Saturday, 19 January 2013

2012 Flashback • 2013 Resolutions

Wheeeeeee happy girl me got my phoney back yesterday after reach Penang!
Wasting whole afternoon just to reset everything in my phone cause everything's gone after repair. T.T But it means another good beginning for my new year! :D *Positive!!!*

Okay back to my topic. I think I'm a little bit too late on this Flashback and Resolutions post cause it's entering the 3rd week a.k.a the 20th day of year 2013 already, but still not too late cause it's still January and I'm gonna write it now! =P

2012 Flashback.

So far I think 2012 is a wonderful year for me! Let's see how it goes...

#1. First time countdown outside & successfully enter 19 years old. lollll!
Celebrated my 1st new year eve and new year in Langkawi with my Kampar gang! Langkawi Trip post click here ;)

#2. Serious shingles visited me and enter hospital & RM7k for only 4 nights in the hospital! x.x
I still remember Gleneagle Hospital actually called me and asked me about the review during I stay in the hospital =.= Okay lor I answer all very good lor cause it's a 5 star hospital mah of course service good like hell T.T 

Btw I don't have any pictures of me with Shingles or even any pictures of my in the hospital cause I think it's a nightmare!! But regret la cause can remember the moment I enjoy watching Tarzan in the room alone. LOL. Wanna know what actually is shingles? Google search lah XD I just can tell u Chinese people call is '生蛇' something like that lol

The worst moment during the time is, it's before the CNY so my CNY this year is so not fun! Can't eat lots of nice food and can't really go anywhere although I get to discharged before CNY T.T angpau also freaking less lor!!! @#$%^&*

February, March & April
#3. Enjoying my last semester in Kampar and Foundation life only lor, nothing much happened. But I think I won something from the PR event in the campus and get free tickets to see their event! The best is Min (my ASQ idol) is 1 of the special performer and I get to take picture with her!!!!! XD

#4. Passed Foundation & Enter Degree successfully! So happy and exciting cause I'm moving to KL!! XD

#5. First time tried out bowling & archery.
Gonna challenge myself more on these kind of stuffs. Perhaps gun shooting or laser gun battle? But definitely not gonna be horror or ghost movie please! But I actually challenged myself on new things last week, that is Hiking for 2 hours to Monkey Beach in Penang!! And I realized everything will be so fun if you're with your funny friends! :D

Archery in Genting! Too bad it's taken from my back not from side

Bowling in Genting!! Still remember I got almost no point in 7 rounds XD

#6. Another Singapore trip!! 
It's ze best Singapore trip I had ever!!! Get to go USS, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sand and Singapore Flyer!!! Wanna go again so badly!!!!

#7. Great surprise birthday celebration with friends before degree life starts. =) Click here for the post ;)

#8. Learnt to cook after move in to new house in KL!
I actually started to learn how to cook in Kampar already but just only few things and so not pro >< not to say now I'm so pro la but we every week also have to cook so..... learn lo! Haha

#9. Got myself a new phone!!!
I chose and bought by myself one lor after know it released that time! XD Ya it's the one who just came back from hospital as I mentioned in the very top 1st paragraph lol.

#10. As a fan of Min for 4 years already, but it's only my first time attend her birthday celebration with other fans this year! Feel so happy that can see her and gift her present and take picture!! But she told me not to waste money to buy her present anymore next time when I gifted her present that day. Awww :') Hope this year nothing will stop me to attend her 5th year fan birthday celebration!

#11. 1st time met JJ & Ian, the funniest and cutest crew, in campus! But now I think new people Jinnyboy and Ryan has replaced them ;( But they're cute too!

July & August
#12. Suffer in studies & friendship. Not gonna repeat the same thing again this year!!!!

#13. Won Thursday Plantation Skincare set from and Nuffnang! =D

#14. Joined the Legoland contest & and T-ara M'sia showcase tickets winning contest and I won both!

#15. Being a true Penangites, visited heritage because of the gang is coming to Penang for our sem break trip, & first time go clubbing... not clubbing actually, it's a pub! =X Penang trip post click here ;)

#16. Missed the T-ara showcase as I only receive the news that I won the ticket 2 hours before the showcase starts =__= Urghh so wasted!!!!!!! T_T Click here!

#17. This one I think only people who concern on me know about it... which is I got my first true love this month <3 And guess what! It's our 100th day today!!! :') Still don't know who? Discover yourself by stalking my blog or Facebook =P

#18. Won a Union Jack small bag in the RM1 item contest in!
Yup, I won this bag but it's in white colour ;)

#19. First time join UTAR event as a performer - UTAR halloween night & UTAR charity concert performances with dance club! I really should start active in uni event now! But sometimes laziness strikes and time doesn't allow. Wanna keep on dancing so badly!

This is obviously UTAR Halloween night XD

UTAR Charity concert which I didn't update about it in my blog cause spending time on my studies after the event.

#20. Won myself a small Etude House Skin care kit from the MyFM van in the UTAR Charity Concert event!!! *just showing off =P*

The things I got from the events' goodie bag loll.

#21. Finally get to use the tickets that won from Maybank to Legoland!!
1 of the happiest moment in 2012 cause everything was planned by my ownself! Just a little too regret cause my planning is a little bit too sucks cause only get to go Legoland. Wanna go Hello Kitty Town so badly!!! But I'm still happy with my planning!! ;D Legoland post 1 here and post 2 here ;)

#22. Won Modbox first December beauty box from Nana's blog! :D

#23. Get to celebrate my Christmas day 1st time with my love one <3

#24. Get to countdown for another new year for the 2nd time & first time drink that much of alcohol!! Not really much actually but because I'm an alcohol hater so that's a lot for me!! @@

#25. Tried out many new foods and discover lots of things by myself throughout this independent year.
Yeah I'm so independent right??! Can plan a trip to Johor from Penang by my own self  go here and there by myself although sometimes will ask my bf together cause it's not safe in KL. I really learnt to become more independent after entering UTAR. Not say really super independent la but compare the me before graduating from secondary school..... my old pals all know la I'm so noob noob one, what also don't know and where also can't go. Sigh.

#26. A year which spent lots of money by myself... buying new clothes, new bags, new skin care, new hair care without asking my mom @@. *independent lol*


Ya..... most of it are good things and so many first time!!! (scroll up and count yourself la how many first time XD) And most of the good things happened after I moved in to KL! :D Maybe the location of my bed or study table in my KL house very 旺 XD

So this new year, it's my first time to set resolutions for myself! Have to and MUST hit it at least 70%! (Wanna set 80% but not gonna give myself such a high expectation first =P) *Must set reminder for myself in June to see that if I hit 40% of it already or not =P*

2013 Resolutions.

#1. Save money save money and save money.
Ya everyone's resolution surely have this. Currently I'm just a student and all I can do is just save money. I'd limited myself on my monthly expenses this year. Hope I really can achieve it T.T But I actually hope that I can find some part time jobs as a weekend promoter or work at home online! Anyone intro please??!! tqtq x)

#2. Improve in studies & CGPA.
Study study study!! This is what I can do to not to waste money and time!!! *Motivation please*

#3. Decrease weight & increase height.
I know height is impossible already la but all I want is become slimmer!! Waist & legs fats please go away!!! No more fast foods and fried foods please!! It's also wasting money!! Exercise exercise exerciseee ex...exerr... exerzzzz =.= *I don't really like exercise and I do believe that there's other way to get rid of fats! =P ya stubbornness strikes this time XD*

#4. Get rid of pimples or acnes!
Who the hell told me that after 18 and your pimples will getting lesser and lesser until no more??! I'm 20 already but acne and pimples still keep on popping out like their house! Or the truth is I'm still 18?? Confirm is my skin still too young la LOLL *back to reality please* Ya this is another MUST achieve things this year!! Gonna have a super smooth skin before my 21st birthday!!

#5. Be positive.
Although compare to the schooling me, I'm more positive already... but still not enough cause I still have rough time on myself by being negative. Everything will be fine Nicole!!!!! =)

#6. Learn time consuming + No more laziness!!
(should it be 2 things or 1? but i think it's related so i put it together =X)
My biggest weakness is I always have not enough time & I'm super lazy! I always don't get why other people can have so much time to attend classes or events, online surfing webs find info, watch drama, go shopping and study/blogging in a same day! I only can go shopping, attend short class and online in a day, or watch drama a whole day (which I don't usually do), or attend classes and study a day. Wanna learn how to arrange time like people do!! And seriously no more laziness please!!! T_T

#7. Improve my memory!!!
My another biggest weakness is I have short term memory! Not for everything la of course. I think everyone who knows me know about this. All I have to do is.... do more Sudoku???  Any games or stuffs can twist and turn my brain to improve brain memory and not to get dementia??

#8. Win more prizes =P
Yeah my luck in 2012 is not bad and I think is so good! Get to win so many prizes until everyone want to steal my luck from me O.O nahh just kidding XD But I believe that my 2013 will be much more better than my 2012!! I wanna continue being so lucky cause it leads happiness for me!! :D But you all don't say me EVERY TIME also win contest lahh... I got lose before lo =.= not lose la, is not chosen. So I'm not that super lucky okay! If not I can earn money through TOTO dy lorr XD

#9. Get to go travel overseas again but this time more far than sg! Or maybe Sg again cause I really wanna go USS again so badly! Regret didn't ride on the Cylon ride cause I think it's scary! But this time if get to go, MUST RIDE EVERYTHING WITH OPENED EYES!! But most of all I need to hit my #1 first!! I can do it!! ><

#10. Own a mirrorless and it's better to be in sweet PINK colour!!
Really envy those people who have a DSLR or mirrorless that can take many nice effect and high quality pictures! Sometimes view back my old post with pictures which taken by normal digital camera (I force myself not to say lousy) or phone, feel like wanna go back the time and retake all pictures by using a better camera!! It's another motivation for me to save more money so that I can get what I wish to have!!!!

#11. Join more event & Be active in uni! 
This one I put as last one lah cause I don't think I can make it... Just if able then it will help on my future much more. But this one really need to hit #6 first only have time to do it XD *excusessss lol*


#12. Grow a longer hair!!! At least until waist

I wanted to grow a very long hair like those ladies out there long time ago!!! Envy on their silky long hair but I can't really grow it long because I have serious hair fall whenever my hair reach a limit, and I don't know why I have a habit on cutting off my dry hair ends (although I knew it's not really damaged) every 1 or 2 months! So you'll see I always have the same length of hair (or shorter) after I graduated from high school!! I miss my curly long hair before I enter UTAR T_T

And~ I think that's all of my post la! Lol keep on typing until so long @@ I don't think anyone can beat my long post of writing flashbacks and resolutions XD Anyone anyone??? Lol.

Anyway, if anyone of you wanna refer or use some of my ideas, go ahead lah! Sharing is caring x) Hope these can help you who have read these too! And hope I can achieve everything I want!!! Good night. <3


  1. Great 2012 you have! And won so much of goods!! Haha envy la

    1. Haha thanks x) You also can geh~ Trust yourself! And Good luck to you :D