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Legoland, Johor Trip Part 2

Okay let's continue on my part 2 of Legoland since I have time now! 
Click HERE to view Part 1 if you haven't read it!

That cute little colourful train that we sat before. (mentioned in Part 1)

After the mini land, continue to Imagination!

It's to challenge who is stronger, who can be the first to reach the top. Of course is those uncles =.= But I'm not bad too! XD

Childhood Memory!! Should buy a small pack of Lego for myself as a souvenir T.T

Imagination don't have any nice rides. The sky tower is full of people, and the 4D show is full house. So we decided to go to PastaMania in Imagination to have our lunch.

Bro's pepperoni pizza.

My carbonara spaghetti! Luckily they have things I love to eat! But of course it's pricey. 40 something for both of us. ;(

Taken by my phone. Not yet half day, my camera almost battery flat. Luckily I saved up my phone battery for my following journey.

Started to use my phone to take pictures from here. Useless camera X(

Look at the eyelashes of that female giraffe! What mascara did she used??! Oh I see, it's Lego Mascara! Sho cute XD

I think my phone can take a better picture than my camera O.O

Have a closer look of every lego bricks!

I love these!! They're super cute and they make musics whenever we pass by each instruments!

Pixel-led drum Lolll Damn cute!

*I'm fat and I know it T.T*

Entering Land of Adventure! *Started to feel that it's almost like Universal Studio :o*

Bro saw a super huge Chameleon soft toy and he want it so badly! So I decided to let him play a game to try his luck. 

But end up he won a cute little one! He named it Leonnie. Awwww

This is awesome too! I wanna ride againnnnnn

Whole body gone wet after the ride :o *Don't think in a dirty way please =.=*

It ain't looks like a Lego, but it is! Lol look at the hands and legs? XD

Lol I almost won my bro one leh! Luckily he didn't win me either =P 

The sky is getting dark!


Another stall which full of people cause they think that they can win a cute moo moo home. We played too and it need more physic brain! Can't stand the cuteness of the moo moo cow anymoreeeee ><

Sky tower in Imagination. The only thing we didn't manage to ride cause of super duper long queue.

Entering the Lego Kingdom!

In the store in Lego Kingdom. Be hold, Leonard the King of..... idk what lol. But he's gonna hit me if I continue snap on him. XD

The Lego Kingdom! There is 2 dragon rides which were very fun here, despite the long queue part!

Thank you Maybank! :'D

This is cute! I love the sound effect too XD Mr Dragon teaching little students to puke fire XD

Legoland is on my finger tip! XD

Oops be careful!

Once upon a time, blah blah blah and a dragon puke fire and you die, I die, everybody die. Lolll

Ewwww I hate insects! X(

The fading of the body colour look so real!

It's the last part - Lego Technic. 

The one that really impressed me before I came when I see the advertisment videos on YouTube! Huge Lego Einstein!

This might looks lame but it's actually very fun! See the long queue?? We queued for half an hour for this :o

Spot that ride high up there? I regret to sit that when I was on top cause it looks super high, but I regret that I regret cause you'll feel it's actually very fun after the ride! Loll

See how happy he is? XD

Especially the time when outsiders press a button and the water splashed onto us! But nobody splash me :(

Look how fast the weather can change in Malaysia :( Luckily we managed to play every rides before raining! :D Till here, we left the 4D Show and The cinema! :D

Luckily this is 'indoor' and less queue so we decided to ride on it lol.

Poor thing, are you cold? Yes he is.

Before go to the cinema, went to The BIG shop for a visit.

*Taken while riding Legoland Express*

Wish I can get a female lego set for myself. D;

Leng Lui!! Lololl

It's raining and everyone take this chance to hide inside the BIG shop and do some shopping. So crowded in here! Envy those kids whom their father was choosing bug Lego Sets for them!

Cute trolleys! Saw some of them were filled with the Legos while walking around! Should at least get myself a  Lego keychain before leaving but I stop myself cause it's very pricey ><

After done window shopping in the BIG shop, went to the Cinema to wait for the show as it's starting at 4:30pm.

The show is actually suitable for kids. But I personally don't really think it's nice.

After show, went to the 4D show! Lego show in 4D and you can feel the movements and effects! And water splash all over us again XD

Before leaving, the Sky tower with the gray sky.

Legos also have urgency??! Haha it's cute!

Arghh ignore my dark circles ><

Don't feel like leaving Legoland as they opened until 8pm during this holiday season but our shuttle bus came at 6pm! Have to be in time if not gonna spend money to sit taxi again.

Bye bye Legoland! ='(

Random shot on this cute Yoyo Cici stall!!!! It's in pink and so attracting! Even the workers are in pink Lololl!

Another random shots on the sky with full of clouds. I love beautiful scenes. Glad that I'm living in Malaysia!

The next day, bus from Johor to KL and again from KL back to Penang. Spent our whole day just sitting bus from south Malaysia to north Malaysia! X.X

Selca before leaving our nice room! Lucky enough to choose a good hotel! Might be choosing it again on my next trip to other place! :D

Lol how old do I look like in this pic? Ignore my pimples which makes me look older.

Well, that's all for my trip in Johor and Legoland! Didn't really plan much. If not I'm so going to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town after the day we went to Legoland!!!! Arghhhh me want go so badly T.T

Once again, thanks to Maybank for giving me this chance to enjoy my time before my Final exam last semester! 
FYI, I actually spend my time playing before final exam cause the duration after the end of my semester and my final exams is way too long! And I only need to sit for 2 papers, so I decided to go for a trip first before it's too late! 

3 more days to next year. Have you plan your countdown event on the 31st??

Happy new year people! :D

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