Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's the end of the first month of 2013! Time flies and I still think that my 2012 new year's eve that night just past few days ago :o

Finally I'm free now... Free on relaxing at home and able to on my laptop to view my Facebook and Twitter properly and read blogs! Cause few days back just keep on run back to uni for dancing practice for freaking whole day for freaking everyday from last week until yesterday although it's a freaking holiday for last Thursday and Monday! 

Why? Because there's an event today in Utar which is FEStival (Enter the Snake). [FES stands for the faculty of this campus - Faculty of Engineering and Science] I don't really know the purpose of this event but after know that we have to do flash mob during the event so I just go and learn the dances loll.

It's an event which held by SRC and few society have booths in the field to sell foods and some other stuffs! And there's quite some performances which is music Club's acapella, dance club's performance + flash mob, diabolo, singing by don't know who, and even few singers Orange from 8TV and Da'Monster which included Danny温力铭 came to campus to perform and so on! MY fm came to our campus to play games with us too! But I missed those performances cause I have classes during their performances.

*Photos got from Ly Heng's fb and only pictures got me =P*
'My First Kiss'

'Good Time'

'Mr Simple'

'Fantastic baby'


Orange's performance at the time I'm going back ;( But luckily get to see her a while XD

披头散发 after performance XD

Glad that our flashmob was successful as how we practice! =D Looking forward to any other events which include dance performances!! :D

And it's my first time (?) make up to campus. Have no idea that do I make up to uni before? Not only because of the performance fyi! It's because I was chosen as 1 of the student from my course to go for an interview by a Hong Kong professor about my course! *make up is a manner they said* At first I know about the news yesterday and I was like O.M.G why the hell I'm the chosen one T.T but end up we're not interviewed 1 by 1 but all of us together. And I don't think it's an interview lah wey =.= It's more like a meeting lol. But I'm happy after all because I finally understood what can I do in the future!! That is.... what also can do *faint*. Hopefully I really can find a good job for myself la T.T

Yay I'm still slacking at here although I know I've no enough time on revision already. Haven't done my tutorial questions and not even manage to do a little revision everyday. NOOOO I think I'm far away from my resolutions now T.T luckily this Friday is holiday again =P

The moment in class when you promise yourself that you gonna revise or done your tutorial by tonight cause you know you have time but end up slacking in front of your precious, loyal and cute little laptop!

But I just got the feel to write something in my blog so I don't want to waste this moment (excuse =.=)

Okay that's all bye and goodnight!

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