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My Y1S1 sem break - Part 3.

I'm here again to continue my sem break post lololol. Hopefully this is the last post about my sem break cause I afraid that suddenly will found out something to share about my sem break again. XD
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Well, this time is also hang out three times with them... oh I mean only her - Bailey. (so will be quite a long post also leh lol)
The first time was actually jio-ed by her, but I think I can't make it cause mom got things to ask me to do in her shop. But I didn't know that I can ended it so early, and since my mom's shop is near to Bailey's house, so I called her and see whether she's free or not cause I thought that she will jio her other friends out since we can't make it. But I'm happy to hear that she's free! So she drove to my mom's shop and fetch me to Gurney. Yay so happy. ^^

We went to Winter Warmers to have high tea. She actually just went it the day before, and saw her instagram posted that she had Lavender as her drink! But I thought that she will order it again so I can try it, but also because she had tried it, let her try some other special drinks first.

I'd forgotten the name but it's some sort of... Rose drink. Not bad, rose smell! :D

I only love the cream! Lol just kiddin. The bread's not bad too =D

After done high tea-ing + chit chatting, finally we meant to get up from the seats and went for some shopping in Gurney. Great time to shopping with her =)

After that, went to Straits Quay cause it's the first Saturday of October and there will be a flea at there. And she brought me to a lot of nice shops! The shop that can found a lot of baking stuffs named Sugar (I guess), the cute soap shop with many flavours food kind of soaps I think its called Fresh Desire and many more! Suddenly hope that I'm rich now so that I can buy everything I like from Straits Quay's every shop!!! 

Shopped until dinner time. But we actually don't feel really hungry yet. But end up we still decide to eat first before we go to visit TKF at her shop. So we went to the nearest + cheaper + famous western food shop - James Foo

Bailey's Fish and Chip.

My fish also... forgotten what type is it already lol.

Again, chatted a lot about our primary and secondary stuff. Feel so happy to chat with her!! =D

Then we went to TKF's shop... I mean she works there - Bossa Vino, at Jalan Burmah. (nearby Harvest Inn)

There's no customer since it's a Saturday.. sounds wrong right? But she said that Friday will be more busy. It's so quiet and emo in there with just only 3 of us lolol so we played UNO and then the Jenga blocks!

Look at the big one and then the mini one. Looks cute with like this. XD

Bailey, Life as an Art student, and that's why. XD Also she's bored there. Haha.

ME with le Jenga tower! XD
It's dark in there. No DSLR nor camera, only iPhone and Samsung's camera app. XD

Yo waddup TKF, thinking of girlfie? XD

Lastly, Jenga tower with me and TKF. 
Too bad, the whole day only took picture with her but no Bailey!!! How could it be??! It's so not me that use to take picture every single date with besties! D=

Another day we decided to hang out together again. This time is because wanna hang out with Fok and Weline as they can't meet us that day. It's a Tuesday. Both of them have classes. So me  and Bailey decided to hang out early morning to Heritage that area to have some special breakfast..... or brunch. lol. Only both of us. And I request to have a small photo shooting from her as she did some before for her friends!

So we went out at 10 something. She searched for some dessert shops nearby Heritage as I told her I'm craving for cakes the day before. Her friend introduced her a shop named Moontree Cafe. I was so excited that I think it will be very nice like Santorini or Piknik some sort of dessert shops but when we walk in....... it's like a.... old old style that only 'ang mo' will like it.... no people inside eating.... only some ang mo taking pictures of the old potraits... and the 'tau keh' didn't even come and serve us until we walk into him to ask that whether they serve desserts or what, but he only pass us the menu with a super black face to us, and said that they only have drinks, and the price was like... WTF?! okay say it in a nice way - suitable for rich tourist. [if say in another way is 赚外国人的钱呐~ (china slang please lolol!!)]. Can see Bailey's with a disappointing face and walk out with me.

Then we went to find other shops at the same row, but seems like all are not really suitable for me. So end up we went to Light House Coffee that Bailey said the coffees are nice and the environment too! And it's just beside another famous western food shop - The Cruise! So after coffee, lunch perhaps? XD

Yay blur so that won't see my pimples and blackheads so clearly =P hahaha

We shared 1 coffee that introduced by her - Mochachinno, which means Mocha + Capuchinno! Really damn nice! And it's only RM8.50 for this cup. I think it's worth =D

Bailey's on the phone with her mom. XD

Advertising ahh?? LOLOL XD

Yay love this! 

ignore me pimple. it's an annoying fan of mine. T.T

BFF. I'm glad that I have her as my besties since Standard 5! Thanks for everything that day! 

We just can't stop snapping the camera button!


Side view of me of the day lolol. x)

A cup of nice coffee in a comfy environment with bestie, brightens up your day! 

WUT??!! Lol Bailey likes this so I post it out lahh! =P
I wish my eyes were that huge! O.O

After that went to The Cruise for lunch! Cause we're meeting Fok and Weline at 3pm in Queensbay, and it's kinda far away from this place. The lunch set in The Cruise was cheap!! Only RM8.90 and we can have a main dish, a soup and a drink! It's worth to have lunch there. :D People said that it's expensive cause they went there for dinner I guess. XD

Love the designs.

Hungry liao leh??? LOLOL sorry about that =P

Okay keep my phone and start eating. LOL

Behind the Cruise and Light House Coffee.

Photo shooting time! Bailey brought me to those nice nice old old and nice nice buildings to photo shoot! :D

Mommy just called. XD

Looks like a pregnant lady =__="

Non edit!! It's the reflect of 2 mirrors! :D

Heading to car and going to Queens!! :D

After that, bought tickets for the movie Hotel Transylvania!
Seriously I feel like watching it again! Every scene laugh die you wahahahah LOLOL!!
And the best part is...
ARGH I just can't stop looking at it!!!!! 

Another best part:
I DO NOT SAY Bla bla bla!!

A MUST WATCH MOVIE!!! But I think it's already down. =(
Nevermind! Wait for friends to download it from internet and I'm so gonna watch it again and again!! XD

Okay back to topic. Watched this movie and laugh non stop with Bailey, Fok and Weline. And I was like finally met them. After movie, went to blackball. Have some chit chat too. Never forget to take pictures too.

LOL Bailey XD

After that, went to Gurney Drive to have dinner. Fok is craving for the Wan Tan Mee there so we ordered it too. Hungry that time eat what also tasty geh lahh XDD
And that's all for our day. Love chit chatting with all my girls. Especially when they have things to gossip!! XD

And another day, we planned to go to find TKF at Bossa Vino again together , but last minute Fok's sick. So end up is me and Bailey went there together again. Sobs. But before that, Bailey brought me to Love Locks that she just tried out the day before.

Coconut ice-creams with toppings! Not bad :D And it only cost me RM2 for 1 bowl! 
Note that it's for student price, bring along your student card!

*But I don't know whether it ends already or not lolol*

After that, suppose that we're going to Harvest Inn for dinner, but it's a crowd in there! I think we need to wait very long to get a table. So end up we straightly go to find TKF since we're not that hungry. After that, TKF's shop started to have lotsa customer (if not wrong, it's a Friday night @@), then we went to a coffee shop to have.... dinner+supper=dipper?? LOLOL Okay lah dinner lah haha. Then went home after that. 

Awww glad that I have Bailey to fetch me out if not I think I'll be rooting at home for 3 weeks! Hopefully my next sem break will be more awesome than this sem break!! 

Bye for now! Perhaps next post will be about them too... perhaps! x)

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