Saturday, 3 November 2012

TKF birthday bbq party

As my previous post said, the next post of my previous post (that is this post lolol) is gonna be about the same gang again. Went back to Penang last Thursday cause gonna attend tkf's birthday bbq celebration on Friday night.

Well, last Friday was a Public Holiday... I think is Hari Raya Haji right? That is none of my business. So I went back by a bus name Nice (which is so-called a high class bus) on Thursday after my class. As it's a day before a public holiday, hohoho, supposing I will reach Penang (from KL) at around 10:30pm (4 and a half hours), but guess what, I reached Penang at 1.00am the next day, that is 7 hours journey of bus from KL to Penang. Luckily I chose the right bus...? Cause it's kinda comfy and they provide food and drinks! x)

Okay back to Topic. Tkf invited us to her birthday bbq celebration at her shop Bossa Vino (which I also mentioned it before in my previous previous post). Yes, outside the shop, and the shop business was still on. Don't ask me whatta bout the customers? I also don't know and some unknown I also don't know whether they are customers or friends of tkf lolol.

So let the pictures do the presentations. LOL

That's not beer nor wine nor alcohol thingy. It's a drinking water which was contained in that kind of bottle. XD But she actually have beer for us too. :o

As usual, sausage is a must!! And I think it's the best food of all. XD

Bailey also thinks that sausages are ze best so both of us bbq the most sausages! XD

Birthday cake from Onions! 
Thanks to Fok and Weline who came late just to go to find birthday cake and the lovely present for us to gift tkf! XD

New style for biting the candle out! Saw the candle? XD

Looks wrong. LOL XD

Cheese! :D

Yay camwhore time! =]


Qian Xin featuring Bailey's little hand. lololol!! 

4 of us without tkf again. =( but still  XD
 Argh I forgotten to take picture with our birthday girl that night and 3 of them took with her after I leave!!! =(

Okay that's another cake from her another gang of friends that we don't know them... FYI, she got 3 cakes (or more?) on that night from different people. 

4 of us went into the shop to play darts cause we're living in a while. 

"Whatchu want??! Try to shot me lah shot me lah!!!" XD

Picture time before we leave!!

Blur pic taken from Bailey's iPhone front camera in a dark condition.

4 shots in a row but end up only 2 nice (for me xD)

Weline again. I know she loves selca a lot. XD

That's all for that night la. There's another gang of friend of tkf but didn't take picture with them cause I think we're like... 2 gangs of friends? Not really have things to chat with them > <

Anyway still had fun with old pals that night! :D

End this post with my coordinates of the day. xoxo and Good night. 

Colourful but short nails colour that I borrowed from my sis. XD
And 4 huge pimples popped out all of a sudden while I got back to Penang that day =(((

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