Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sister Hazel's 21st birthday dinner

Not gonna update about my sem break part 2 first but about my sister's 21st birthday dinner first! It's also a part of my sem break lah kayy?? LOLOL *self-talking*

Ya she's 21st already. Old right??! LOL she's gonna kill me for saying this here XD But she really so freaking syok that got such a special birthday cake from mom this year!!! I guess my insta followers and Facebook friends might saw the cake already.

Tadaa!! It's a blue LV bag cake!
Special right? Mom ordered it from Jenny cake house in Pulau Tikus.
We bought cakes for Sin Tung and Endao's birthday from there as mentioned in my Penang trip post too! =]

So, last Wednesday [10/10/2012], we went to one-stop a.k.a midlands mall's chinese restaurant (forgotten the restaurant name lol) to have dinner due to my granny doesn't like to other style's food and chinese foods are most suitable for her.

Me with my cute cousin Natasha. 

Hi. ^^Y

Le birthday girl. Take #1. 

Le birthday girl. Take #2. 

Le birthday girl. Take #3. 

 Food picture time! loll

Our appetizer. Not bad cause we're so freaking hungry that time LOOL XD

TauFu with broccoli!
No worries for being hungry at this time cause I only captured the first 2 foods' picture hahaha

They are my ohana. 

Granny don't care us taking photo or not but food is more important omm nom nom nommm x)

F for Flower. x)

Nooo it's blur T.T Children with granny... except for the one who's studying the next table Lololol!!

It's the cake again. I know you wanna see it 1 more time x)

The behind. Look so real right??

With the 21st candle. 

I just can't stop taking pictures of the cake!! LOLOL

Another family photo before sing birthday song to her. 
Me and sis have the same dress that we bought together few years ago for brother's birthday.
I think it's only the 2nd time I wore it after my brother's birthday 4 years ago loll XD

It's hard!!! Oh it's so difficult to cut it lol XD

Oh finally! Wanna see the inner part?? x)

Tadaa!! It's a chocolate cake! It taste realry realry naiseeee! Still love Jenny cake house's cakes very much! 

Please don't blame me for posting the pictures of the cake more than my pretty sister's face! XD

Happy girl with her new handbag. XD

Some random pictures of me and the crazy bro in the car.

The end. #

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