Sunday, 16 September 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

First of all, Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland simply because I HAVE TO WIN! 
Okay just kidding. But seriously.

*[Off the Pill - Farts] video by Ryan Higa*

When I first saw this notice in's homepage while I'm signing in to check my balance, I was like... OMG!! REGORAND ME WANNA GO SHO BADLYYY!!! ME HAFF THOR WIN!!! WRITE BROG NAOOO!! (You can ignore this actually)

Okay back to topic. Maybank is my only bank account and I will stick to it forever. Consider me a Maybank fan. *Thumbs up!* Except for that Public bank account that I only started to register it when I enter university as they just only allow us to pay fees via Public Bank account *cry T.T* Maybank is still the best! (But no offence to Public bank users =]) BTW, I didn't say this just because I want to win, but Maybank is really my choice! =D

Secondly, I'm a Lego fan ever since I'm young! Doesn't mean now that I'm not cause I felt that I should save money from buying toys at this age and use those money to buy stuffs for studies. But I wish to go to Legoland to recall my childhood happy memories! When I was young, I was so into Lego that sometimes I have that thought that the Legos shared among my siblings are all mine to own (I admit that I was selfish that time), despite the unbearable pain that I experienced upon stepping on it. *Ouchhh!* The pain is still fresh in my mind when I come to think of it. I still love it!!!

Thirdly, as a proud Malaysian, we should support local entertainments! I was surprised too when I heard the news about Legoland in Malaysia. Never have I imagine that this fantasy of mine of having fun in a place fully filled with colourful Lego blocks.

People who made these are MOTHER OF GOD!

So please gimme a chance to make my FANTASY a REALITY. I realry wish that my fantasy will come true!

*3 months later...*