret!!! But think another way, what if I the picture inside got another person...................... workers la lol what are you thinking of? XD Another reason is what if my camera drop down from the top to no where? My goodness I'm so gonna jump down together lolll just kidding. That time my S3 is still repairing so I only have my camera to take pictures leh!!! XD

Luckily our little Bailey went there for many times already so she's pro in leading us to there! We walked for freaking 2 hours (1 and a half actually cause we didn't rest at all) and it's awesome!!! There's lots of challenging part on crossing the wood, pull the rope to pass the rocks and many more! I still remember the day before, my condition is not so well, but luckily I'm still able to survive after this freaking 2 hours of walk X.X

Now here's some pictures of us after reaching the Monkey beach!

Super cold water but seronoknya~~ XD

Here we are! Monkey beach :D

You can see the boats there cause there's lazy people who don't wanna walk so they rather spend money to ride on boat. No offence! I'm just saying that we're not lazy!! XD

'Camouflage crabs' all over and I almost step on them @@

My 3 sexay laydehh~~ the endao one cannot come loll xD

I love the sky in Penang and I actually took lots of the nice view of skies and clouds before!

"想要光着脚丫 在海边唱歌~" XD

Preparing to selca 4 of us using Bailey's iPhone. While waiting for the other 2, I selca first XD

*Cannot stop liaw!! XD*

Peace on you!! XD

Weline always the outstanding one. Tsk!! XDD

我有备而来的咯!For in case hungry lah cause I cannot tahan one lor I scared I will eat the sands XD





Long legs I have? =P 

Playing weird things with them again!! XD
Luckily I brought my little camera stand to capture pictures of 4 of us together!!

We're crazy!!!!! XD

左拥右抱 tsk tsk tsk XD

We still took videos of 4 of us dancing 'Dumb ways to die' XD But I've no time to edit it yet ><

Oh no my mustache hair XDD Yao yeng or not?? Hahaha =P
*Weline holding my camera so it means that she's selca-ing loh XD*

I rock my camera and the stand! Lolll

Weline lenglui 

Sand castle time after tired of playing those crazy things and dancing XD

3 of us responsible for building the castle and..............

Weline responsible for taking pictures!! XD

Hen cacat lor!!!! XD

You can laugh at our masterpiece cause I also want to laugh whenever I see this XDD

Taking picture of myself by setting up my camera with my little stand.

It's a need to crave on an unforgettable memory before we leave.
*4 of us beauty pageant wannabe??? XD*

We sat boat to go back as planned by Bailey. If no I also don't want to waste another 2 hours to walk back ady lolll oopsy XD

Hello getcho ass back home! *random*

That uncle purposely ride until very fast and the boat was like flying above the sea O.O Luckily the pictures we tried to take in the boat not blur XD

The wind almost blow us away already!!

The forest which we took 2 hours to pass by to Monkey beach. Bye bye!!!

We reached and the uncle drop us here......... need to walk back again =.=

Thanks to photographer Weline cause I love this!!!!!!!!!! XD

That's all for the photos in Monkey beach!! Wanna go again next time and perhaps try on BBQ at there! FYI I didn't really join any party beside the beach before T_T want beach party so badly!! Screw you tsunami it's all your fault cause my mom and granny not allow me to go for beach birthday parties because of youuuuu!!! ='(

Oh wait, I haven't finish my post! We went to Straits Quay for a while and had our lunch at The Cruise Steak House and then dessert at The Twelve Cups!! Must do some other thing in the same day to fulfill our life isn't it? XD

You see you see!!! They all learn my hairstyle!! XD
Me and Bailey didn't try this before so we came here before we go home.

I think this is Mango...? Forgotten the flavour already but I remember that it's nice! 
That little marshmallow on top which need to cut into small little 4 pieces for 4 of us. my goodness XD

OMG there's another person in our picture!!!! Please lah it's a lengzai 'ang mo' beside the table okay?? XD *just for fun =P*

And that's all for my post!! Looking forward for another new challenge in my new year!! =D Bye bye ^_^

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