Monday, 22 October 2012

My Y1S1 sem break - Part 2.

Hi there. It's just another post for my degree 1st sem break's outing. Click here to view part 1 and part 3. =)

Met up with my form 4 and form 5 old pals on the first Friday night of my sem break. We went to PIKNIK at nearby New World Park for dinner since they said it's not bad there.

The environment is not bad lahh for the design. Just will feel a little bit noisy if there's bunch of people chit chatting there. And I guess we're also the noisy gang of all =X

My dinner. Errr forgotten the name already cause it's been nearly 1 month ago lolol. But didn't forget that it's a waffle with pork and egg... and it's under the waffle section you can find it yourself lolol! 
But for those people who eat a lot, the waffles are not suitable for you as it's just a small portion but the price is not worth for that. But I still ordered that cause it's count as 1 of the main dishes and I don't eat a lot. So, for me, this is not bad! =D

Others' dishes. Spaghetti. 
Too main stream for me so I didn't order it unless if there's nothing else I like in the menu lol.

Cheese baked! My love, but I don't feel like ordering it that time.

Meet Miss WenQi. 

Using my S3 front camera in a dark condition that's why it's blur and dark. 
Didn't get to bring my camera cause before meet them up, I actually can't get to go home to change my clothes after went to buy a new S3 with my cousin Natalie. =[

With Cheryl the pretty. It's her iPhone front camera so it's a little bit bright. But still blur. =P

After we had our dinner, of course we don't leave immediately since they have games and we're like finally can meet up! Build these blocks up... and I guess we continue chatting until Xiao Hui and Clara started to play it by themselves. lolol

Both of them actually play until so high level already and me, cheryl and WenQi still chatting ourself none stop. Gossip lahh =P

And Clara at aside was like "Fall!! Fall!! Fall!!" XD

The blocks are full of arts and words and.... nonsence. 

Xiao Hui, Clara and me. =)

After that, finally we meant to leave there as it's getting noisier, and it's not a good place to take pictures. But we still don't wanna go home! So end up we decided to go to New World Park's Starbucks to have a sit since it's brighter there.

Clara who was getting pretty and prettier day by day after graduate from secondary school!

Xiao Hui. Still the cute one and bestie!

With Wen Qi girl again. And I still remember that she and Xiao Hui keep on take my phone, Clara and Cheryl's phone to selca. #VainGirls =P

And I joined Xiao Hui to use Cheryl's iPhone to selca! XD

Miss this lady so much. I still remember the time before SPM, I follow her back home after school and came to the same Starbucks to study together. And I think we chatted more than study! XD But that time we only knew that actually both of us have the similar likes and dislikes together. Awww ='D

Group photo Take #1.

Group photo Take #2.

Hope that we really can meet again on my next sem break! Our another 2 people Yin Xuan and Geon didn't get to meet with us that day so the next time they have to come!! =P

Bye! =)

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