Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lucky but not.

Story begins like this.

I joined the contest of DiGiLive DGHeartT-ARA photo contest as I mention in this post few weeks ago. The contest ended on 23th of September and I started to stalk DiGi Youth's Facebook to know whether they released the winners already or not. But they said they will inform the winners through e-mail so I wait for my e-mail since I will know when receive new e-mail through my phone. I waited + checked for 1 more week but they didn't even release the winners yet cause there's toooo much contestant already and they need time to choose the winners. You know I'm a big fan of T-ara and I really do looking forward to see them!

Yea ikr my answer is geng =P

On monday (1st of oct), my friends from other hometown came to Penang to have a 3D2N Penang trip. As they stay overnight in Paradise Hotel which is kinda far from my house so I went to stay over night with them. The schedule was kinda full so I don't have time to on my computer to check my e-mail Facebook and Twitter. But I did keep on refreshing my Inbox when I'm free to know that whether I got receive any Email from DiGi. I only have a little free time to check my Instagram's news about me and Twitter's mentions about me.

Until today, after I ended my Penang trip, le me happy girl went home with a tiring but happy mood because had a lot of fun time with my buddies for these 3 days, tidy all my stuffs and say hello to my pity laptop that I didn't see for 3 days. When I on my inbox and I was like wow why is there so many junk mails and after I click on it, Idk where the hell those advertisement senders got my email but maybe from that T-ara contest but I don't care. To in case I got any reply that is sent into my junk mail, I checked my junk mail. MAN WHAT THE HELL I'M THE DiGiLive DGHeartT-ARA photo contest shortlist winner!‏

At the 1st second I was like OMG I really won it! But at the 2nd second I was like F*** YOU WHY IS IT SENT TO MY JUNK MAIL!!!! It's happening tonight 8.30pm and I knew about this at 5pm today!!! How am I going to KL when I'm still in Penang at that moment??! I checked AirAsia FireFly and even MAS flight but there's no more flight for today!!! And I don't think I can make it in time although there's a flight for me at around 6! =\

This is really so sad T.T. The feeling was like they are my boyfriend and they dumped me. ._. Okay I actually don't know about the feeling cause I didn't paktor before =.=. 
I actually don't know what's that feeling... but just feel soooo down!!! Until now!!! ='(
T-ara's now performing in KL already but now I'm here sitting in my room alone and listening to their songs T.T me want see live performance!!!!!!! me want listen live preformance!!!!! T-ara you better make another date for me next year!!! I'm not gonna make the same mistake anymore!!!!

And this is another prove that I won the tickets. Spot my picture at around 1:03.

Well, I actually blamed in my heart, I blamed that why the trip have to decided at these few days.. but it's not their fault also cause they didn't even know about that. And I also forgotten about the date of this showcase =.= Okay you can say I always blame on people and I always think I'm always correct or I'm small heart whatever blah blah blah BUT I'm not blaming them now. I'm blaming myself... for being so stupid didn't check my junk mail?? Oh I think it's actually not my fault too. It's hotmail's fault =.= Why must it be kept as a junk mail??! It's not a junk at all!!!! It's a happy good great best wonderful fantastic gangnam style news for me!!!! Idiot hotmail!! =.=

Okay I have to stop it right now. I just wanna say that I'm really lucky cause many of them can't win it. I actually wanted to give my tickets to those who want to go but the T&C there wrote that I have to write letter for them to say that I gave the tickets to people already. An Zhua aneh ma huan ehh??! ==

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