Monday, 15 October 2012

My Y1S1 sem break - Part 1.

It's the first day of this new short semester! 3 weeks of sem break I only updated about 1 outing. Can see that I'm actually kinda busy with my sem break too lollol! Luckily the 1st week still not very busy but due to short sem, end of this week 100% will start to busy already T.T

Talk about this sem break, it's the best sem break so far, compare to my foundation sem breaks. I've also got the best result so far compare back to foundation!! XD Of course I'll aim higher next time =P Congratulations to myself ^^

Hanged out with buddies at least twice per group... mean in this sem break, hang out with 1 gang twice and another gang twice or trice also in case you don't understand what I mean. XD
I'll talk about it gang by gang, not date by date so it'll be faster. And I won't be that 'luo suo' like previous long posts anymore. I'm tired of writing too much nonsense also lololol.

With Jing Yan and Shi Min my best 2 friends first. We hanged out twice. The first time is on the first Sunday (that is 30/9/2012) of my sem break. Went to Old town for their breakfast and after that went to Prai's Carrefour cause Shi Min got work to do in last minute so me and Jing Yan followed her to Carrefour and we have some walk and talk in there a while. I still remember I'm sorethroat and cough that time and went to Watson buy some throat sweets lol terrible sound I have that time. XD

After her work, went back to the island and Shi Min wanted to bring us to Santorini for lunch but when the time we go, they're having break. So end up we went to Burmah Road's Taiwan 'Ko Za Bi' (台湾古早味) for lunch and Tong Pak Fu for desserts.

Le me and my idol, Jing Yan. Loll She sings well!!!!

3 of us. 

We shared steamboat in Ko Za Bi. Not bad =)

Jing Yan's dessert in Tong Pak Fu! 
I think it's waffle something something I'd forgotten the name lollol.

Shi Min's mango ice something something she herself don't even know the name when I asked her lollollol.

My tiramisu cake... I think it's a cake LOL!

I can't forget 1 thing about Shi Min. Whenever she's in town and suddenly feel like go to pipi or kaka (means pee or poo in French), she'll shout out "OMG beh tahan liao I wanna go G-hotel now!!" LOLOL to her! Because G-hotel is a 5 stars hotel and of course their toilets will be super 5 stars too. Therefore me and Jing Yan chit chat or take pictures together while waiting for our super cute driver in the car. Haha.

After that, I asked Shi Min to bring me to the Heritage area to see those wall arts since I have to bring my uni friends to that area to walk next week. Check out my previous post about my Penang trip with them =)

Ya I have many black heads and white heads on my forehead =(

Chew Jetty. 

Spot 2 lengluiis lololol XD

I love rainbow colours! x)

Faster touch it!! XD

Greatest weather!! After whole week raining cats and dogs! =D But too bad, no sea water. =[

People actually came here just to see this picture LOLOL XD

No picture with Shi Min cause she's afraid of this fenceless bridge lololol!! XD

It's just another cheap cheap geh #OOTD that you won't wanna know =P lolol!

After that, went back in the evening. Suppose we wanted to stay until night or maybe midnight but my mom asked me to go back earlier cause she's gonna bring me to somewhere for important things. Sighh =(

But we had another day hang out after that! The Friday after my Penang Trip and it's a night with them! =D

Shi min as our driver again. She brought us to Santorini for dinner this time! =D But before dinner, went to 1st avenue for some walk first cause we're actually not that hungry yet. Met up Yin Xuan and her bf Khang Chern at there and planned to go Santorini together! Met Ah Bu also but it's just a while and I didn't know that she's so freaking funny as she's in the front class lolol!! 真的是人不可貌相 XD

Camwhore while waiting for our food.

And we actually think that: If anyone of us' phone have front camera, we can't stop taking pictures by that! LOL damn true XD scroll down to view more camwhore pictures XD

The girls. 

FOOD PORN TIME! lol I actually don't know who the hell invent this cute phrase LOLOLOL!!
This is mushroom soup is supersuperB! But remember, if this is your side dishes, share with your friends. I bet you can't finish it alone, or maybe you finished this before your food come and you are full already. Unless you think you can eat so much. Good luck xD

Jing Yan's spaghetti. Suppose she wanna order 'bi tai bak' (i think KL ppl used to call 老鼠粉) but too bad, no more bi tai bak for you ohh Jing Yan cause they want you to eat other better food in this restaurant! XD

My Huge Sausage! Still prefer PJ Ikea's one more. =\

I don't know what in the world is this but menolikey the taste of this fruit juice. =\

Khang Chern's ... I think it's a chicken. Lol not really talk to him much so didn't ask about that. XD

Yin Xuan's tomyam mee. Lol Idk why the hell she ordered this as we can eat this at the stalls outside which has a better taste in Penang. 

Shi Min's seafood spaghetti. Not bad =] But if I didn't forget, is her turn to sorethroat that day lol!

Continue our camwhore time after dinner! Luckily get to see this lengluii as she can't attend our small gathering within our class small gang with Cheryl and Xiaohui them cause she had food poison that day. Poor blackie =[

My face looks so.... LOLOL!!

We're heading to our next destination! Oh ya Shi Min went to G-hotel again that night LOLOL!!!

Okay finally our final decision of our next destination is Straits Quay! I'd forgotten why we wanna go there but here's some camwhore of 3 of us!! XD

We are young! So we act cute and play fun! x)

Random selca in Straits Quay. We actually sat at those shop's outside as the shops already closed that time. It's kinda late already actually. =o 
But I think there's an Oktoberfest event in a bar so it's kinda happening that time.

They are my cute friends!! I ♥ them very much! 
But I think the next time I can meet them is after their SPM, that is December already! =[

Finally we walked and chatted until 12am at there and went home after that.

Okay I think if I continue to update about other gang, this post will takes you forever to read it LOLOL so I'm gonna stop it here! View my sem break part 2 and part 3 here. :)

Oh ya there's a good news! I mean it's a good news for me lolol!
I'd won the Legoland tickets from Maybank's Blogger Contest!! OMG lucky me XD
Click here to view my post for this contest! :D

THANK YOU MAYBANK SO MUCH!!! Gotta bring my brother to have fun on my next sem break!! XD


  1. OMG!!!!! you really won legoland admission, that time when I saw your article of Maybank Legoland, I was think that I want to join it also, that time I still think that it's still have a long time to dead line, so I have time to think what to write...the end I forgot d...You're so lucky! keep winning those contest XD

    1. Haha aww u missed the chance! I think you can write more creative than me leh =D Haha that time lucky nia I also don't know why x) thanks anyway! =)

  2. So good hehe.. Congrats come join my givesway