Sunday, 4 November 2012

UTAR Halloween Night 2012.

November 04, 2012 2

Wassup peepo I'm here again.

Forgotten to mention something in my previous post last night, that is about the journey while I'm coming back to KL from Penang. (If you don't want to know then skip to the next paragraph la lol)

Well, as I said I sat for 7 hours of bus from KL to Penang on the Thursday before the Public Holiday. So, guess how long I took to back to KL from Penang? It's 9 hours. (Ya if you knew it cause you followed my Twitter and Facebook lol) Double the original period of time llololl. 

It's from 3pm to 12am the next day. The driver actually wanted to use shortcut but too bad, the shortcut was even more jam. The worst is I got the very front and first seat in the bus, which is very near to the driver. The worst of the worst is, the driver actually smoked for 4 times (or more idk idc) in the 9 hours of journey. Can die. But I understand that he needs to be awake to drive us back to KL.

But the worst of the worst of the worst is, there's no waitress to serve us in the bus!! Damn I paid for such an expensive bus fare but what I got is 4 times of "second hand smoke" into my lungs fml. I guess is because too many buses have journey cause it's a Sunday? Or the waitress just took MC in the morning? Damn we don't have food to eat for such a long journey but luckily there's a aunty who came in front to ask the driver and she and her grandsons help us to distribute the drinks for everyone in the bus. Sigh. But the driver actually got drop us at Terminal AmanJaya for half an hour of break for dinner after 4 hours of journey lah haha. Thank god that I reached KL safely that night. =)

Well, 2 tests coming this week but I'm still able to blog about this post today. Proud of myself yeah? But I have to blog about it before I forgot everything as I have a serious short term memory. XD


Okay back to topic. Went to our campus UTAR Halloween night celebration on Friday night at UTAR PJ campus. (FYI, I'm studying at le KL campus lah) I didn't know that I have this chance to attend this kind of events in UTAR (which is free for me cause I'm performing!) as I'm not that active in joining any events which is not in KL campus and need to pay for like 10 bucks or more exclude transportation fees for that event. But luckily I'm quite active in Dance Club for this semester cause there will be a UTAR charity concert in the mid of November and I feel like wanna back to dance life again! I wanna dance~ and love~ and dance again~ (Dance again by JLo lolol) Hope the coming semester also get to join Dance club activities lah (which means hope my timetable won't be that busy like last semester anymore lol).

We were informed about this news that we're going to dance Gangnam Style in the event on Tuesday... which is we have only 3 more days to practice the dance and gonna perform it on Friday night! Luckily 13 of us can learn it that fast and we perform it quite well!! :D

Saturday, 3 November 2012

TKF birthday bbq party

November 03, 2012 0
As my previous post said, the next post of my previous post (that is this post lolol) is gonna be about the same gang again. Went back to Penang last Thursday cause gonna attend tkf's birthday bbq celebration on Friday night.

Well, last Friday was a Public Holiday... I think is Hari Raya Haji right? That is none of my business. So I went back by a bus name Nice (which is so-called a high class bus) on Thursday after my class. As it's a day before a public holiday, hohoho, supposing I will reach Penang (from KL) at around 10:30pm (4 and a half hours), but guess what, I reached Penang at 1.00am the next day, that is 7 hours journey of bus from KL to Penang. Luckily I chose the right bus...? Cause it's kinda comfy and they provide food and drinks! x)

Okay back to Topic. Tkf invited us to her birthday bbq celebration at her shop Bossa Vino (which I also mentioned it before in my previous previous post). Yes, outside the shop, and the shop business was still on. Don't ask me whatta bout the customers? I also don't know and some unknown I also don't know whether they are customers or friends of tkf lolol.

So let the pictures do the presentations. LOL

That's not beer nor wine nor alcohol thingy. It's a drinking water which was contained in that kind of bottle. XD But she actually have beer for us too. :o