Monday, 8 October 2012

Penang trip.

3 weeks of sem break and it's already the 3rd week. Going back to KL to continue my 2nd sem of this year this Saturday! But the most of all, I haven't update anything about my sem break yet! Hehe =P

Now gonna update about the 'biggest' outing with friends this sem break, that is a 3 days 2 night Penang trip with my uni buddies last Monday (1st Oct - 3rd Oct). *I know right I'm a Penangite but I'm acting like I'm not Lol* All of them are my foundation good friends until now. Ya I haven't really get close to my degree friends until we can go for a trip yet =X

(This is a post for 3D2N so it's gonna be looooong! XD)

Well, I'm a Penang lang (Penangites) and hence, the hotel and the schedule are all under me. I planned to let them stay in Paradise Beach Hotel, Tanjung Bungah cause I went there before and it's very nice for me, and also it's at the seaside! From the online sources, it's also a 4 stars hotel! And the best thing is, my mom found us a cheaper room. But it's not gonna be like the 4 stars room so '4 star' LOL. Girls 1 room. Guys 1 room. But different floor. Luckily we girls got the cleaner room =P

First day, fetch everyone except Sintung from Bus terminal at noon and head to Greenlane for lunch.

Candid shot of me from Edwin's new DSLR after fetching those peepo from bus terminal. Expected that he will simply shot here shot there after he had his new DSLR. XD But big like for this pic! =P

Having lunch @ a coffee shop, behind Genting Cafe, Greenlane.

Head back to hotel for some rest after lunch. Some of us went to the beach to play before we've no time for it XD

Parachute with Hui Sin! Listening to instructions. ikr it's so freaking hot that time ==

Up! Up! Here we go! XD 


Love the colours cause it's in rainbow colour!! LOL

Everyone will do this when they go to beach. Spot some 'gender abnormal' thing on his body XD

Look how he enjoy. XD

Spot an asshole that is created by CC. XD

Suppose that we are going to prepare to go airport to fetch Sin Tung and together go for lunch. But everyone played until too late and end up, cc and lushing went to fetch her. But too bad, the timing is the time which is super jam in Penang. And plus, Tanjung Bungah go to airport need almost 1 hour lololol so end up we called them to 'dabao' for us.

Those lazy bumbs (including me lol but due to I'm too tired after driving for the whole day) doesn't want to go out eat and therefore ask CC, Gan and Sintung to buy Penang tasty foods from Gurney drive (nearest + famous food stalls). Can see so many packs of delicious foods cause all of us are really hungry already! XD

After finish eating, as our plan, we're gonna celebrate Sin Tung's belated birthday + Endao's advance birthday. It's a surprise to them! But we told Sin Tung that we gonna give endao a birthday surprise, and on the other side, we told endao we wanna give Sin Tung birthday surprise. It's kinda hard to fake ourself not to show out the truth lol. But end up we success lah! XD

The girls' room! Those pinkish bed sheets are provided by the hotel! Don't mistaken that it's brought by me lol! 'wa bo aneh eng' XDD Spot our new friend on the bed too ^^

Endao's longan birthday cake that we last minute go to Jenny Cake House to buy for him without letting him know, but we did told him we go and buy Sin Tung's cake haha. Still love Jenny's cake!!

From the lengluiiis of the gang =D

Preparing for surprise. The guys that side ask endao to come up our room together lol and they are preparing outside too. XD

Endao (that guy in grey jackets) is still not in the situation and continue to sing his cute little birthday song to Sin Tung while st already got shocked XD

Okay finally both of them know the truth. Happy birthday both of you!! XD

Sin Tung's Mango cake!! Also bought from Jenny cake house!

Everyone's preparing the camera including me =X

A gift from Ryan to st - Hotel Lamp lolololol. Sin tung now have a new friend that is similiar to Ryan Higa's! hahaha (you will only understand if you watched nigahiga's video before XD)

Endao: 'How was it taste?? Nice one I only will eat one lohhh!'
SinTung: 'ummm~ not bad! Can eat can eat XD'

Make a wish

Say hello to the new friend of the gang! "Call me handsome ^^Y"

13 of us. (include my handsome polar XD)

Antisocial-ing after done celebrating. All of them idk what are they doing but I know is playing lah but I'm too tired to join them cause it's around 12am already. Tired sei ngor!

Hello new day! We're going to heritage nearby to see those Penang famous wall arts, and also eat Penang's famous foods!!

The view from our room from 7th floor. It rains early morning but luckily it's only a while! Can see the gray clouds all over the sky before raining =o

But it's gone after half an hour!! Happy =D
Also loving my Samsung Camera that's given by my sis that I thought it's sucks but it still can take a good picture of the scene! :D

Hello little fish! XD

The girls. Take #1

The girls. Take #2.

The cakes as breakfast. Head out to Love Lane to park our car and start our journey by walking around!!

The first wall art we saw!! But it seems creepy. Luckily we didnt see it at night XD

I think people went to temple wouldn't spot the roof top. But I did XD Those dragons are cute lol.

It's done by steals. And the sun shines show out the shadows of the arts.
But imagine how people did this with steals. Fantastic baby! =o

The girls again.

While waiting for others to finish taking their pictures. Cool girls! B)

Random road side concave mirror!

"The local chinese say the richmen who ... Muntri street kepo ... mistresses here, hence the name 'ai cheng hang' or Love lane"
LOL I know I read is wrongly cause can't really read what is wrote there XD

The broken heart. That's made by 2 broken Payphone booth. XD

Like this the most! Feel so kampung-ish + hometown-ish~ 
Smart guy: One tall double shot decaf espresso 
Aunty: *please la no need so ma huan* Kopi-O-Kau!!

Heading to have famous Cendol after lost at the area LOL walked for the whole morning but haven't find any other wall arts yet

In case I forget where is it. lol

That's the stall. Quite famous they said.

Oh no not they said, is Puah Chu Kang said. XD

Superb cendol!!! Really I said XD

4 of us eat 3 cause it looks small but at least one of you will can't finish it! XD

They have Laksa stall too! Not bad also =D

Another random shot while waiting for Jensen and Ah Lai to buy things.

Photo by Edwin. I love Penang town's building! I'm a proud Penangites
Taken while passing by the bridge to the next stop for Ais Kacang!

Ais Kacang with Topping Jagung ice-cream!
Didn't took the picture of another Durian Ice-cream cause it's not nice looking but the taste is like OMG I'm in heaven now! XD

Another candid shot while resting at the cafe.

Selca. ^^Y

Who's not in the pic means who has left this team and walk themselves. XD

Spotted a meaningful wall art. Do you think it means that animal is gonna extinct? Or it's only the artist is leaving? Perhaps both.

Continue our journey. This time no more 冤枉路 so we search google for the location!! Heading to the particular street now!! :D

Great weather!! We're so lucky cause the week before that day almost everyday is raining cats and dogs in Penang!!

Look at the clouds!!! Love this 

Did I gone dark?? I'm learning 'Ang Mo Lang', purposely come out under the sun and see the sun. LOLOLOL

And finally we found this!!! :D

True. But your art is not! So please fill up Penang's wall with your art!! XD

In case you wanna know where is it XD

Check this out!! XD

Kinda creative. Use the old phone booth to do this XD

This is cute 

We're all riding behind! XD

That future actor errrrr XD

In case you wanna know where is it too XD

Done our mission for seeing some wall arts. Am searching for GPS to go back to Love Lane where we parked our cars. But I still walked the wrong road LOL #failpenanglang T.T

Yay we found our cars.

Next station - 1st avenue since it's the nearest shopping mall. Air-cond neeeeeded XD

Yay OOTD. All brandless thing won't wanna know =P

Tried the newly opened Stick Art!! :D

Love the design. Especially Paris Eiffel Tower!!

Mango Yogurt. Me and Sin Tung shared 1 :D

Edwin's paw. I mean ice-cream with Paw pattern. XD

I know I look tired. I still can feel the tiredness now cause I remembered I slept until 12 noon the next day after this whole trip. XD

I almost hug up that 2 little fella like a strong man XD

After some shopping, went to Chew Jetty to take a look with them. But before that, I already went there with Jing Yan and Shi Min and took photos already too so I didn't took much photo at there that time.

These 2 really banyak pattern. Jensen as female and Ryan as male as shown in the movie 初恋红豆冰 cause this movie was taken at here! LOLOL

After that, went back took a bath and head out for night session's outing!! XD
You won't wanna know where we went. It's a secret =o But only some photos of the girls. Guess yourself where we went XD

The last day has came. They're leaving that day. Plan to have asam laksa at Kek Lok Si but end up it didn't open ==

Went to the beach side again before we leave.

See the clouds in Penang. Feel so warm 

Went to Jalan Burmah there to buy Penang famous 'pia' (biscuits e.g. tau sar pia...) and had our breakfast nearby coffee shop too.

My primary school that we pass by there. Miss here but I've no time to visit it that time. 

After that, few KL people are going back by bus at 11am so CC drop them to bus terminal while I brought others to Gurney Plaza for some shopping.

Went to Macaron Cafe in Gurney. My purpose is to let them try out the Rainbow Cake and take pictures. LOL

Early morning 冷冷清清

Best shot I had. Le Rainbow cake! And I'm craving for cakes now after see this!

Dark rainbow cake. It's just chocolate flavour difference.

After that, girls shop for our own stuffs and guys went to CYC for '打丁丁' XD
And we girls went for MeetFresh before we leave.

After that, brought them for some lunch before they went to bus terminal.
Wanna thanks to CC for being another driver and most place is I follow him cause he knows how to use GPS in his phone LOL.
And also thanks to Jensen and Edwin for bringing their DSLR. Some pic were taken from them =P 

That's all for the trip. Went home after having lunch with them. And the story continues to my previous post that's about T-ara. Sobs.

Anyway, had a really great trip with them! Looking forward to the next sem break! Wanna go Bangkok or Hatyai so badly!! x(