Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mad love T-ara ♥♥♥

I actually wanna blog about T-ara long time ago but I'm too lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy or maybe my excuse is busy busy busy busy busy whatever == 

Well, after watching T-ara's latest live performance, the love from me to them is getting increase Day by Day!

I started to watch their performance since someone shared their Roly Poly performance in Facebook and I was like "The title looks cute, and since everyone around me was like 'Kpop! Kpop! Kpop! Kpoop!', I should update myself with the song trend now." (I still remembered it's 1 year ago, in my Kampar hostel XD) So this is how I started to follow about their news and getting in love with their songs! But that very first video I watch about them has been deleted from YouTube =.= now I wanna re-download it also can't find it already #sad99. I still remembered it is very colourful, that's why I started to love it (?). Heh.

As I know 1 of their old song was an addiction for me too - TTL (Time To Love)! 

I guess everyone heard it before even in a supermarket or mall. My aunt who don't listen Kpop songs often also said that she heard before in many places. I heard this song very long time ago but I really don't know how to find songs without knowing the song title that time. And I actually thought that it was a Japanese song  at first as their language are nearly the same for me. ==

After that, I really went to download their few famous song, Roly Poly:
Original version

Japanese version

*I even learnt their dances last year cause the dance is so cute! XD*

Korean Version

Japanese Version

I still remembered when I'm still in Kampar, me and my buddy SaiYee always sing and dance this while we're so high! I miss her! Must go to sing K together after exam and dance 'sexy love' this time!! XD

and many more nice songs I lazy to search for it. 

After that, their new song Cry Cry
Drama version

Dance version
*I learnt this dance too =X Haha*

Their MV came with Drama version! Yes, Ikr, mostly all (or all) of the Korean Drama, people must die. Just like what Ryan Higa said in this video:
So true!! XD 
So regret that never get the ticket of him coming to Malaysia on the 2nd of September!! T.T

And after that, their famous song that suits clubbing much - Lovey dovey!! 
Drama version

Zombie version
Yup, the zombies are so freakin' me out ==
*Everyday I'm shuffling! XD*

We were in love ft. Davichi 

From the cry cry song onwards, I keep on follow about their live performance as I love to see them in their different outfits and dances too!

Now, another mad love new songs - Day by day, don't leave, Sexy love and Day and night! They also have Drama version for this time. XD

Day by day drama version

Sexy love drama version (continue from day by day)

Day by day dance version

Sexy love dance version
*Sexy nun Sexy ko Sexy ib Sexy LOVE~~*

Day and Night by Areum ft. Shannon and Gunji

MAD LOVE this performance now! Especially BORAM and their outfit!

Love the 2nd outfit!

Love Boram and Hyomin's hair! XD

P/S: The performance videos have to watch it before they delete it! I don't know why is it because of the copyright, or YouTube doesn't want too many videos in the website(lame excuse if it's real), but few weeks later you'll find out that most of the live performance videos has been deleted! Just like that Roly Poly performance that I watched very first, I can't find it anymore!!!! So sad T.T

Well, I think some of you know about the incident last month about Hwayoung got bully by other members, and she left T-ara. This is really sad as I feel Hwayoung's rap is really good compare to other members they knew how to rap too. So now, Areum, the talented new member replaced her as a rapper. =[ Well, it's kinda big incident, but it's over. T-ara still hwating!! Still love them much 

Okay. Don't say that I keep on Kpop Kpop Kpop this time. I didn't...or maybe I am, for you guys =.= But I'm not like others, every kpop new songs also will go to listen and know which team is which one blah blah blah. I'll just focus on T-ara. And okay, I'm not lesbian. I'm just impressed by their songs and dances!

*Updated* Another thing is, I very hate those people (non-korean or those who don't understand korean) who don't listen to Kpop but they keep on criticize those people who love and listen to Kpop songs. They will say 'why must they crazy about Kpop song as they don't even understand about the lyrics.' Well I just want to say that, for me, even for Chinese songs, if the song is very meaningful for me, but the melody are sucks like shit, I'll only rate it for 2.5. I'll listen to a song's melody first before the lyrics. I MET THIS KIND OF PEOPLE BEFORE! And I was like WTH you don't like doesn't mean that I have to dislike it too! I have my own interest and freedom okay?! Well fine, I also know that people have their freedom to speak out what they dislike too. Nevermind. Just go ahead and say it more to Kpop fans and you'll be 'famous' soon. Whatever.

And ya, I know, Koreans' faces are fake because of plastic surgery. But who cares? As long as they are pretty and we love to see pretty faces isn't it?? And it's their culture to have plastic surgery after 18 years old.

And another big thing is, T-ara is having a showcase in Malaysia in October!!!!
I almost lose control to buy the tickets in June while they released this news at first! But luckily I didn't cause they said the price is actually not worth for just a showcase. Even bigbang's CONCERT is cheaper!! Damn. At first I felt they so 'dua pai' why the prices of every seats have to be so high. So, I decided to not attend their showcase anymore. *Heartbroken!* :(

But after watching their new songs' performances, I really feel like going again!!! I want to get VVIP seats and meet them on stage lahhhh!!!! But luckily and finally, I saw DIGI have giveaway their tickets!!! So happy!!! But of course it's impossible to be the VVIP seats. x( Now I don't care I get the most behind seats or standing area, as long as I can attend their showcase!!!! I want to win it!!! Anyone can help me???? Pweaseeee T.T

Anyway, click here to view how to win T-ara's showcase ticket from DiGi! If you won it, perhaps can invite me to go with you, or maybe sell me the tickets!!! (Please be in cheaper price T.T) I will be so appreciate for that!!!
I am I am!!! Please lemme win T.T

Some random photos

Boram's Day by day picture as my wallpaper. 
But I'd changed my wallpaper into different motivated quotes to motivate me now as I'm in the Final Exam period T.T

T-ara shake!! 
Just downloaded it few days ago as they are FREE in Play store and Apps store now!!
It's like the Tap Tap revolution or O2jam dancing game!
If you know bigbang shake or snsd shake, you'll know what is T-ara shake!

Well, actually, I'm still in the middle of my Final Exam. 'Keat' right?? Still can blogging woh... as I said that blogging will spend me for like few hours. Yes. I spent my whole morning to write this after watch those videos early in the morning. I woke up so early is just to study my french for tomorrow's french paper. But end up, I have the 'fu' to write my blog! Hahahaha =.= And it's because I'm listening to Sexy love everyday in this exam period. MAD LOVE ya'know!! XD

Okay. Really have to go to study now. Me no want fail fail!! *Acting cute*

3 papers down! 3 more to go! Hwating! Gambateh to Degree UTARians!! Wish me luck too! =)

Ending with a selca =P
*Santa claus is coming to town~~ =P*

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