Friday, 28 December 2012

Legoland, Johor Trip Part 1

Howdy people! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

I've neglected my blog for 1 month plus already. Too many things need to do after my previous post... although I can actually find out some time to blog =X But sometimes I rather find some other stuff to do like watch some interesting videos or stalk people's blog or being lazy. Oops!

Well I actually have many things to blog about:
1. UTAR Charity Concert, which happened 1 month plus ago after my UTAR Halloween event; (not sure still wanna update about this or not cause it's quite long time ago already. What do you think? =\)
2. Johor trip to Legoland half month ago;
3. Outing after Sem Break with my Uni gangs which include Christmas present exchanging;
4. and of course my Christmas day!

But end up I choose to wrote about my Legoland trip cause it's...... like more interesting? Idk Lol.
But brace yourself peepo! It's gonna be a super long post with full of colourful pictures on! :D

Well, if you followed my previous posts, you will know that I actually won the Legoland Tickets from Maybank, through THIS contest! And I mentioned that I won it in HERE.

I actually planned this trip 1 week before we go, and of course there won't be any cheap flight anymore. So we actually went from Penang to KL on 4th December and then the next day from KL to Johor on 5th December. Tiring I know.

Oh yes, if you dont want to travel by flight, then you may choose to take a bus to Legoland instead from any states of Malaysia directly. There are direct buses from KL to Legoland as well as from Singapore too. And to save your time and hassle, you may just make book your bus tickets online with Its one of the largest online booking platform in SEA and it will definitely be a great help for you in planning any of your bus trips.
Vaining with my precious Pink Kitty Shades! Love the pink so much 

My trip mate - my brother!

Acting thin =X


We stayed in Tune Hotel as it's 1 of the 3-star hotel which recommended in Legoland Website. But I'm not disappointed with it cause as what they said, "Stay in a 5-star hotel with a 1-star hotel price".

I think it's true after I stay there for 2 nights, for not more than RM200 a room!! Despite you have to extra pay for those air-conds, towels+toiletries, TV or Wi-fi etc etc cause I don't need those at all, it's clean and quite new. Their basin have hot+cold water, and I love the big shower in the bathroom! I love that freakishly huge mirror on top of the bed too!

Started jumping in my bed after check in the room! XD And that's le brather next bed.

Vain in le bathroom and brother bump in. =P

So we just rest and went downstairs have some dinner and prepare to sleep already. Lol damn early right? XD

Day 2.

Went to Legoland by the Shuttle Bus which provided by Tune Hotel. Each person 15 bucks include return to hotel at 6pm.

Vain again before leaving the room!
Hat from; My favourite pink tee from Goggles; Pants from Kitschen, and a blue Nike Bagpack.

While waiting for the shuttle bus :D

Our breakfast to save money - High-5 Blueberry bread.

He don't like to take pictures.

Half an hour before already so crowded! :o

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Everything is just so freakishly colourful and impressive! I really don't know which picture not to upload when I'm choosing them! Too many until I don't want to break my hand just because I want to add tags into all of the pictures, and until all the pictures were uploaded for more than 6 hours with this freakishly stupidly slow internet! *So do know that all the pictures all are non-edit!! It's all originally from my camera and S3*

Great weather! There's a cloud on my head!! :D

Yay he willing to join my vain again XD

Me with le tickets again! 
Don't know why I feel so happy whenever I see these tickets! I won it by my own hand :'D

Choosing a holiday season or weekends to visit theme park is a big NO NO!

It's a Christmas month! 

Not a real car but they still need to refill their petrol to bring us to have fun! XD

Driving school with cute driving lanes! Too bad it's for kids, if not I'm so gonna pass for the first time! Lolollll

The boat in the boating school! Shooo cute XD Luckily I'm thin enough to sit on it =X

Off we go! :D

Pro driver! Until the boat almost can't move. XD Luckily got me leh you! If not you're gonna stuck at aside XD

I love how they made those cute legos move! Look so real. Impressive :D

Yes we got stuck at the end of the ride. Lololll

Impressed :o

Next destination! Round the Lego City for some view!

The train track that no body will die when crossing it cause they don't even have a gat XD

Brother's poor capturing skill tsk tsk

Actually took quite a number of pictures during the ride but don't feel like upload up all :P

Mini game stall which need to pay extra

Next destination! This is fun :D

We need to pump the truck very fast so that we can reach there first!

And then pump the fire hydrant to splash the water to the fire on the wall, and then after they said done and pump the truck back to the starting point again. Used lots of energy but it's kinda fun! :D

This is cute! Love their designs and creativity much!

Next destination... I mean for my brother. XD

Hi bro! You're like a little kid :D Lololl

And the following is gonna be lots of pictures of Mini World! Although I tried to cut down lots of pictures >< Super impressive :D

They actually have sounds and splash water! 

See some water was splashed out from there?

"Boss! We found a good business man who can supply fish crabs prawns hands and legs for us!..." 
Lol I simply biang one =X

Legos are building legos??!! :o

Watch out don't fall down! XD Look how cute is it suddenly a human Lego appear on the rock Lololl

The dragon can move! So cute!

The bridge was very stable too! 

Wow dont fall if not no one's gonna rescue you! XD

That boat can move when we press a button out here :D

But they're float in the boat. How come won't sink one?? Haha

Spot a headless army XD So cute laa they actually will stop awhile then continue marching then stop then march. Hahaha

Awwww =3

Singapore! My favourite city 

I remember I went this place before when I was standard 6! So freaking nice 

The merlion! Forgotten to take picture about the splashing water towards us after pressing a button! So tricky XD

Beautiful sky we have in Malaysia 

Awwww look at those passengers! XD

I think that's all I can take la. My brother keep ask me move on to another place while I'm capturing these pictures lolol. And I actually took more than these but I think you guys will see until sleep. XD


Till here, I have to take a rest cause this post actually took me too long of my day already.k/s640/SDC12465.JPG" width="640" />
Concert??! Can I join??! But seems like not much people watch only geh... Take a look at who is it first...

Looks like it's some 'lala' band okay la I'm leaving. Lolollll!!

But they're actually adding people on it so that it looks more crowded. XD

Finally I'm here. I was expecting a shorter one since it's build by lego! =X

Advertisments look so real too XD 
"Y NOT SMILE? BUY ART." *Any sense?* LOL

Monorail! They can move too! Sho cute!

KLIA airport!

Awwww look at those passengers! XD

I think that's all I can take la. My brother keep ask me move on to another place while I'm capturing these pictures lolol. And I actually took more than these but I think you guys will see until sleep. XD


Till here, I have to take a rest cause this post actually took me too long of my day already. Need rest!
Stay tune for part 2 and hopefully no part 3. XD

Click HERE to continue for Part 2! ;)


  1. Nice oh! Will need to plan a trip there!

  2. ah! still never reach here yet...visit your blog give me some ideas on what is LEGOLAND look like.

    1. You should have visit them one day! They're now improved like added water theme park and Legoland Hotel!

  3. Nicole, thanks for the review. Do you think going there during christmas is a big no no?
    I'm planning going there between 24 - 27 dec 2014

    1. Hi Hioe, if it's for a day, I'll say not to because you're definitely gonna wait for many long queues, unless you don't mind wasting time. But if it's for their event at night (if they have), then it would be better :D Hope it helps!